Fall of Yosireth

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Short summary passage from the epic "The Flame of Dae".
It briefly narrates how the keepers of the seven keys defeated the Dark Wizard and his mentor on the lost land.

Submitted: February 01, 2011

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Submitted: February 01, 2011



There was, finally, the seven keepers facing the Dark Wizard on the lost land of Daminéria. By the force of the great sorcerer Sonara of Vasalém, the seven were empowered by mystic forces of the elemental stones and, with their power, they fought against the keeper of the seven golden keys. Yosireth was undefeatable until the day the man of Álamor drew their strength together again. And there was this moment, once and for all, the moment to destroy the Dark Wizard and release Dae from the hands of the flames, burning within their hearts.

Yosireth fell. But their task were not fulfilled. Gallanthor still had to stand against a higher enemy, the enemy that kept the peace of them all. It was his task to face the one who once fought alongside with him. He fought Mhor Sihar on the land of the Érias. The two, fought on the one land, of fantasy and prophecy. And the seven were to wait until the end was done. And Mhor Sihar fell.

The lost land and all Dae were free from the highest threat of all, but not all the threats there were, but now, for the time, all war was settled. And they returned to Álamor, to their homeland, where it had to end, although it didn’t. Levi Tranor, who was not killed during the siege over the lost land, was there still, alive and witnessed an unexpected surprise. Niro Fal Tir had come to start a new aliance of evil, the new aliance of the New Opression.

This time now, the New Opression was not to be fought by the seven of Álamor, who had finally recovered all the golden keys but destroyed them all for good and forever. This time now, the women of Álamor would unite with the arising legion of the Galatis and join forces with the lords of North Misla and the allies of Hascalod to overcome the new tools of evil.

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