What is Love?

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Submitted: February 21, 2019

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Submitted: February 21, 2019



What is Love?


What is love?

Why is love so difficult to grasp?


People crave it constantly;

they tell you: “How I wish someone would love me!”

They qualify their appeal in terms that declare that love should last forever.

And then, when that worthy person comes along,

to navigate their treachery and drive home love’s claim into their heart,

they draw away.


Suffering, desperate, moody people;

never knowing that their notion of the thing

is not the thing that they suspect it is?


Love is not a handsome face

or wild curves that trap your eyes

in captivating, yearning looks.

It’s not a life of leisure pinned to huge success.

It’s not clothes draping features that, combined, produce an archetype.


It’s energy that fills your soul

and wraps itself around your consciousness,

and that defines you.

It heals, sustains, and gives you hope.

And, always is the undiscovered country.


Love is not given in marriage.

It is not given in return.

Love is just given.


Love is cosmic power

that stays with you forever,

and so-much-so,

you won’t forget

 the origin from which it came

 for Love is unconditional.


Love cannot be purchased and,

like the mind it represents,

neither can it be created nor destroyed.

It passes through each of us,

from one to another

and is meant to keep us filled.

So, choose wisely then:

between that which is a yearning,

a wanting that can never be fulfilled,

and love expressed as sentiment

that is a kind consideration for your being.


Which would you choose?


Would you favor obsession?

And lean upon emotions,

that leave you empty of your value?

Or would you rather true love contemplate respect?


The one is called desire

and is a flame smothered by the slightest trouble.

It is a grasping, devouring, insatiable longing for ecstasy.

The other is a gentle reaching out

in celebration of your presence

and is an eternal flame.

It satisfies the loneliness;

it heals our wounds and lifts us up anew

to challenge the world we know and cannot be extinguished.

The one is just a tool to use on one another.

The other is a force employed as nourishment.

The one consumes.

The other feeds;

rejected, it continues.

Reading this, and knowing I have thought upon the matter,

which would you prefer?


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