A bank job

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When 5 friends decide to rob a bank and suddenly a plan is changed to kill the one and accuse the robbery...What happens next..Read and find out

Submitted: March 03, 2015

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Submitted: March 03, 2015





[Somewhere at the library]

I was searching for the books related to stories of robberies, revenge or betrayal. But I couldn’t find such kind of books. I just took a book related to detectives and sat on a table. In front of my table a man was sitting on a table and reading a book. I asked him which book was he reading .he replied his book name. I told him that was boring stuff and told about my book name. He did not utter a word but he just smiled and listened my talks. I talked to him about my hobbies about reading crime stories or so on. After I finished my talks he just spoke a sentence “So you like crime stories, don’t you?” 

“Yes I do” I replied.” Do you know any such stories?”

“Yes.” He replied.

“Then tell me please! I am very excited to hear”

“Okay let’s go nearby coffee shop”

Then we went to a nearby coffee shop.

He started narrating the story.


Part 1

Chapter 1

“There were 5 friends name ‘Rob’, ‘John’, ‘Bob’, ’Wendy’ and ‘Kevin’.

Rob and Bob were step brothers. Although both of their fathers were dead they were raised up by same mothers. They used to visit their mother frequently. Although these 5 friends were genius in their own field they were not happy with their jobs, so they were having a devastating situation. All of them were jobless and to survive in this expensive city they planned to run a business.

John told them evil plan that the fastest money business in this world is by selling drugs. At first all of others objected but they had no other options left. They all need was money to buy drugs. Kevin told them that he knew a mafia who could lend them money. So all 5 friends went to local mafia and took the loan of 100K$.Kevin told the mafia to return the double money within a month. Mafia agreed as he knew Kevin. With the links of different drug dealers within 15 days, they managed to buy tons of drugs illegally. But they had a bad luck. Before the

drugs could arrive at the warehouse the drugs were captured by cops.

Hopefully Bob managed to escape but drugs got caught. The Mafia got to know about it .He went those 5 people and threatened them that he wanted his money. All of them were in tension that how to give money. Mafia took out his gun to shoot Bob. But Rob spoke that he just require a week of time and he will return the money. Mafia was surprised and asked how will he return money and Rob replied that they were going to rob a bank.


Chapter 2

“Have you gone crazy?” Wendy asked as Mafia went out. All others also were angry with him as it was a not possible. Rob told them “We all 5 have special qualities and its now the time to show off these qualities. I can make plans to rob a bank, John can crack the safes, Kevin and Wendy can attack or threat the customers and workers of bank with guns and after the loot Bob will help to run away with money as he is a good rider. All of them were confused but there was no option left so they agreed. Rob told them that to find out about the information about securities and all other things on bank they have to meet someone. He took them to a house where an old man named ‘David’ was staying. He was an ex staff of the bank. He was accused of theft in the bank some weeks of ago and he was expelled away by bank. All of his loyalty towards bank for more than 30 years and his name and reputation all of these were damaged and lost. So all he wanted was revenge with the bank. Rob knew about him so he took all his friends to him. They told him about their plans to rob the bank. He found that it would be suitable to him to see the bank being robbed. He provided the information related to securities and other all information about the banks.


They found out the information that bank used to keep 500K$ in each safe and they had total of 12 safes in each rooms. So a plan was made to rob a room containing total of 6M$.They made a plan to give 500K$ each to mafia and David and they will divide the share of 1M$ each and move from that place far away. Bob told them that he knew some people who could rent him some cars for a day. They planned to rent 3 cars for that day. Rob’s plan was great but there was evil plan running ion John’s mind. After the robbery he planned to accuse and kill Rob so that the whole robbery case would be closed and they could live freely. He told his plans to Kevin and Wendy. These two evil minded also agreed with John. Now it was turn to make ‘Bob’ accept this plan. They told this plan to ‘Bob’. He refused and warned them to tell that to ‘Rob”; But master minded John told him “Listen Rob is your step brother. He never loved you and once you two get away with the money your mother will be proud of Rob only as she loves him a lot and she won’t give a shit about you. So if you kill Rob then you will be the hero to your mom and can keep her happy whole the life and you can enjoy your life too.” He told several other bad things about Rob and made Bob compulsorily agree to his plan. Finally Bob agreed. So, as per their wicked plan they requested mafia to arrange two dead bodies in the warehouse at the day of robbery.


