Now That You Say

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I was thinking about starting a lil novel.... But decided not to so im posting what i did write....

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



Now That You Say....

Chapter 1 The beginning

Chelie looked at the door with a wide eyed stare; Reggie asked in a conforiting voice "whats wrong?" "I think i should be leaving now, its late and i dont want to be keeping you up." "im not sleepy." He said in a perplex voice. Looking relieved, she she laid back and smiled. " okay i was just making sure i wasnt keeping you up." "Okay baby." acting as if he had won a grand prize. In a Quake voice Chelie stuttered, "Will you please cuddle with me, IM FREEZING." Not Hasitating, Reggie pulled up the covers and moved closer to Chelie. "Is that better?" With a smartass tone in his voice. Rolling her eyes and trying not to smile, "Yes Dear!" Both knowing it wasn't funny they started to giggle like to little 5 year olds. "Reeeeegggggggiiiieeee" a high piched voice called to him over and over. It was Elsie, she was Reggie's neighbor. "Yesssssss" Reggie yelled in a witty voice. Chelie turning her head so fast her pony tail hit her in the face and almost leaving a noticable small red line. " Damnit Reggie, you yelled in my ear! Whats wrong with you?" Smiling, "Oh my bad Chelie." Hurrying to his feet to open the door, triping over Chelie's shoes curssing under his breath. It seemed like it took for ever for him to get to the door. When he opened the door there was Elsie, standing there with a ciggret hanging out of her mouth and texting a hundred miles an hour. Elsie had a strange vibe to her Chelie thought. Elsie had black hair (which you could tell was died that color.) She had dark brown purcing eyes that could make a sunny day go dark an grey in 1 point 3 seconds. She was short and very skinny an pail, it seemed she had over a thousand percing on her body. 3 holes in each ear one on her toung and one on her lip. Chelie couldnt tell if she had in her navel and she didnt want to know, theres no knowing were else she has rings! Finally looking up sending chils down Chelies spine, "Finally you open the door! What were you doing in her having a party, or making babies" she tryed to say under her breath. Chelie looking at Reggie thinking aloud "He wished." Shocked that I said that out loud I covered her mouth and looked away quickly. Elise laughing saying "Yeah he prolly does." You could tell thats the type of humor Elsie enjoyed. Elsie jumped on the bed alomst breaking it, shouting "GERONIMO!" Reggie looking at Elsie as if she was introding on us. "What do you want Elsie?" Reggie said annoyed. "Oh so im not welcome anymore Reggie?" Elsie said in a gay voice. "Are you going to interduce me to your compenty Reggie, darling!" I guess that Elsie didnt know that i was Reggies Girlfriend or eather she did and just didnt care to call him that in front of me. By then i had picked my shoes up and was ready to leave. "Elsie!" Reggie yelled in a sordid voice. Making me drop my stuff on the floor thats how loud he screamed. "Thats my name!" Elsie said trying to mimic Reggie's normal voice. By then you could tell Reggie wanted to just crawl in a hole and hide. Trying to confort him i said " hun... its okay dont get soo upset over a little coment. I'll be back tomorrow it is late, i love you bye". As i picked my things up off the floor and walked out i felt a little sick to my stomic almost a cramp feeling. Once i shut the door i herd shouting and swaring on the other side of the door, it was so loud i had to take a feww steps away from the door. Then there was silence, a frighting silence at that. Then i hear girl sobs coming from the other side of that door. I stood there not knowing if i should barge in, or walk away. So then i slowly ajar the door just enough were i can see them. I see Elsie sitting on the bed with tear racing down her face, Reggie rubbing her back whispering somthing to her. She whipes the tears and says "Its ok, i know when you get mad you say things you dont mean." Then they both move were i cant see them. Trying to look for them both i open the door a little more. All of a sudden Reggie pulls the door open and i fall right on my face. Knowing they are both just staring at me, i turn red and dont move. Thinking they might think im not there (even though thats not possiable). Reggie ask me "Chelie are you alright, Chelie baby please say something." I wanted to say i was just fine but iwas to embarested so i just laided there mosionless. "Maybe shes knocked out Reggie, she did fall hard." Elsie said in a despiteful voice. Finally i worked up enough nerve to say something. "Im just fine just wanna die." With a diminished grin on his face, he helped me to my feet. I was hoping neather one of them would ask me what i was doing easdroping, but