The beginning of the evil

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a woman and a man decided to meet in person after online chatting.

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



The beginning of evil.

I met David online, on a quite famous dating website, where most of the american population is taking a chance and in some cases a risk, in order to find love or just to get laid.Since my marriage was almost over, i've decided to check it out, thinking what a heck, why not.What did i find?I didnt get anything out of it , exept for emotional pain.

I created a nice profile, containing some of the personal information, my likes, dislikes, what i enjoy doing at my spare time and of course i downloaded a few hot pictures, where i looked somehow sexy.Since i consider myself kinda cute and i definitely have nice personality, guys started to message me instantly, but noone caught my attention.There even were a few dates with one egyptian engineer, but he turned out to be a complete jerk.Then after a few months i received a message from a russian man, who looked kinda cute and we began chatting.When he asked whether i had some sort of messenger, like Yahoo, i just simply gave him my phone number, leaving him with a choice to call me or not.Well, he surely did by the end of the day.I happened to be doing my laundry at the time, and when i saw an incoming call from the unknown number, i knew it was him, but some kind of fear didnt let me to pick up, so i texted him a few minutes later saying sorry that i couldnt pick up and asking what was up with him.His response was a little weird, he texted :\" Ha?\" ,and then another text:\" Ohh, thats u mind if i call u back tomorrow?\".I was quite shocked but answered yes.

The next day i spent hanging out with my best friend, who was supposed to leave to Texas, so we were getting her ready, packing the cloths, shoes, bags and all the other stuff, and of course i stayed over at her place.Right in the middle of her modelling the outfits, i heard my phone ringing.I knew that was him, so when i picked up, smiling at myself, my voice automaticaly happened to sound happy or something.

\"Hey, that's..\"

\"Yeah, yeah, i know who you are\", i replied automatically.\"Hi, how are you?\"

\"Oh, you know, why?were you waiting or something?\"

\"Nooo, nooo, umm, i am actually right in the middle of something, im at my friends place.\", i answered, trying to figure out faster what to say.\"She is leaving to Texas, so im helping her to pick out the outfits.\"

And the next hour or so, we were blabbing about all kinds of things.Well i only remember talking about him meeting girls, who liked to get high, and me saying that i've never tried it.Then we discussed cooking, how i liked to spend my free time, how he liked to spend his time and all other basic questions.We talked a little about my best friend, and he asked to send him a picture of two of us, which i did later.I am not sure whether he didnt care to respond right after, or he was probably sleeping by that time, since i had a little problem with my phone not wanting to send any picture to him.So David only answered the next day, saying that we both looked stunning at that picture.I dont know if it was meant to be like that or it did not meant to be at all and thats why God made it very hard for me, making him dissapear for about a week.Of course i was going crazy, waiting for him to call.Once i even had an accident of calling him, which i did not mean to do.I was jogging near the bay and that time my phone was not working properly, so i accidentalypressed the button to call his number and because that stupid screen got frozen, it kept ringing and i couldnt hang up till i took the battery out.Damn it!!! I really felt like a total moron.Then another day or so passed by, and on saturday i decided to text him casually.He answered right away and said that he was waiting to get a haircut.It was saturday and i was bored, so i got dressed and took off to a nearby clothing store when he called me.None of us mentioned about that phone call my broken phone made.That second conversation was again about basic thing, life and a little about sex.He even brought up a topic about his ex-girlfriend.At the end of the conversation he asked if i would like to meet, and i came up with an idea to make myself look very busy,so i told him that for the last few months i was going out every friday, saturday and sunday, and that i was kinda trying to take a break, but i really would love to finally meet him.Then he said he already had plans for that night with friend, who later turned out to be another date.But he said that he would try to make it happend after or the next day.Of course i got upset, but God actually let that date happen, because David texted me around 9:30 p.m asking if i was still up to having a good time.I was quite surprised with him finishing so early and i answered yes.David was on his way to pick me up, so i really didnt have plenty of time to get ready, but i picked out an amaizing looking, sexy outfit, a light grey sleeveless tank top , decorated with silver sequines and a beautiful black skirt, which length was just right in the middle between the knees and the thighs.I added my favourite hot black Calvine Klein heels and a nice little bag.Oh, and of course i left my hair down.I looked absolutely gorgeous!!! I usually dont give myself compliments, but that time i really did my best to look beautiful.David happened to be on the same wave, enjoying being around me, which he mentioned a few times.

