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The moral of the story is to experience god through people in real life. When we are in trouble or pain, someone walks into our life and take us out of the trouble. You see god through such people. This is the gist of the short story “Mrignayani”.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011






Author: Sulakshana Viswanathan


It is early morning 5:00 a.m. With the sun rising and glowing in the sky, the sun is surprised to see another glow coming from Earth. The glow is from a village in the southern side of India. And there is the glow…

The glow is from a beautiful girl who greets the sunshine and prays to sun god. She is clad in an orange beautiful ghagra choli with eyes twinkling like the stars in the sky. The sun god blesses her and is back to his work of providing light and heat to the world.

“Mrignayani.. where are you? Did you have your kapi”[1] a loud voice from a grand old lady. She shouts for a few times.

And then Mrignayani walks in with her orange ghagra[2] sweeping through the corridor. With her sweet melodious voice, she whispers “Yes mom did you call me? I was praying to Sun god.”

“Yes I was looking for you. Did you take milk or kapi? – replied her mother Meenakshi..

“No mom, I have finished my bath. It is time for me to pray to my lord now. I shall then come back and take kapi” – whispers Mrignayani

Mrignayani clad in her orange ghagra had eyes as beautiful as the deer. Hence she was named as Mrignayani. Her long hair would reach her knees and they looked like black silk cloth wrapped around her head.

She finishes talking to her mother and then runs off into the lush green valley of the Shankarpur village.  As she runs into the forest with her ghagra flowing around, her melodious voice singing a beautiful song, the birds in the forest start singing and fly around. The deer’s wake up and the peacock dance to her tunes. The whole forest is filled with bliss as Mrignayani sways herself and she walks in with her beautiful face.

With beautiful fresh flowers in her golden colored basket, she reaches a small cave in the middle of the forest. And there she stands mesmerized staring at the Shiva Lingam in the cave. She sits near the Lingam and offers her prayers for the lord. In silence she prays to the lord, offers her flowers for the lord and then meditates for a while. As she prays, the forest birds, deer and peacocks also become silent and pray for the lord.

The only sound heard is the gushing waters of the beautiful stream that flows near the cave. After offering her prayers she walks back into the village from the forest.

As she goes into the village, she finds Vignesh mother Lalitha chachi hitting him very badly with a stick.

She runs and stops chachi from hitting her son. Chachi is screaming: “This boy Vignesh never listens to me. I asked him to get me a cup of coffee which he has not prepared yet”

Vignesh is weeping as he speaks to Mrignayani, he tells her” My stepmother beats me so much; I don’t know what to do”. Mrignayani asks him not to worry and tells him “go pray to lord shiva in the caves , he will surely help you”.

Vignesh then after giving kapi to his step mother goes into the forest to the cave.

He enjoys the beautiful lush green forest and he plays around with the deers in the forest. He then sees the cave and the small lingam. Mrignayani is near the lingam offering prayers to the lord. She calls Vignesh and asks him to offer flowers on the lingam. As Vignesh offers the prayers, he starts crying to lord shiva. In his prayers he cries he wants freedom from the stepmother as she tortures him everyday.

After offering his prayers, Mrignayani gives him Prasad and then both of them go back to the village.  As Mrignayani goes back into her house, she whispers to Vignesh “don’t worry, shiva will take care of you”.

Hearing this, Vignesh sounds very happy. He goes back into his house. After a while, his chachi starts shouting again. “Vignesh, why are the dishes not washed yet” Where are you”. Vignesh is very hungry and tells her “chachi am hungry, let me eat and then I will wash the dishes”

Chachi shouts “ No food till you finish your work”. Vignesh cries and goes to the backyard. He thinks “Mrignayani told me Lord Shiva will help me.” But where is he?

He starts wiping the dishes and his stomach is grumbling with hunger. He hears chachi screaming inside the house and someone knocks at the door. Chachi opens the door and there is a Sadhu’ji standing there. Chachi looks at him and asks what do you want? Sadhu ji says, Iam here to see you because I need to bless you with lot of money. Chachi is astonished , she says what do you mean.

Sadhu says the lord came and told me that you are a very fortunate woman and you will be very rich if you listen to me.

Chachi says how do I believe you? Then the sadhu says go into your kitchen and open the red box , you will find money there. Chachi is very happy. She runs into the kitchen and sees the money in the red box. Excited , then she comes back to Sadhuji and says tell me what should I do for you.

Sadhuji says First give me food. He says let me go wash my hands. He goes to the backyard and sees Vignesh crying and washing the vessels. He asks him “Why are you crying”. Vignesh says Iam hungry and chachi wants me to wash these dishes. Sadhuji says come with me. He takes Vignesh to the hall.

Then chachi comes from kitchen with a plate. Sadhuji says give him also a plate. Chachi says Why? Sadhu says children are equal to god. Give him a plate.

As chachi gives 2 plates, both Vignesh and sadhuji eat merrily. Chachi keeps staring at Vignesh. Then both of them go to the backyard to keep the plates.

Chachi tells Vignesh to go to market and get some fruits for sadhu. Vignesh leaves to the market.

As Vignesh leaves to the market, chachi goes back into the main room. She asks sadhu now that you have eaten, tell me what I should do to earn lot of money.

Sadhu gives her a bottle of orange color juice and asks her to drink it.

Chachiji drinks it and after sometime, her head starts spinning. She starts getting fits, falls down and faints.

Vignesh finishes his purchases and comes back home. He sees a huge crowd gathered around his house. He sees that chachi’ji is sitting and crying. As he goes inside, he sees the whole house is a big mess. All things are thrown here and there. The cupboard is broken open, and all her jewels are missing. He runs into the kitchen and finds that even the red box is mixing. Vignesh wonders what happened?.

As the police arrive, chachi’ji tells them what happened? The police blast her for believing a sadhuji and letting him in. They said there is thief in shankarput who dresses up a sadhu’s and robs people houses. Chacha’ji realizes she was fooled. She had lost all her money. She goes to Lord Shiva and apologizes for all her mistakes. She stops shouting at vignesh.

Vignesh is confused. He runs to Mrignayani and tells her what happened? He tells her I was hungry and I ate the best food. And chachi apologized. I don’t believe this. Shiva never came to my house but all his problems are solved. Mrignayaani tells him “vignesh, the sadhuji is lord shiva”. Vignesh replies “he is a thief”.

Mrignayani tells him yes he is a thief. But god came in his form to help you out of trouble. You don’t see god as god with five hands and with all tools riding on a tiger”. She then smiles…god comes in the form of humans. People who help you out of trouble are god. They come only into your life for the point of time, you may never see them again, they are like angels.

Here chachi was a bad person. So god came in the form of a thief to teach her a lesson. You should be happy you received the blessings of the lord.

Vignesh understands and then proceeds to go to the forest to offer his thankful prayers for the lord.

Moral of the story

The moral of the story is to experience god through people in real life. When we are in trouble or pain, someone walks into our life and take us out of the trouble. You see god through such people. This is the gist of the short story “Mrignayani”.



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[1] Coffee

[2] A dress like skirt.


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