Prayer from the shadows

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I honestly hope that any one who reads this likes this and please leave comments and critiques for me to ponder thank you
so much and enjoy

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



Angels and demons engulf all my bloody visions

since I was a child life hurt worse than what I could have invisioned

my memories locked away from my grasp

and my fantasy world is covered in ash

the flames turn my mind into an incendium

the twisted noir filth filled with lithium

my entire being wrapped in the unseen 

the phantom in my heart forces my wrist's to bleed

infront of your face the evil creatures laugh

but your mind only see's it as a fact you cannot grasp

the shadows in my room are always brushed away 

but even If you can't se them they will always call my name

the voices in my head cause the constant migranes 

and the bags around my eye's prove that I can't sleep 

god please save i'll always praise your name but my heart 

always aches since the darkness always threatens to take my soul away

please protect me my lord I always pray but deep down there are always words I couldnt say.



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