dream toys

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story about solitidute. An old man's suffering of it and a salvation from that by a high-tech toy.

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



Dream Toys

It was a sunny day in Tyler. Old James put on his gown and went out to check hi mail box. While walking, he could listen the nature and feel the warm weather. His was in a district part of the city. It was always silent here and he liked the serenity. There rarely any passer-bys and none of them were his guests. Some of them would stop to ask direction.

The situation was same with the mail box. It was rarely occupied and it was most likely catalogs or wrong sent posts. When he opened the box he saw boxes hardly fit into the space. He took them out and looked at the cover. It was written “Dream Toys Inc.” on both of them. He checked the address and understood that the mailman got the wrong address again. He went back home and opened the parcels.

On opening the first parcel he saw a baby doll perfectly resembling to a human. It was slightly bigger than a hand. She was neatly dressed and her dark, long hairs fell on her shoulders. It was written “Peteryan” on the box. There was also a little capsule with a blue liquid in it. He thought it might be a cleanser or something. When he found the instructions paper he was shocked to read that “All our dream toys are actual living organisms”. He thought it might just be a joke. The instructions also said “Use the mana liquid to enliven and grow back the dolls to their actual sizes.” His old hands were trembling now. Even if it were a joke, it wasn’t cool.

He took the other parcel and opened it, too. This was a male toy with a harsh looking face and strong body. Alex.

He got both the two dolls and put them in a safe place. He headed to his room and turned on his computer to check these things on the net. When he typed the word on the search engine there were many pages about the Dream Toys, many of which were news pages or activist pages. He clicked on the manufacturer’s page and saw that this wasn’t a joke. He read all the instructions and how this process worked. It was briefly explained on the page that all the dolls were willing participants who sold all their humanly rights to Dream Toys Inc. the participants were taken to a programme where they were reduced in size with nano technology and shocked until they are enlivened again.

In the products section he saw many other male and female dolls. There were even some child toys. He clicked on one of the pictures to see the price. “Oh my God!” said James. He touched his glasses and read the price again. It was $750.000 each. He was astonished. “How come …?” he murmured and decided to ask the question after reading some news pages.

On an international news page, he found that it was only a week that they put out this product and it had already risen many doubts among people. There were even demonstrations in some parts of the country by the human rights activists. The chairman of the Dream Toys was telling all the participants were willing. One of the journalists had asked “you say they are willing but why are they always from the third world countries?” The chairman replied “What can we do if they are generally the ones who are willing?”

James thought he was right. He found some news relating to the citizenship of the dream toys. The government officials were reluctant to answer these questions before things were cleared. However one of the senators uttered that “Since they are toys, they have no civil rights.” James was confused. He thought which one was right. Were they human or not? He turned of the computer and entered the living room again. He opened the closet and looked at the toys again. He thought to ‘enliven’ the toys but this was too much for his ald heart. He had enough excitement for one day.

All day long James had a conflict in his brain. “Which was right?” he asked himself again. “Were they human or not?”. On the other hand, he can’t help thinking “How come could a man sell his soul?” he couldn’t understand that. With these unanswered questions he felt tired and went to bed earlier than usual. It was a big day tomorrow.

When he woke up at eight in the morning his head was heavy as a stone. He rose and remembered the dream toys. He even had some strange dreams while sleeping. He had a quick breakfast and went to the living room. He opened the closet and handed one of the dolls, Peteryan. She still had a blank look in her eyes.

He took her out the box and tied of her of the platform. He checked her briefly and found a sign on her wrist like a seal. He opened the liquid bottle poured it into her mouth as instructed. Nothing happened. He waited for a while.

Half an hour later Peteryan moved slightly on the floor and gradually turned into her actual size. James was really shocked to see that. He dropped the box he was reading and stared at the young, beautiful dark haired girl in front of him. Peteryan wasn’t shocked. She knew the process and though she was sleeping, she knew she would wake up some time in a rich country. But when she looked around, her eyeballs grew larger. She was disappointed. “This is not a rich man’s house” she thought. She looked at James and “This is not a rich man either.”

James said the first word. “Hello” he said. The girl looked at her and said “hello” in a strange accent. James thought it normal. They weren’t PhD students. James was very excited and had many questions to ask. He thought he should act calm. He asked her:

Would you like something? Water, said Peteryan.

James went to the kitchen and fetched some water. Peteryan was sitting on a coach investigating the room. He handed the glass to Peteryan. She held it with both hands as if trying not to drop it. She was so shy. Peteryan looked at him and asked:

This America? Yes, replied James. Welcome. She just smiled. My friend, Alex? He is fine, he is sleeping. I mean, I haven’t enlivened it…. him yet.

