Uncertified Civil Engineer

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Its a small story focusing on a person who is part of the world.

Submitted: July 19, 2011

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Submitted: July 19, 2011




An Uncertified CIVIL Engineer.

It’s a small story which is focussing on a poor, widowed, three child’s mother. She lives in a suburb of
Mumbai, far away from the city. The part of city about which nobody knows and not also care about
it. But as you all know Mumbai is a city, about which there is a proverb “Every day this city grows a
little bigger “. And so, this part was not also remained untouched by the revolution and urbanisation.
I will not mention the name of that part of city neither of any character as today it takes only an
hour to become anything a legal issue.

This scene is from the month of May. As everyone knows this is the month when people of Mumbai
waits for the rain .and also, some people starts fearing of traffic jam, sewage etc.

Like everyone this three children’s mother was also feared of the upcoming weather. She is living in
a forbidden land which was previously used for the garbage disposal by the municipality. Along with
her there were some other people also who were living like her in the nearby huts.

Near to that forbidden land, there was also another plot which was initially used by the kids to play
cricket. A builder decided to build a shopping mall in that plot. Day by Day that land became the
concrete jungle. One can figure out easily how a land is getting converted into the shopping mall
slow and steady.

In the world there are only two types of people:

The first one live the whole life in satisfaction agreed with what the god had given to them and are
bound to their limits.

Where the second one are those who are not satisfied with what god had given to them and thinks
every second to change their lifestyle in any way they can .

Of course the second type of people gives a message to the society as they are different from the
crowd and also it’s not necessary for that person to be educated. It’s just a matter of attitude and
nothing else.

Back to the story, Of course she was of the second type and was willing to change her lifestyle. There
were around 10 to 12 families living in that area. But it was she who thought to change her life and
decided that she will not live like others .She decide to face the rain unlike others , who changes
their place as soon as the rain starts to a safer place .

The monsoon has arrived in the Mumbai and was rained 3 times in the last week .And every family
except her had left that place. It was wondering for the residents living in the nearby apartments
that why she is still living in that hut.

The main issue was not the Hut as it can protect her from the rain when it is covered properly, but
the main issue was the floor as in the rainy season the floor becomes damp and soon the floor
becomes a house of mud and snakes etc.

Then on One fine sunny day she removed her hut and everyone thought that finally she got the brain
and is shifting to some other place. But by surprise she has not moved but started cleaning that

small land under her hut. She was removing grasses from that land. It was quite surprising why she
was doing that. And by noon she covered that clean land with the hut, her kids started carrying the
bricks to the hut silently most probably they were stealing those bricks from the nearby construction
site. Now, a clue came in the mind that most probably this is why she covered the land with the hut
so that no one can watch her stealing those bricks in the hut. But it was not enough, still there were
some unanswered questions as why she is stealing those bricks?

What will she do with those probably 20 bricks as nothing can be build with that?

And then it started raining in the evening, she took out all the plate, cooking utensils even buckets
and started cleaning them. This was another surprise for everyone. But any how there created a
suspense which everyone wanted to break.

And finally the suspense broke in the next morning.

When that inhabited and clam area was full of noise which was coming from the mixer truck.

This was the day the first floor of the shopping mall was going to be built. The nearby residents came
on their roofs to watch the construction scene. Everyone wanted a closer look. The mother also
came with her kids. It took two hours to setup everything needed for construction and after that the
mixer started mixing the cement.

As soon as the mixer started the mother with her children made a run to her hut. She uncovered the
land by removing the hut and by surprise she made a floor with those stolen bricks. Wow! Nothing
else could be done with those 20 bricks.

But wait! What next was even more surprising, she had given plates to every kid and they made a
run to the mixer. The mixer used to have a disadvantage that some of the cement come out of it
during the process of mixing. This cement was the prey for the kids they took that cement on the
plate and came back to the waiting mother and poured that cement on the floor of bricks where
mother started moving a large kitchen spoon on the cement to level it. Then kids again made a
run for the next shift of cement. Everything was seemed to be pre planned and was working quite
correctly and timely. Time by time the floor was covered with cement. Then in evening when it
started raining, she uncovered her newly cemented floor for the rain as the water provides stability
to the cemented floor. The mother with her children danced in the rain of joy and success.

While every resident in the nearby apartment were looking at her quite surprisingly and in mind
everyone was congratulating this ‘ UNCERTIFIED CIVIL ENGINEER ’.

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