Chapter 3

The Day of Robbery”

Rob and John were already in the bank and were behaving as a customer. The bank was not so crowded. Suddenly Bob came with a car. Bob, Kevin and Wendy got out of the car together with a mask on the face, made the guards unconscious with each punches and entered bank.

As they had to do the things fast Kevin destroyed all the CC cameras while Wendy closed the doors and Bob destroyed the alarms. They made all the customers and workers of the bank to kneel down within some minutes. They took the people in the banks as the hostages. They provided each of the people a piece of cloth and ordered all the people to tie that cloth to cover their eyes. The innocent people did as they ordered due to fear of being killed. Rob and John who were behaving as customers got up as everything was okay and went to upper rooms containing safes with Bob. John cracked all the safes within some minutes as he was genius in it. Within some minutes they brought all the money total of 6M$ in 3 bags to the basement. Then they planted some fake bombs pretending it to be real inside some corners of bank and warned the customers. Then according to plan they took Rob, John and other two as a hostage. Outside there cops ordering them to surrender. They pointed the guns to hostages and ordered the cops to lower their guns. They still warned the cops to blow away the bank if they did not agree. Cops were unarmed now. Then they told Rob and John to bring the money slowly and load it in their cars. They sat down in the cars slowly still pointing the gun to Rob and John. The only similarities cops could notice was some sorts of mark on their heads. And they moved away leaving Rob and John according to plan. They were chased by cops with cars and choppers but Bob was too good at escaping that they escaped away confusing the cops.


Part 2

Chapter 4


All the other hostages were rescued by cops and fake bomb was also deactivated. All the civilians were ordered to go home and take rest because all of them were in deep shock and fear. According to the plan, they had to meet at a place near a forest. It was a high cliff where no one visited. So it was suitable place to divide the money and depart from there paying to Mafia. But Johns plan was different. According to John’s plan Bob, Wendy and Kevin went directly to David’s home. They kept all the money in David’s home promising him to return after some hours. John agreed. Then they moved to the cliff with empty car. John and Rob arrived after some times in another car which was rent by Bob’s friend. Rob hugged all of them and told them that they were successful and to divide the money. John gave an unpleasant and loud laugh and told him that Rob was not going to get the money. Rather he was going to die. Rob was in great shock and told them why they were doing such things to him. John told him “By killing you we can accuse you of robbery and the robber is dead. We have got some dead bodies ready too. And the case is closed.” Bob pointed gun to Rob. Rob asked him that why his own brother would kill him. Bob replied in anger “I’m your step brother. And if you are dead I will be in the heart of my mother and I will get the love from her that she has been providing to you since years. Rob tried to convince him and told him “Mother loves us both equally. I love you too and care for you most than these bastards.” Bob angrily shouted “NO YOU DON’T LOVE ME” and shot him and in anger threw him of the cliff. Rob also shot the gun in the car and burnt it and died down the cliff.

The plan got wrong. The car was burnt but there was no money in it. So it was not the problem. The problem was there was no dead body of Rob to accuse him. Bob became afraid and apologized john and told him that he did it unknowingly. John told that there was no change in plan and told bob and Wendy to bring dead bodies and money in that place as fast as they could. Bob and Wendy drove away to David’s home through the car that Rob and John came there. Kevin asked John what was the plan. John replied “The plan is same. Instead of Rob, Bob is going to die after they bring the money.” Kevin asked what if they did not return. And john replied that he will inform the mafia about it and he would search them and they would die. Then they two went to David’s house and asked for money. David wanted to confirm. So Bob called to Kevin and told him to give phone to John. David asked if he would give the money. But before John could complete the sentence he hurriedly replied “Yes give them.” They left 500K$ to David as promised and thanked him for keeping money safe and travelled to the warehouse. As told by mafia there were two dead bodies lying there and they took the dead bodies inside their car and moved away. 

