Space Farewell

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A brief encounter and farewell between good friends in a science fiction setting. This is the first thing I've written outside of a scholastic setting and I know there's going to be plenty wrong with it, and I'm more than open to heavy criticism, I'm just trying to learn how to write better and I know that a big part of that is to just keep writing.

Submitted: December 07, 2016

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Submitted: December 07, 2016



Abri let her vision blur into the myraid of activity before her, making everything below her seem like an abstraction of white with red and blue lights moving across it. The large windows into space dominanted most of the bay’s visual offering, ceaselss white flecks on black. As Abri blurred her vision more, her eyes began to water, so she closed them, focusing on the sound. A regiment of machine’s buzzing made a static buzz, if you paid attention. There were voices among them, and Abri could even make out some of the words and attitudes of the conversations. One person was particularly loud and laughing, the only person laughing at the things he said. Abri thought she might hate that kind of person, but to be fair, she’s probably done the exact same thing, or even enjoyed someone doing the exact same thing. “What a stupid thing to care about. I’ve literally made a worthless assessment of a stranger.” Abri thought. She tried to go back to losing herself in sound, but she was too upset with herself and occupied with that person to do so. “Maybe it’s Felana. Why can’t I just be stronger?”

As Abri tried to appreciate the smooth cold ridge she leaned on, a small whir came close, metallic soles landed. Her eyes were closed, but Abri knew who it was, that’s why she was waiting here after all. She kept her eyes closed, pretending she’d sucessfully been lost in her surroundings, hoping Felena might shake her for attention. “Ha-ha-bree” Felena said loud enough to startle Abri. “That’s not how you say my name, Faweena.” Abri snarked, with her eyes know open, tilting her head in a teasing manner. Falena stood in front of Abri, her hair was cut into an sharp bob, almost creating a perfect diagonal line to the back of her head. Her hooked nose and high cheekbones gave her face an appearance that made Abri think Felena belonged to royalty from thousands of years ago. Felena was in blue and yellow armor, mostly keeping her figure, except for huge shoulder pads that were a part of her hover brace. It was slim, but every inch of her, save her face, was covered in scuffed segmented futanium. Lights raced in a symetrical pattern across her body. A pattern of three chevrons rested above her left breast. A knight of space, if there ever was one.

“Oh wow, and you’re super proud of ‘Faweena’? Very clever.” Felena asked as she sat next to Abri with a loud crunch. “Shut up. Like yours was any better.” Abri returned with a smile as she pushed Felena. “You look so much better now, I’m glad they were able to fix you up so well.”

“Yeah the medical ward is something else, I’m just happy to be awake and out of there. Happy fucking birthday by the way!”

“Thanks, it’s been pretty forgettable until now.”

The two sat without speaking for a while. It wasn’t an awkward moment, in the past they’d often just enjoy each other’s company in silence. It just felt nice to be around each other. Everything seemed clearer now, like Abri was more aware of the scene around her. The edging of the windows to space were crisp and fine, people flew across the bay in their colorful mismatched armor, giant robots below moved large unmarked boxes along the rows and columns of even more cargo. Abri thought it could’ve been beautiful, if she didn’t wonder about Felena.

“Abri, I need to tell you some things. I’m not exactly all of me anymore.”

Abri turned a little shocked and confused at Felena’s statement.

“It’s ok though, they’ve replaced my left leg and side with prothestics and honestly most of the time it feels the same.”

“Oh Felena, I’m sorry, I had no idea it was that bad. Is it really fine though? That sounds insane. But I mean, I can tell you’re still in the force. Why wou- Wait.”

Abri shifted to face Felena more, and observed her all over. “Her left leg and side...” Abri thought. “She looks fine, but how would she have been able to be fixed up so well.” Felena’s gaze held Abri’s with a sad smile. Hot tears raced out of Abri. Felena began to frown and reach for Abri, but Abri flung her face into her knees and held wrapped her head with her arms.

“It’s not always a death sentence Abri.” Felena tried to say in a soothing and honest voice.

“Look, I’m still the best platoon leader we have, and those bug fuckfaces aren’t going to take me or anyone else. They hit us hard, and this is all we have left of who we used to be, but we won’t give them one more soul. I won’t let them erase us, and you won’t lose me.” Felena was almost yelling now.

The sound of armor shifted, as Felena grew silent. Abri didn’t make any noise either, and didn’t move. For a while, all Abri experienced was her damp knees, the blankness of closed eyes and the static of the bay. “I got you something.” Felena said, in a choked voice. But nobody moved. Abri thought of how much she hated how little she could control herself. Why couldn’t she just enjoy this little moment now? Why couldn’t she just grieve later. Life was never long enough, people were never kind enough. Just be happy with her now and cry later. They sat hours without speaking.

A loud announcement boomed over the bay, “Attention everyone, as you know, these are tough times, and probably the toughest of times our kind has ever faced. We’ve never suffered greater losses, we’ve never been this low in number. But we will not back down, we will strike back and we will reclaim our lost home. Right now we are sending our strike teams to take out the hive minds of the enemy which will render thousands of their footsoldiers dead where they stand. And to commemorate our rallied campaign, rather than mark the fall of our world, we will mark the beginning of a new age. Today shall be the first day of the first year of the new age. Let us never forget that today will be the day we turned the tide and took back our world.”

A war cry shook the bay as the announcement tuned out. Abri thought for a second, and lifted her head “That’s wha-”, but nobody was there. Abri looked out into the buzzing soldiers in armor, she wasn’t there. She got up and scanned the bay, there was nobody who mattered. Only she mattered, and now she was going to give herself away to save us all.

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