He, like i said was on his way to pick me up, but somehow it took him a little longer to find my building, well i couldnt blame him, people usually have hard time looking for it.I will never forget that moment when i first saw him, he double -parked near the entrance of the building and was waiting inside the car.The top of the car was open, and he was holding his hands out, listening to the music.I hopped inside. We exchanged hellos, kissed on a cheek and then he gave me a compliment about my appearance and that i actually looked way better than on a picture, and i casually answered that i have heard that before, which is definitely truth, people always tell me that.So we drove to a whatever place he wanted to take me to, casully chatting.That was the moment when he admitted that he wasnt meeting a friend, he just had another date, which turned out to be a disaster, because the girl was kind of bitchy or whatever.Of course i was shocked, but i let it easy, because i hapenned to like him.When we parked not far from the russian lounge we were going to, we took a few minutes to sit in a car, when he told me that that other girl wasnt even worth taking to a lounge or smth, so he just drove her around, trying to get to know her a little better and finally came to a conclusion that its not going to work out from the start.We were still sitting in a car.\"Who do u live with?\", he asked. \"Umm, do we have to talk about that right now?lets discuss that later.\", i said.\" Why? Whats wrong with that question?Do u live with a roommate?\", he kept pushing. I was silenced.\"Are u married or something?\", David asked , obviously looking shocked.\" Aha\", that was everything i could come up with answering.Then i tried to explain a little why it didnt work out, we actually talked about our both past relationships a lot, and he used to say that it was the way to understand where we both coming from.So i made a statement that my marriage was over and that sooner or later i would file for divorce ,and that was the way the cookie crumbled.Well, David behaived like he knew exactly what i meant.

The lounge was russian, like i previously mentioned, but it was quite nice, not too many people just as i like and nice dancing music.So we were sitting at the table with no people around us, which i really enjoyed.He ordered drinks for both of us and two dishes, now i dont even remember what they were.

\"Would u care to share the meal with me?I really dont like eating alone\", David asked me. \"Well, im not really hungry, but i guess i can have a bite or so\", I answered him.Somehow i already felt comfortable around him, u know it was one of those times when u feel like knowing the person for a long time, even though u have just met.He seemed enjoying my company as well.When the waitress approached, he ordered a martini for himself and questioned me with the eyes what would i like.I took a mojito.While waiting for food and beverages , we were chatting nicely and i could feel that he is really into me.The body language was giving him away.He was leaning forward, making himself really close to me and the music was high, so we needed to whisper into each other's ears to be able to hear.I love all these intimate moments of starting dates, when u could behave flitry and seductive.After about 10 minutes the waitress came back with drinks and dishes.We started eating.I was watching him closely, the way he ate, drank, moved.The details mattered to me.I was satisfied with what i saw, because he seemed to be open and friendly.At the beggining i was a bit shy and kept fixing my skirt, which moved up every time i switched sitting positiones, and David teased me, pulling the skirt more down.We both laughed.He positioned one of his hands on top of theleather couchbehind me, so it felt like he tried to hug me.The heat of the moment was rising and i sensed his body desired me.He moved away the front lock ofmy hair with his hand and touched my earlobe, saying \"U are not wearing any earrings\", and questioned me with the eyes.\"Umm, im not really a jewelry person,umm but i do have a few pairs.Its just that i dont wear them much\". David asked: \"If i bought u a pair of beautiful earrings, would u wear them? Because i would absolutely want u to wear them every day, i mean like every single day\". \" Of course i would wear them every day\", i said. \"Does your husband give u a lot of gifts?\", he asked.\" Umm, no, not really\". \" Why not? A beautiful woman as u are deserves beautiful gifts\", he complimented me.I wasnt going to answer.I wished i would have known the answer myself.When i turned my face to look at him, I caught him staring at my face with desire.The next moment he leaned forward to kiss me.At first i moved my lips away and kissed him on a cheek, but that silly move just didnt seem to bother him, because he leaned forward again to take another try.I kissed him back.That was not a french kiss, we only used lips, but then the passion overwhelmed him, and he kissed me deeply and lustfully, grabbing my neck hardly.That night we kissed a lot and i loved doing that with him.David was such a great kisser, i could even say amaizingly professional.His hands were all over me.Even though i knew we were sitting in a public place, but that didnt bother any of us.

To be continued...

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