True Love Kills

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This is a dark song that i wrote

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



You said you loved me and i was to stupid to believe you,
That was the shittiest thing that i could do.
You ripped out my heart and tore it apart,
No regard for my feelings, no regard for my heart.
You told me you've been hurt; you'd always stay true,
That was the last thing on your mind as you left me ice blue.
Everything came clear when you left me that night,
I was good to you and you left; now tonight you'll beg for your life.
I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife,
Wrote your name on one side, the other said lies.
I called you hoping you'd pick up my call,
You didn't, I broke my phone against the wall.
I sat down and laid the knife by my side,
Looked at your name and started to cry.
Picked myself up and headed out the door,
Convincing myself this was the only way for sure.
pulled up to your drive where i sat for awhile,
Knife on the seat, "Lies" ignite the fire.
I still have your key, so i opened your door,
The rooms silent and there's blood on your floor.
Following the path, it leads straight to your room,
I opened the door and realized I've entered your tomb.
Fall to my knees, can't believe what i see,
A picture of me as you continue to bleed,
I drop the knife and cry in disbelief.
There's a note splattered with blood, addressed to me; this is what it reads,
"I'm sorry I hurt you, I'm sorry I lied, You're the only thing that kept me alive, I loved you and hated myself, I'll always love you forever."
Signed her name then she cut herself.
In that moment I realized I didn't hate her,
These feelings were love, didn't know until later.
I took her lifeless body into my arms,
Told her I loved her, I did her no harm.
Picked up the knife and sliced opened my skin,
Died with a smile thinking of being with her again.

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