When the shadow leaves me

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When the shadow leaves me...

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013



I've never noticed your presence, as i took heavy steps through the downpour, holding my grey umbrella. You followed me like a lost puppy, the way your scrawny arms were hidden in the jacket, and your head lowered, taking small,careful steps. I stopped to stare at you. Though your face was empty, I could picture your jaded eyes, and the way your lips curled downwards, to form a frown. Your eyes were fixed on my back, like I were the only one, there. I saw the ravens looming closer to you. But I made no movement, so did you. Your figure darkens so terribly, and you stood there, looking at me. Your ebony hair cascaded down your back, like a waterfall. As I looked at the nearest lightsource, the fireflies glowed so brightly in the dark. But that light flickered, and dimmed, before I caught the glimpse of your smile. Your wings turned to ashes and snow, and the world fell down on me. I finally saw iridescent shine, the colours that filled the sky. But I know, the sun must set to rise. And the shadow leaves me, when I'm alone in the darkness.

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