i'l move on!

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life goes on.....!

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



let me tell u that i'm hurt,

I donno whether he was a flirt.

I dont say he was a cheat,

nor do i want him at my feet.

but how do i get myself out of this?

my tears replaced the bliss.

the day he broke my heart,

i came out of my dreamworld with a start.

broken was my trust,

& i think what he had for me was mere lust.

though now  its over and he's gone,

i still think of him sitting in my lawn.

for me it was like a perfect love story,

but that one thing worsened my life to glory.

he came into my life,

and i always thought i was just born to be his wife.

i had started dreaming of him day and night,

not knowing my colorful life would soon become black and white.

i want to get back my life,

dont want to end it with a knife.

things between us didnt go well,

but still in my heart will he always dwell.

i'l surely move on,

& forget the past i've undergone.

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