From Dreams To Reality.

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Kyle is just a normal man, Until his wife is kidnapped.
This story is about courage and doing anything for the one you love.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



Lifting his body off the thick grassy ground with his scratched and bloodied hands, Kyle stumbles towards a tall, narrow tree and grabs onto it to prevent him from falling. He looks around to see a whole forest of trees and bushes burning around him. The fire quickly rushes towards him and as the fires starts burning at the skin, Kyle wakes up. Sweating and heart racing he quickly sits up in bed. A voice from beside him speaks “Honey? Is everything okay?” “Yeah, everything is fine. Just that same nightmare again.” Kyle replies to his newly-wed wife Jane. Wrapping her arms around him she asks “Anything new happen in this dream.” “Nope, still just waking up in a thick burning forest, standing up and then starting to burn.” Kyle looks towards his small alarm clock. The clock reads 6:39am. He lies back down with Jane and slowly starts to drift off to sleep again.

What seems like moments later, the alarm went off at 7:30am. Almost crawling out of bed, Kyle hits snooze on the clock and starts to get dressed for work. He walks to the kitchen and has breakfast, the normal two pieces of toast every morning. He then walks back into the bedroom, Kissing his wife goodbye and leaves for work. “Normal Day, Normal Life. Normal Job, Normal Pay.” Kyle says to himself as he types a series of numbers and letters into his work computer. Kyle works as an employee of a small banking company. At 5:30pm he finishes work, switches off his computer and heads home. He is greeted by his wife who kisses him and asks him how his day was. “Normal, like always” he replies with a grin as he kisses Jane. They sit down and eat dinner, watch some T.V, then talk for hours about how many memories they have had together in their three year relationship and then they head to bed.

Kyle turns around to see a tall tree fall down on him. He didn’t think fast enough to jump out of the way and tries to block the tree with his hands. The tree doesn’t slow down as it cuts and scratches his hands then hits him on the head, knocking him down. Lifting his body off the thick grassy ground with his scratched and bloodied hands, Kyle stumbles towards the same tree, grabs onto it again to stop him from falling. He looks around to see a whole forest of trees and bushes burning around him. The fire starts to burn him again, causing him to wake up sweating and heart racing yet again. Kyle turns to his wife to see that she is still sleeping peacefully. Kyle looks at the clock. The clock reads 7:31am. Kyle gets up and does his morning routine and then leaves for work again. On his way to work, Kyle calls a psychologist to arrange a meeting to talk with someone.

 After calling his wife, informing her that he will be home late, Kyle heads off to his appointment. Kyle talks to the psychologist for an hour and a half telling him everything about the dream and his life. When his appointment is over he heads home to see his wife. Upon entering the front door of his house, He sees a note lying on the floor of his living room floor, which has been wrecked.  The note reads:

We know who you are,

We have your wife,

Be at the local city national park,

At exactly 7:00pm, Or else

He looks at the clock on the wall. The clock reads 6:45pm and then he rushes back out the door. Kyle jumps in his car and rushes to the national park to find his wife. He parks the car in front of the small house next to the park, jumps the fence and runs towards the wooden hut in the park. As he enters the hut, he sees one man in a black hood and pants, but he cannot see his wife anywhere in sight. “Where is she?” Kyle asks. “I already dealt with her.” The man replies with a deep voice. “If you have done anything to her, I will kill you” Kyle says in an angry tone. “Who are you and what do you want?” “You really don’t know do you?” says the man as he pulls out a gun and points it towards Kyle. Kyle hears a scream and turns around to see his wife running away into the forest. Kyle kicks the gun out of the man’s hand, pushes him down and then runs off into the forest after his wife. “Surround the forest and set it alight.” Kyle hears the man yell out to someone. The forest starts to burn. Suddenly, Kyle turns around to see a tall tree fall down on him….

…..Kyle feels the fire burning against his skin. Trying to climb the tree with scratched and bloodied hands, Kyle feels a drop of water hit his face. It starts to rain. After a few seconds, the fire around him starts to go out. Feeling relaxed, Kyle slips from the tree, knocks his head on the ground then falls unconscious. Waking up in a bed, he notices the man sitting next to him with a gun. The man stands up, points the guns at Kyle’s head and says “it’s nothing personal, we just can’t let your kind live.” About to pull the trigger of the gun, Kyle asks “what do you mean my kind?” “Since i'm going to kill you, I might as well tell you. You can tell the future.” Kyle closes his eyes. There is a gunshot.

As Kyle opens his eyes, he sees the man with the gun fall to the ground and Jane standing behind him with a gun with her hands shaking. Kyle jumps up out of the bed, runs over to Jane and then hugs her and kisses her. Kyle picks up the dead man’s gun, grabs Jane’s hand and they run out of the wooden hut together. While being shot at by others, they run and jump over the fence he used to get into the park. They get in the car and drive away from the park as fast as they can. As they are driving away, another man with a bun runs out in front out the car and shoots out the windscreen. Kyle swerves out of the way of the man and almost hit a parked car. When they are a safe distance away from the city, He pulls over and is asked “what was that all about.” Kyle explains how what happened in his dream, actually happened in the park and how he can apparently “see the future.” Kyle starts the car again. As they drive away the city, Kyle’s phone rings. He answers and hears a familiar deep voice say “This. Isn’t. Over.”

To Be Continued….

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