A Diary

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Just some random typings as such :)

2nd January 2007
Dear Diary,
There’s a girl I know, I really like her, but she’s got a boyfriend. But they’ve been a bit shaky. I was wondering weather or not to ask her out. If I do, I could risk MAJOR embarrassment, or get the girl of my dreams.
What to do!!! ? If I leave it to long I may not have a chance at all. But to further this, she’s also older. We’re really good friends, but I think that’s all. How am I to ever find out if this could go anywhere!!
This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I’ll ask some friends today and see if any of them can shed some light on the subject, but NO NAMES!! I can see where that would end up. “Hey Stuie. Brenden said you liked me.” Ha ha.
Well I will have a word and see, and then I may perhaps have some Idea where to go? Oh this sucks.

3rd January 2007
Dear Diary,
I spoke to some friends, and they all said pretty much the same thing. That I should tell her how I feel, and that way we both know. Don’t ask her out, just tell her how you feel, apparently that’s should help. Clear things up, both reach an agreement you know.
Well today I shall tell her, and see where it goes. I guess it can’t turn out worse then me not telling me eh! But there’s still a sub-conscious thing you know. “What if it does go bad!” sort of thing. But all I can do is listen to my friends, last time I did, it seemed to work.
Well, here goes nothing!!!!!

4th January 2007
Dear Diary,
I told her! And she said we probably won’t be going any where, for now. “For now” what the hell is that supposed to mean!! Well I’m baffled now ha ha. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea. ? All I can do now is wait and see. Hopefully the for now may make sense later. But I doubt it!
Well I shall explain what happened to fiends and hopefully they can shed some light on the subject! Perhaps I should ask a female friend. They would have a better under standing of “for now”.
Oh the Irony. Such a quizzical answer to a quizzical problem, well it’s better than no answer!!

Submitted: August 07, 2008

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