What you'll never see

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My poem depicts how lucky we are in the western world and how unlucky the people in the third world countries are.

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011




A handful of rice per family per week
with no clean water your future looks bleak
disease ridden flies mask sorrowful eyes
and really it's the lucky one who dies.
Diseases and cross contamination
a belly full of emaciation
an existence of anticipation
your prayers are answered by termination.
Medicine, surgeons and education
husbandry, farming and irrigation
skills, self sufficience and liberation
these are the needs of your population.
We're so well off in our three bed semi's
sat on our sofa's watching the emmys
our car's on the drive, we're surfing the net
off to the Maldives in a jumbo jet.
We don't need to fight for each little scrap
water to drink at the turn of a tap
the difference being between you and me
I take for granted what you'll never see.


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