Devil Baby

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Two girls saw their friend with a baby.

Submitted: October 27, 2014

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Submitted: October 27, 2014



Carol came to Tina to show her new jewel.  Tina said,”Hey Carol that’s awesome.  Where did you buy this?” She replied to her and would like to show this to Harriot.  But Harriot never wished to be their friend.  Since their residence were next to each other, their mommies were also friends.  So  Harriot’s  mommy wanted her daughter to be friendly with that two.  But Harriot denied. Her mom didn’t listen to her.  She simply ordered her daughter to do what she said.

Tina and Carol visited Harriot’s mother.  She invited them and gave coffee and cookies.  Tina asked about Harriot.  Her mom sadly explained about her, “Dear, she is always being distressful and don’t want to mix up with others. I am afraid of her attitudes.  Please do something for your friend”, she cried.  “You need not to worry aunty, we’ll take care of her” Tina replied kindly.

The two were looking for Harriot here and there.  They had a very long walk and reached the abandoned area of the town.  Eventually they found her in front of an old log house.  They went and asked her to come with them.  But she didn’t reply.  Carol turned Harriot towards her.  She had a baby on her hand.  Tina inquired about the baby.  Harriot started speaking; I met a woman who has been here for a long time.  She with her baby lived alone here.  

Tina:  What???? Harriot no one has been here for a long time!!!!!!!

To be continued . . . . . .

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