The man and the moon

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The man is madly in love with the moon but will he have her or will the sun take her away from him

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013




This story may not be the best but it is the truest story I will ever write.


We begin with a man and he is madly in love, but this love is not like any other love you have encountered before, this love was in space….the moon.


As the snow flakes danced in front of the brightly burning lamp, there is a man staring up at the black night sky, as the dim clouds wafted along the dark sky they reviled a shimmering white disc in the sky, the moon.


“Soon my love we will be with one another soon enough” said the man in an egger tone to his voice as he walked out onto the black snowy canvas in front of him, in the mitts of the night the man ventured forward and was greeted by a wizard.

“you seek the one you love don’t you” said the wizard his voice was gritty and grinding like a sword on a sharpener, “yes” said the man with a loving tone as he looked at the moon as it was glistening down onto him, “I can help you but know this you have to fight for the ones you love child” said the wizard with a menacing look in his eyes that of a child when it had done something bad, “For her I would die to keep her safe” said the man confidence in his voice, “so be it!” said the wizard as he fired red lightening onto the sky surrounding the moon, a giant beam of light fired down in front of the man as the wizard disappeared, There in front of the man was a beautiful white haired woman wearing a white dress, she seemed to have a glow about her as the man crouched beside her and held her close, “ we are together at last my love” said the man looking at her with tears in his eyes, the moon looked at him and gently placed a hand on his cheek and kissed him gently on the lips as the sun rose behind them.



As the sun rose the moon spotted a man covered in fire with his eyes ablaze, the man looked at his and said “who is that”, he looked down at the moon and she was snuggling into him like a scared child after a nightmare “i-it’s the sun h-he’s come for me” said the moon her voice a whisper, the sun walked up to the couple and looked at the moon scowling “moon you are mine not this human filths come with me now”, the moon complied with the sun and began walking away from the man who was kneeling looking at the ground not believing what happened , “I-I’ve waited so long for this” said the man as he rose from his knees “I WILL FIGHT YOU FOR HER” screamed the man at the sun with tears in his eyes, the sun laughed at the man “you think you can kill me you pathetic human scum” he said as he turned and bursed into flames and charged towards the man who was standing still “that’s what I thought I bet you cant even throw a punch you weak scum” laughed the sun as he drove his fist into the mans face creating smoke around them, as the smoke cleared the man is unfazed by the punch and the sun shocked “w-what are you ..WHAT ARE YOU” screamed the sun with a panicked tone in his voice, the man looked at the sun smiling “you see sun I am not like other humans I wouldn’t even call myself human” said he man as two giant demon wings burst out of his back, they were as black as night with blue tips as deep as the oceans depths, “I heard what you said about me not able to throw a punch” he said as he punched the sun and drove him into the earth “you’re the weak one here” he said as he walked to the moon and held her, “please never leave me” said the moon crying into the mans arms, “now why would I ever want to leave the love of my life”.

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