Krishna - The Source of All Talents

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Due to the current market scenario, a large number of people are laid off. Youth remains in the paradoxical situation that it has all the essential skill set and
educational credentials yet they are kicked out of jobs." It almost looked like a post office, the way they (Company`s heads) were stamping the lay-off letters in the
conference room ", remarked a terminated employee of one media conglomerate.(not disclosing the name). In these prolonged tough times of ‘Hire & Fire’, recruiters across
industries look for talented people. ‘Talent Hunt’ is the buzzword in the market. .Is there someone who is source of all Talents? How can I be benefited by His association? This issue features, Krsna-Source of all talents, a must read well-conceptualized article.

Krishna - The Source of All Talents

In recent times, there has been an unprecedented rise of talent hunts across the globe in different formats, be it reality TV shows internet( Facebook and other social media platforms.), newspapers, college fests etc. which provide  youths to exhibit their potentials in varied fields viz. dance, drama, singing, music, acting etc. . Can a dancing star be a skilful actor who has mellifluous voice along with being connoisseur of food?  Rare! (India’s dancing star + Indian Idol + Master Chef + Roadies= Impossible indeed). Let’s see such a person who is not only the fountainhead of all the talents (janmady asya yatah) but possesses each of these potentials to the fullest and best capacity. Excited? Read on

He is the proprietor of everything (aham sarvasya prabhavo), steals the butter from the houses of cowherd men, not alone but by making a gang  like a thief (Makahanchor) and takes all the measures of not to be caught. From whom the fear personified is fearful (yad bebheti swayam bhayam), is fearful of the stick of His mother (Yashoda). Who knows better acting than Him whose acts are megahits not for one year, two year but for the time immemorial.

Dance is another attractive feature of most of the talent shows, if they look upon the dance of His with gopis (in millions) with perfect music (Siddhas, Charanas playing the music), stage (bank of Yamuna with beautiful grooves all around), light( full moonlight),audience(denizens of higher planets) etc, they will forget all other dances. Have any dancer danced on such a stage which is hundreds in numbers and it is moving wildly, He did it while dancing on the hoods of serpent Kaliya.  

Action movies catches the hearts of young people, see His stunts, where He is falling from the mountain of 88 miles (132 KM, more than 12 times of Mount Everest) with no soft beds on the ground. Adventure of going to no man’s land and returning back safely (Going to Shewta Dvip with Arjuna Often weight lifters lift weights of few quintals while making a face of attending the nature’s call, He lifted a mountain with a smiling face for seven days and seven nights without break (Girivardhari- The lifter of Goverdhan).

Instrument players are able to attract the attention of few section of people but imagine the sweet sound of the flute which captures the heart of almost everyone and not allowing anyone to do anything else, this is what happens when He plays the flute.

Treasure hunt which is very common in college fests if one happens to be lucky to found the treasure that’s no worth.  He found the treasure (Syamantak Jewel) with great ease. When He walked through the streets of Vrindavan, Mathura, Dwarka or any other city everyone (especially ladies) would come up to see Him, the original ramp show.

Wrestling is getting the catch of teenagers, He with His brother wrestled five Undertakers ( Mushtik, Chanur, Shal, Toshal and Koot in the arena of Kamsa) and helped them to get rid of their sumo bodies.—did`nt understand the sumo bodies statement.  

Thus, we see all the talents are originally displayed and emanates from the primeval person (govindam adi purusam) well known as KRISHNA. The talents which we see around us is actually the reflection of the original ones only by the sanction of the Lord (balam balvatam chaham).Unfortunately, these talents are disengaged in the mundane affairs thereby defeating its actual purpose of glorifying Krishna. On the other hand, if they are engaged in the service of Krishna then it is actually glorified and purifies the possessor as well as people around.

Submitted: September 10, 2013

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