of course Elsie would say "Why were u listening at the door? If you were so worried what we were talking about why didnt you just say here! Well answer me!" All i could do was stand there with a bewildered look on my face. Reggie finally cut into our conersaion "Hey, cailm down Elsie, you have no right to yell at Chelie!" "Oh shut up Reggie, you"... "BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!" Astonished that i said that, i had to sit down; my knees were shaking and my stomic felt like it was rocking. Reggie grabed my hand like it was fragil and said "Hey babe, its okay you dont have to get worked up, you dont look so well. Do you want me to drive you home? You dont look like you are stable to drive." "Reggie, thanks but its not like im drunk or high or something so no. Its just my stomic it hurts its prolly just something i ate. But im okay i just really need to leave." A deep almost unusal voice said "Yeah i think its time for you both to leave." It was was Adem, Reggies big brother who was a freshmen in college. I never did get to know Adem, he was muscular with black hair and green eyes that reminded you of a green medo in the spring. He was broud shouldered and about 6'3. Adem is what you would call a "catch." I never really did understand why he didnt have a girlfriend, he could have any girl in the world. Thats how atractive he was. "Chelie....Chelie...Chelie... Chelie i know you hear me!" "Oh sorry Adem." I stuttered, he always sorta fritghtened me and sence he was really atracktive it was hard enough to talk to him. "Elsie, why are you here? You know your mother doesnt like you over here with Reggie when our mother isnt home. And Reggie why is Chelie here the same goes for her and you it doesnt matter if you to are dating or not the same rules sustain!" Oh boy wasnt he cute when he was upset... Foces Chelie foces is all that was going through my mind."Dont worry Adem, im leaving anyways." Adem look at me as if i was answering his prayers. "Umm Elsie?" "Dont worry im leaving to gosh!" Elsie said in a bashful tone. As Elsie put her shoes on she gave me a abominate look. Her normal discem already made me quiver, but that look made me feel sicker to my stomic than i already was. "We need to talk when once we are alone.. Okay?" Elsie said in a ascertain voice. All i could do was nod my head, if i said a word i felt like i was going to barf. Oh brother wouldnt that have been embarssing. Once Elsie and i set foot out the front door she started rambling on; she was talking so fast i told her to slow down! She looked at like i was an stupid, so i returned the the favor with a "boo!" I guess she thought that was funny cause she busted out laughing. I never was the type to be all tuff and scary; i was usally the one being told "boo!" and jumping. "Chelie" Elsie said unsteady, "Yes?" "I have a question." I hesitated to say yes but i did. "Yes?" "How long have you and Reggie been together?" To myself i was counting the months then days then lost count because i was destracted by a bird on the mail box across the street. (I've always been a little absent minded.) "Umm id like to have your answer before my nexted birthday!" Elsie said accelerate. "Oh sorry we've been together for almost 10 months now why?" "Oh nothing just wondering." I could tell there was somthing bothering her but, i couldn't put my fingure on it. (im not the brightest person eather.) Then shee looked away and said "Hey! Whats your number? I want to text you sometimes." I was silent again to take in what she just asked me. I thought to myself should i give her my number? But i did. "Okay" i said cheerfully. Even though i was a little worried. "Its 709-453-5607" "Okay thanks Chelie talk laters!" I stood there in the drive way looking at the road for a few minets, just to take in the serenity.

Chapter 2

Talope talope talope! "Ehh hello'' i said in a groggie voice. Then in a fremiler but unwanted voice came through. "Hope you weren't sleeping!" automaticly i knew who it was, and i wasnt happy to know either! "Oh well, no not anymore." I said in a low and slow voice. CLICK! Elsie hung up on me! Wow i thought to myself, i guess she didn't want to talk very long. I really was more releaved than upset, i'm not very fond of Elsie she just gives off this odd vibe i just couldn't put my finger on! Thats what upset me the most,I didnt know why i didnt like Elsie.

It was about lunch time when Reggie was suppost to come and pick me up-we were going to the movies and after that maybe a bite to eat- thats what i thought. There was a knock at the door, i pulled the door open with no hesitasion. I glared with a disapointed look on my face. It was Reggie, but he was with Elsie. I sighed and grabed my purse and said "shall we!" They both looked at me like "what was sliped into her cheros?"

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