Falling Hard

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Another great poem from my girlfriend

Falliing Hard

I've become worse than an infatuated adolescent,
staining every surface of my brain with our names
furiously scribbled and
meticulously arranged
as if to solidify the idea in my mind
though it's been etched into the folds of
my cerebral cortex
more times than I can fathom.
It's tickled my hypothalamus and
triggered the release of
o x y t o c i n
d o p a m i n e
and the intense feeling of
f e a r.
Fear of failure.
Fear that one day you will find someone more worth your time.
Fear that I will never be good enough for someon like you,
or even just enough.
Because I never have been - there's always been
someone who expected more of me
but when you only have so much to give,
it becomes increasingly difficult to
find it in yourself to keep going,
lest they take it all and leave you in the dust.
So maybe I hit a goldmine and
I should consider myself lucky that
you've been granted the patience to deal with me.
So I'll stop worrying so much
and will continue to string our names together,
intertwining them just like the
tapestries of our lives, hung up in the stars somewhere
that have been writing our story from the 
very beginning.



Submitted: December 04, 2014

© Copyright 2021 sukihanauchi. All rights reserved.

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