An Unsaid Love Story...when i was a Soldier and you were my lady

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its a beautiful poem i wrote imagining my love and my soul together in a condition someday when i will have a call of duty and love will make me fear of distance and death. But the best is to read it :) cheers!

Submitted: May 17, 2014

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Submitted: May 17, 2014



I remember it was my last day,I was packing my gear,

And you holding me hard,with eyes full of fear.

I sad I do love you sweetheart, but I have to go,

Its my call of duty,and with my rifle i have to show.

You were all filled with tears and tears in the eyes,

Though i too wanted to shed some of them,but my heart never wanted to say a goodbye.

You looked into my eyes and made me to promise that I WILL COME BACK,

I kissed your tears and said-'Baby definetly i will, either alive or wrapped.

You just hugged me with tight and firm,

But Baby i am a Soldier, and fear of death i never learn.

I damn wanted to stay back,back in your hug and smile for long,

But sweetheart I am a Soldier, and my heart is strong.

I know i am holding your hand, damn holding it tight,

But i got my brothers in arms, at front i got a fight.

I pledged for my country and for my soul,

I am born Soldier sweetheart,i am gonna play my role.

I know once i said-' With YOUU i want to have a family and a kid'

And the day when i complete my task, I wont forbid.

when i look in your eyes,I see those things,

And I guess its time to go,but your face always blinks.

Now,I am at war with a rifle in my hand,

I got a picture of yours, I have to live and I will stand.

I am writing you a letter with my tears and blood,

I hope you will get it the day i dissapear in this battle flood.

I remember my promise,promise what I did while leaving your hand,

But I am getting weak day by day,I guess if I would not stand.

If i don't get back alive,you promise me that you will happily survive,

You will live your LIFE back again,with new things,new happenings and a NEW NAME.

I am scared,scared a lot,

If my breath stops with a bullet in my heart.

When i go with my platoon to the front at war,I think of you back at home,

I just close my eyes and pray, that soon If i could come back to home.

I know you miss me, I miss you too a lot sweetheart,

But this countrymen and war,makes our heart stay apart.

Though i am a Soldier and my faith is STRONG,

Even if I die,I will only love you for long.

# P.S :- baby i really love you :)

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