After sometimes at the place where John and Kevin were waiting for the money Mafia arrived there. They were astonished and surprised. Mafia asked them to give his money. John asked how he knew about the location. Mafia surprisingly answered “You text me about the location some minutes ago. Now where’s my money?”  John checked the pocket and to the surprise there was no phone in his pocket.  He just told that they will be arriving with money within half an hour. John tried to contact Bob, Wendy but there was no response. They waited for 1 and half hour still no response at all. Suddenly John was awaken. He acted like he knew something. He went on to see the burnt car and behind it he saw some ashes. He searched in the ground for something. He found the bullet which Bob had shoot to Rob, he took a look at it and he laughed loudly. The Mafia asked him what had happened. But John kept on laughing.



Chapter 5

“On the Aero plane”

The plane was about to take off. An air hostess was offering drinks to two men. Those two men were smiling at each other and sitting comfortably. They were none other than Bob and ‘Rob’.





When John made the plan to kill and accuse Rob, Rob heard it through back door. That night he went to Bobs’ room. He told Bob that he knew the plan that his own brother would kill him and he felt too hurt listening it. Rob told him “You know momma once told me that Rob and Bob are the two eyes of my head. I always like to see both of them and I can’t withstand with just a single eye. So in any circumstances you have to promise me that you will protect my next eye.” And she would be sad when she will knew that her own son is the enemy of mine. Bob felt regretted, he apologized and told Rob that he would do anything to save him. Rob smiled, hugged him and told him that there would be no change in plan but a bit change in script only.


 When John was telling Rob about killing him then Rob increased the conversation to make sure that he had already tied one end of the rope to the back of car which he had planned earlier. Then to proceed the plan Rob and Bob acted like they were arguing. Bob blocked the view of all other 3 guys and he was continuously threatening Rob and Rob cleverly took out another end of rope and tied at his back. Then Bob shot the bullet which was fake and Rob was thrown down the cliff. When he was being thrown Rob shot the car and burnt it, while the car was burning it also burnt the rope and when the full rope was burnt Rob had been already safe down the cliff. Then Bob pretended that he was sorry and hugged John and snatched his phone without letting him know.


Chapter 6


While Andy and Bob were travelling to David’s house, Bob killed him inside the car with a silencer gun. Then Bob and Rob met at the place they decided. Rob and Bob went to David’s house instead of Bob and Wendy. That’s why David called Kevin but his phone was snatched by Bob while he hugged him. Without listening full words  John told him to give the money. So they took the money from David and dead bodies from Warehouse. Then they burnt the car (exact same car which they took during robbery), put the dead bodies and duplicate money inside the car. They burnt the face of dead bodies that they had brought completely and only left the dress (exact dress which they used while robbing) and mark on head and burnt some parts of Wendy’s face along with the fake money. They left 1m$ to the friend of Bob from where they had rent cars and moved away to the airports where they had already booked tickets. And now they are in aero plane.

John guessed that might had happened. So he was astonished and mad with the plan. Kevin got the call from a new number. HE gave it to John. As he answered, Rob replied “Sorry John it’s my day.” Then He asked to Bob ”Why did you do that?” Bob replied “Coz you bastard momma don’t want to lose her second eye.” “Sir Can you switch off the phone the plane is taking off?” Bob smiled and replied “Sure” and he switched the phone off. John was in dilemma what Bob told him a moment ago. The Mafia and his men shot the bullets to John and Kevin because he was sure that he won’t get his money now. When the Mafia went to his home he saw a bag and a letter where there was written “Thank you for the dead bodies.” He checked the bag and there was 500K$ as promised. He smiled.

The investigation about the robbery was closed. The initial footage of CC camera showed three men with a mark on head entering a bank in white colored car and destroying CC cameras. And the same burnt car was found along with 3 people dead with same mark on the head and money that were burnt too. Cops reported that after the robbery all 3 were dead and the case was closed.

“And that’s all those two guys lived happily.”





I was sitting like a statue. I was astonished with the story. He asked me “So do you like the story?”

“Yes, off course I’m shocked. I mean what a plan it was. Rob was a genius guy. This story made my day well. You don’t know what I am feeling now. If this is a true story do you know where Rob and Bob are now?”

“Hey Rob. Let’s go. Momma is calling. And I have finished my work too.” Someone shouted to him from back.

He smiled and winked at me and went to the car and drove away.

I was astonished and amazed that the person who was narrating me the story was Rob himself. All I could do was just give a smile.





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