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Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



Article 1:


It was on a rainy day when, she had missed her college and was forced to stay back home it was then when she was surfing the net when a msgd blinked telling ‘u have a new scrap…’ she was surprised to see it was HE  on her scrap book… it made her read those msgs again and again to believe that it was “actually” happening. He had expressed his weakness for her their, for the first time. She since then is pretty obsessed with this site.

After that day they had exchanged so many conversations together their. Their has been time when he would repeatedly give his number to her and wait for her to msg up!. But she would actually enjoy those moments instead of giving him the number she would fix up another time for their conversation…

This some how tied her with a special bond with this site. It was from here that she had realized that it was “LOVE” that had forced her to stay single for soo long. That it was always him that she had wanted. That it was him who made her swipe up the ground on a number of occasions. That it was always he that she was waiting for…

This special feeling for particularly him had forced her to love the social site too..

Soon they had exchanged numbers, exchanged calls, exchanged each other’s thought over their number of fights they shared in school, and every thing else except their weakness for each other!! She knew pretty well that he too felt the same for her but would purposely never say anything as such. She quietly enjoyed this strange feeling… felling of getting him back after 3 long years of no connection. The felling of reading his msgs at the odd time of the day. The feeling of receiving his calls when she would never expect it! These things bonded her sub consciously to him in such a bond that she never bothered to understand…  

Then on a chilling December night on one of their late night conversations he confessed his love…confessed how badly he wanted her number when they went apart from their school, confessed how badly he wanted nothing but only and only her before his eyes.. that how he had imagined a hundread of times the scenario of their sudden meeting!...

And confessed that today he wants nothing accept one commitment of togatherness for ever….

Oh yes she was freezed hearing to him she actually lost words to express herself, express how badly she wanted to hear all these stuffs long time bak when they were in school… class eight!... she lost words to express how contended her heart felt. Her hands went cold… there were times when she would write pages and pages in her diary about him about stuffs she wanted to tell him about her thoughts… but now that it was time to tell she failed!. And failed terribly…

It is perhaps because it was in the real world that it was happening she had to come out from her frictional world to accept such things to accept it was time to relive her thoughts her dreams it was time that her stubbornness was ready to be fulfilled..

How badly she wanted to hear all these what he was saying now. How badly she wanted to hear him say these stuffs years back… it was time to sleep, time to dream.


Years flew by.. new chapters kept coming in to Annesta’s life she learnt new lessons on love.. on emotions on dreams and their magical powers…

Oh yes she enjoyed flying above cloud nine. Life never seemed soo beautiful earlier. Smiling in the crowd had never been soo fun drenching in the rain had never been soo beautiful dreaming with eyes wide open in day light… oh! Yes she enjoyed being in love symptoms.


“we will settle in delhi okay…”


“okay.. and I’ll always be back to kolkata during durga pujas…”


“ NoOo! I  wont b able to stay without you for five days yaa… u got to drop this plan…”


… they would keep fighting for hours about something which was still behind the clouds!... silly


Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years… each day tied Annesta a bit more closer to him

Though physical distance remained between these souls but the bond that they shared was strong enough to over come the miles between them.

 Trust love promises passion and dreams they all played their part very well till that day morning message


“I need to apologize.. need to talk to you could you


please give me a call when u wake up?…”


she calls him up only to hear from him that last night he had been to a party was boozing hard and finally slept with a girl “imagining” her to be  Annesta…


she missed her classes… had silly arguments with friends… felt so damn cheap felt the pain of loosing something which she thought belonged only to her  in short she was shattered…. She certainly didn’t want to hear some thing like this from the man whom she had in all her thoughts


Life brings up sudden surprises… next few days were very low not much conversations not much texts things seemed to have just stopped still. He kept apologizing and trying hard to make things better between them Annesta on the other hand was finding it hard to overcome the news. She felt both cheated and lost.


Things became better as soon as she had heard about the massive earth quake that took place in the land where he lived. She had to try his number a many time because of the commotion and the more anxious she got the more attached she felt with him… thus “love” had conquered again.

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Annesta scribbles

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Annesta scribbles 2

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