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Do you see her?

Submitted: March 01, 2008

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Submitted: March 01, 2008



A screen zaps on in front of you; it's all you can see in this blackness where you linger. You can see the static on the screen, but you hear nothing. You, for awhile, watch the lines and dots dance on the screen. Fizzling, jittering, and shaking to this beat that doesn't exist. You wonder what you're doing here. Not an all too outlandish question to ask. Looking around is pointless, all you can see is the screen. Just as you are about to go mad with the things going on before your eyes (or the lack-there-of) the screen goes black, although to your current surroundings it appears to be a lightened gray. A girl walks onto the screen. She’s nothing breathtaking. You’d define her as painfully ordinary, maybe almost to the extremity of flat out boring looking. You let her hold your attention. What else do you have to look at? She isn’t smiling. She simply stares out of the screen with a blank, almost sorrowful expression. How pointless You begin to think. Then something that had eluded you previously strikes you as unnerving. She’s staring. She’s staring at you. Seeing no harm in trying you call out “Hello?” She only keeps staring, never changing. Boring. Pointless. You lean back against what you suppose is a wall. Having no choice but to watch this screen.

The girl begins to move now. Lowering her head she lets out what should be an anguished sob. No sound. She raises her hands up in a despairing gesture. Still not even a blip from the screen. As if not being satisfied with whatever action she reads you as having she comes closer to the screen, pressing her hands up against it as if there were only a window separating you and her. She screams, still no sound. She starts to pound against this invisible wall, even kicking at it every so often. You still can hear no sound.

Do you see the girl? Or have you closed your eyes having grown weary of the sheer pointlessness of it all. Do you know who this girl is? Does she mean anything to you? If you are still looking, can you truly see her? Either way what do you do now? You have been presented a problem, a problem which you may, or may not have acknowledged. It’s there either way it’s up to you what you do about it.

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