Country (water & earth)

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The poetry is about our homeland, our country where we was born, where our people live together
Our homeland/country/nation is not something too big or far away, it's within ourself
be realize that you are unique but you're also small, you're alive to day because there're peole died in the past, sometimes learn to be small and help our peole, our country in silent, not as a hero

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011




(Water area + Earth area)


Earth is where “the phoenix flies to the silver mountain”  __(as a verbal legend )

Water is where “the big fisth with ocean” __(as a sight of people who earn their live by catching fish)


Time is endless

Space is immense

Country is where our people are together

Earth is where Bird returns (imply the phoenix)

Water is where Dragon lives

The king of ocean and the mother of peak__(combine together they become Country)

Give birth to ours ancestor as brother and sister


People who passed away

People who live today

Love and give birth

Take up the predecessor part

Leave words for our descendant


Within you and me today

also have a part of our country

When we two hand in hand

The country in ours is harmonized

When we hand in hand with others

Our country is entire and greatness


(Nguyen Dinh Thi)

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