“How could she know about him?” he thought. He didn’t care much about that. Later on that day they talked about the dream toys. Her ex-life and how she decided to be a dream toy. She answered him with her poor English. James never told her that they were mistakenly sent there. This was his secret. Maybe Peteryan had some secrets, too.

James learnt that all the participants were poor people or –though not confirmed- criminals sentenced to death. He learnt Peteryan was a poor girl from Armenia. She had seven siblings. She heard about the programme and decided to participate. She said she took $100.000 for that. And this was a huge amount of money in her country. Her family could start over with that money. Her siblings could have a good education become gentlemen or women. Anyway, she wasn’t going to die. She would live, maybe very far away from her family but she would live for a good deed.

James hesitated to ask how could she dare to live in a foreign country in a foreign house? He just asked “Weren’t you afraid? I mean, how can someone leave everything behind? She told him about her life and some other participants’ life. Participants from countries in war or struggling feminine, participants without home or hope, or participants under privilege. She said they think any other life would be better than that. James thought it was normal that he couldn’t understand that. He was never in their situation. Peteryan asked:

My friend, open it! He is Ok. Look he is here. He showed her the dream toy in the closet. Peteryan looked at him and her eyes filled with tear. James asked Do you know him? No, it very bad.

He thought she felt sorry for the dream toys like her. James embraced her in his arms. She was stiff as a stone. She was cold to her. He didn’t expect her to jump on him but she got to be prepared to a life like that or worse than that.

Suddenly he told her ear “I like you Peteryan”. The girl was astonished. She stepped back and said “early”. James was embarrassed by what he did. She was right. They didn’t even know each other yet.

At night, James gave her some clothes of her daughter and showed her a room and her bed. He said “Good night”. She just nodded with a simple smile.

Going back to his room, he felt happy. It was a long time since he had a company at home. His wife died twelve years ago and his daughter left home a few years ago. She would call him from time to time. He didn’t even know where she was and she wouldn’t tell him. He went asleep with good feelings as if he was having a family again.

Suddenly, he heard a noise. He switched on the lamp and saw that it was three in the morning. He got out off the room and walked through the corridor to the living room. There. He saw Peteryan standing in the middle of the room. She had a strange look on her face. He quickly understood something fishy was going on. He asked: What’s up, Peteryan?

She didn’t say anything. When he walked towards her he saw the closet was open. He was shocked to find that the other dream toy wasn’t there.

What’s going on? Why did you…

Suddenly there was a sound behind the couch. A man stood up. This was the other dream toy, Alex. He was really strong-built. James asked again:

Why did you open it, honey? Honey? Asked Alex. He had a better accent. James looked at him. He asked What? You, stupid fuck! Do you think, she is in love with you? You old looser.

James was wordless. He was right. Such a nice girl. It could just be a dream for him. When Alex began walking towards him, he ran to his room and took out his gun from the drawer. It was always ready. He pointed it to Alex. He was bold and seemed unthreatened.

You can’t do this, James. Why are you doing this to me? Don’t take it personal, James. You were just a means to our freedom but you took it serious. Now, give me the gun and your money. Also your keys. We will live you with your poor life again. OK?

James was breathing hard. He came face to face with Peteryan. She was trebled. He asked her:

So, you don’t know him? We met during the programme. He said…. Shut the fuck up, interrupted Alex.

And suddenly he made a move to the gun. James pulled the trigger with fear. After the strong sound of the gun, there was a silence and there lay the dream toy, Alex. Peteryan cried and fell on her knees. She held Alex’s head in her arms. She shouted at James in strange words. James said with a harsh voice:

You said you didn’t know him. Lied. We marry. I love Alex.

He learnt that Alex was a criminal and found the way to freedom in the programme. He met Peteryan there. He said they would always be together and have a new life in a new country. After a while they calmed down. They took the body out and buried it somewhere in the woods. Peteryan looked at James with cold and angry eyes. It was getting light when they got back home. Peteryan got cleaned and walked out off the house. James ran behind her:

Where are you going, Peteryan? Don’t call Peteryan!

She was like a wild animal while telling that.

You can’t just go, said James. I love you!

She turned back and said:

Stupid looser!

James was really angry to hear that for the second time. He took out his gun and pointed at her:

Stop, he said. I’ll shoot you if you go. Just give me a chance.

She just turned back, smiled him with a pity and walked by.

Then in the silence of the morning a shut was heard. Peteryan was shut on the back and fell on the ground. James was still pointing the gun and he was crying. He said “I’m not a looser.” He took her body and buried her next to Alex. He tried to calm himself down. He thought “Anyway, they weren’t humans, they were just dream toys!”

© Copyright 2020 sufferingflower. All rights reserved.

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