Love Song of the Lake Side (All Within)

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Highly impressionistic, vignette-ish, stylized. Something that means a lot to me, will probably take more than one read to appreciate (pretentious much?); though seriously, though.

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012



Love Song of the Lakeside


By the lake we watch the day,

Grow old and die away,

And merge into the distance with the waves.

The sun abides and leaves us there,

Molesting sands, their crystals showing down

Upon the ground beneath our hands.

Half great alight before us and

There we are careless, against the void,

Against twisted tongues and stares;

As the strategies of these careless ways. 


Within a space of time,

Lovely with an essence’s grin,

We sit, dissipate, and die,

As time flies by like airplanes fly;

All within the flash of a pan.

Pages turned upon blank pages,

Of history that we’ve forgotten;

Of weapons lost infidels;

Of immortality before Their love;

For the leaving of the one,

We love to see walk away.


The cat asleep on the windowsill,

Open to the sounds of midnight streets,

Sloping down to an imminent downslope.

Shoulders thin and twisting,

In the night between the bed sheets,

Twisted hearts enraged with living,

Looming in the closet;

All within, all within.


Us alone in the morning,

Rising from a lonely evening,

Spent in the arms of a mistake,

Sent from the capital before us.

Stupid as the year is a year,

And tired that we are still where we are,

As a year is still a year,

As we won’t always be here;

All within, all within.


Smiling before the empty cafe,

Smelling the noon-day traffic,

Screeching with pain from overbearing,

Losses on the street corners.

Lost amid the shining windows,

Cleaned with grease and vinegar;

Poured into our coffee;

All within, all within. 


Naked in the vacant matinee,

Shouting at the screen to stop replaying,

Giants watching us in our human

Nature found in crooked seats,

Pressing against our heat-stroked sides,

Misting in the intermission;

All within, all within.


Snug inside an alien taxi,

Driven by a strange man whom we don’t know;

Chatting with a man whom we don’t know;

In another language that we don’t know;

Jangled music dancing from the tube,

Flashing sounds to us the few,

Who seek only not to care,

For foreign tongues who won’t take ;

Or to be the change that they seek;

All within, all within.


Stooping in the moisten alley smoking

Single-packs of cigarettes.

Leaning against a plastic fire-escape,

Staring at the raccoons in the heater.

Like kings with tickled noses,

Annoyed by pettiness below us.

Looking down upon the trash

Of the earth we seek to forget;

All within, all within. 


Politicking to the politicians,

And their stupid politics;

In the tax-run dump that we frequent.

Lying to their power-starved stomachs,

Aching for the sounds of support,

For the leader they wish to be.

Ebbed on by an insatiable wanting,

To be the middle finger of our hand;

All within, all within.


Drinking in the drunk bar downtown,

In the light within the night,

In the concrete part of town,

The ten-cent beers growing hazy.

Pretty drunk by the sundown,

Walking somewhere wherever we stop,

Falling in the rain washed gutter,

And laughing at the earth upon us,

Giving change to the vagabonds;

Preying upon the vigilantes;

All within, all within. 




Down by the lake, we are the day,

As we swim out to the lands.

Frothing like fish in salt;

Leaping into each other’s arms;

Slipping and splashing and sleeping

With the air ripping before us.


On the sand we wake in the morning

With crusted eyes and nowhere minds;

With hair all messed up in the back.

Dogs barking from the gates in the distance,

And gray skies apparent above us;

All within, all within.


We walk home with jackets draped,

Over swollen shoulders we rest our heads,

And pass the trashcans like haze in summer,

Picking out pieces not yet discarded,

Fed to the rats that won’t eat it;

And say high and ask them to stay;

All within, all within.


In the change we make our last stand,

Like fire at the mouth of the last great rivers rising,

Like fire of the last great humans dying,

We lie in bed and watch,

The window grow pink with the dying sun,

In our arms with hands clenched grabbing skin,

We face the driving pounding midnight rains,

And wait to do it all again;

Pray to cross the night again,

Slosh through puddles, slosh through sin;

All within, all within,

Sloshing through puddles, sloshing through sin. 

© Copyright 2018 suilcela1993. All rights reserved.

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