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A teenager that recently tried out for cross-country and failed to meet the time requirements. A teenager that recently just broke up with his girlfriend. A teenager that drinks water.

Submitted: May 07, 2008

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Submitted: May 07, 2008



Im about to go swimming. I always have loved swimming. The feeling of the water as you jump in, is like nothing else I've experienced. The rush of coolness always surprises me. Everytime I'm about to go in, I tell myself I'm not going to feel the cold. Yet, It always happens. I feel a chill go through my bones to my inner core, then it rushes away as my body adjusts to the sudden change in temperature. I've tried to describe what I call the cold syndrome, but everyone I tell doesn't feel the same.
Today, its very hot. I stand outside the pool, hanging on by the edge. I jump into the pool, with a good enough dive to make it in. I swim feeling warm under the summer sun and heat. I reach the surface, and I breathe happily. I sure do love my pool, with the feeling of warm water always greeting me as I jump in. I stop suddenly. Why am I not feeling the familar bone chill? Somethings wrong. I dip my finger into the warm water, swishing it around a little. Nothing. All I can feel is a warm sensation. Did my cold syndrome

just vanish out of mid water? Maybe I have a fever? Thats probably it. I get out of the pool, telling my self I have a fever. I know deep down inside, that fevers don't give you a warm sensation when you touch cold water. Inside my gut, I feel something. Something I've never felt before. Something terribly wrong with my absence of familarity with the water. Theres something else now.
I don't know what to do. Theres nothing wrong, its just odd. A feeling I've kept my whole life just vanished. I better not linger too long, I have homework to do. Lately, I've been slacking off. Swimming has became quite addicting.

My Dad is taking me to school. We reach a crosslight. It turns red.

I see Jaina. Shes in my biology class. I don't really know her to well but shes pretty and i see her sometimes at school. Today she has her hair in a butterfly clip. Her intelligent brown eyes scan the cross-walk to make sure its safe from cars. Wait. She stops. Why did she stop? She has a weird look on her face. Shes frowning at something up ahead the street. Her face turns into a mask of utter fear. She turns, to look straight at me. She yells; I turn to look. I'm to late.

Everythings dark. I've never seen such a pitch black darkness. I feel something push agaisnt my lips. I can't feel my arms. I can't feel much of anything. I see a light. Its bright, and warm. I want to get out of this cold darkness. I reach. It shrinks. The darkness starts to reach out to me, it engulfs my whole body. The coldness. So cold...

End chapter 1

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