A Phone Call

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This is REALLY stupid, its just kinda a short story I wrote a while ago, kinda scary not really....

Submitted: November 29, 2008

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Submitted: November 29, 2008



Once a long time ago in a place very cold lived a family of five, two parents and three children. On an average day the three children and parents were talking of there vacation which was not far away; where would they go, what would they do, the usual. This was not a surprise to the youngsters, for they took a vacation once a year, but they were curious as to why there parents were acting so, so edgy.

They finally decided that they would go camping in the mountains far away, were there mom’s grandparents lived. They were quite exited that they almost entirely forgot there edgy parents, but not quite.

A week later on the day before their trip the home phone rang. The parents nervously looked towards their children and then towards the phone, then there parents quickly grabbed it on the second ring. The second that the phone hit there father’s ear he abruptly put it back on the receiver. “Darn prank callers.” He said and nodded towards the children’s mother gravely.

At this point the children were not only suspicious but quite alarmed. They did NOT want to camp in the mountains anymore and they did NOT like the suspicious actions of their alarming parents.

“Children” the father abruptly said “why don’t you go upstairs and get some rest” the children nodded but they did not agree

“Sam” the second eldest asked her brother “I am really frightened”

The eldest replied “I am too Rose, but what can we do?”

There youngest sibling barely 7 said curiously “I wonder who that person really was on the phone”

“Me too” replied Rose and Sam at the same time

“I am a bit scared, but I am fully curious” she said then frowning she added “I believe we should stay in your room Sam since you have a phone, and every time the phone rings, and make sure our parents answer it first, we shall pick it up” she sighed “I know its rude but I am getting a bit anxious. Do you agree Sam?” he nodded “Susie?” she nodded “Well lets get on our pajamas and meet in Sam’s room in 5 minutes agreed?” Rose said and both brother and sister nodded “let’s go”

Five minutes later Sam and Rose were still anxiously waiting for Susie they had already knocked on her door with no reply and now they were scared. “I’m sure she’s okay” they kept on saying quietly they both knew in the bottom of there hearts she wasn’t after 5min. of knocking on her door and waiting impatiently they decided they would just walk in.

As they walked in Rose gasped there was her sister on the floor in a ball crying. “What’s the matter?” Rose asked entirely frightened

“Evil” the youngest sniffed her nose “person” she sniffed again “told me to” she sobbed for a second then “be warned”

Suddenly everything clicked the phone calls the camping trip near help far away, their parents’ edginess, why hadn’t she thought of it before. “Someone is threatening to kill our parents” she said aloud the other siblings shuddered.

Sam finally spoke “I wonder why” he sounded very sad and older than 16, he sounded more like 30-year-old whose parents had cancer.

Rose looked around her sisters sobbing had stopped, her eyes finally found her sisters they were wide with fright “Look its that per—“she never finished the sentence because just then the man from the phone calls the reason for their parents edginess and why their vacation was near their grandparents, came swooping into their window, and that was the last person whoever saw the children.

The parents moved far away scared and sad. Now everyone time that the parents of Rose, Susie, and Sam sleep they can hear them blaming them for everything, Two years after there children went missing the parents were instated into a mental home the next day they were found dead.

The mystery still remains the children are still missing, and if I were you I would never, ever move into that house but that is another story for another time.

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