Sometimes a Hero

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I wrote this on a whim but decided I kind of like it...

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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Submitted: April 04, 2012




Sometimes a hero

Doesn’t have a shiny cape

Or super strength

They don’t always jump from buildings

Or save damsels in distress


Sometimes a hero

Is just there when you need them

To talk things over

To laugh it off with you

Or hold you when you cry

Advice is always ready

When you’re in a sticky situation

And when you need it,

Sometimes a hero just listens


Sometimes a hero

Leads an entire nation to victory

Or just stands up to a bully

They are strong when others fall

They stick to their beliefs,

Even when everyone else gives in

Whether a Girl Scout troop

Or country in crisis

Sometimes a hero

Teaches others to follow them

And start an act of change


Sometimes a hero

Does deeds without rewards

Without the glory or fame

Without the bucks or cha-ching

Just trying to help

Sometimes a hero

Does little acts of kindness

That mean a lot

To just one person

Or to thousands

Their accomplishment

May be really small

But it has a big impact



Sometimes a hero

Isn’t tough or courageous

Cunning or smart

Sometimes a hero’s

Cape might get a little tangled

They may take a little longer

To get up and fly

But what makes them so special

Is that no matter what

No matter how many hills

No matter how far they must climb

Their smile never changes

And they never lose sight of the dream


Sometimes a hero

Makes a mistake

But big or small

They never back out of the deal

They stick it out

Fix it

And learn from it

Because even heroes make mistakes


Heroes are not always the toughest

The smartest

Or the bravest

Sometimes a hero

Is an everyday person

Just tryin’ to do the right thing

Tryin’ to make a difference






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