Life in simple language

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How can a leap take place in life, just because of not taking the right decision at the right time.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



Every one who are born on this mother Earth will be thinking that why isn't my life so perfect. Just look around you, every one are not born with a silver spoon, but hey even the silver spoon people think that their life isnt perfect. But where does this life take us to, why are we feeling in this way.did any one do a research on this subject. ---- I think the answer is millions of people might have done a thorough studying on this very topic, but how many succeeded in giving a Solution to this problem.

I have read some where that ur problem is not bigger than the kids in somLia who eat once in a while, and there are people who walk miles and miles together to get a pot of water, and people will just die because of no food, shelter, or water. True!!! Our problems are very microscopic compared to them, but still I am not getting convinced with it, and still in search of the solution.

Why actually we feel bad about our life... Even though we have enough food, shelter, clothes, water, still why do we complain with what we have...... That's because u may not admit it, but u envy the people who are above u.... Who are more happy than u..... U want to reach that place easily... Why is it that it's taking so much of time,,, why is it that it's taking too much of ur effort, why is it that , it's not happening now,, what is that he did, and what is it that I didn't get in my life,,, than the blame game starts, blaming the parents, for not giving much attention, blaming ur teachers for being too nice to ur friend, blaming ur boss for not appreciating u even after a 20 hours of hard work, ,,,,,,,stopppppppp....

Try to think now,,, is this what we actually needin life,, is their any better things in life, don't run behind success,,, success will run behind u, if u have enough knowledge about things around u, which means world... Think of people who really appreciate u, ur family.... Give time to those who really need u, not behind them who really ignore u.... Change the life track, ur pace will Automaticaly change with a Zoommmmmmmm!

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Life in simple language

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