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Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Kayla is a local but rich town girl who has too many enemies surrounding and trying to keep her away from people she loves.
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Kayla is a local but rich town girl who has too many enemies surrounding and trying to keep her away from people she loves.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Beach

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Kayla is a local but rich town girl who has too many enemies surrounding and trying to keep her away from people she loves.

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Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 23, 2013



Chapter one

Living in the ghetto near the beach wasn’t as bad as everyone had thought it to be. My name is Kayla Suarez and I am 19 years old. I live with my parents and kid brother. My mother is a nurse at a small clinic in the Province and dad is a miner in the area. I am currently just about to finish school and now am trying to hook up money for college. I have a best friend by the name of Jane. Jane and I usually spend our time at the beach, either swimming or collecting artifacts that float up to the banks or we dive in. My little brother Gabe is in grade 4 at a nearby school, Jane and I have gone to pick him up.

“If I ever have more money than you, I will give half to you so we can be equal somehow,” said Jane.

“Douche bag, I will probably have some by the side, and then I will even become richer than you,” I said.

“Both of you are just lying to yourselves, father said I will be President so obviously I will have more money than both of you,” said Gabriel.

“Right,” I said when we got home. “Gosh, I am so tired and mom only left enough for Gabe.”

“I’ll go get some food from my place okay, be right back,” said Jane and left then Marcus showed up.

“Hey Marcus, how are you?” I asked.

“I’m good, what have you been up to of late, you guys that are not seen that much, what’s the story?” asked Marcus. “I’ve been away, what did I miss? Where is the other douche bag?” asked Marcus.

“Here you go Gabe,” I said. “She went to get some food, I’m starving,” I said.

“Just relax, you eat like a pig, that’s why you are fat,” said Marcus.

“Get lost dumb blonde,” I said. Marcus was my other best friend. We were even closer than me and Jane. Marcus was from a rich family in the City. Marcus had grown up at the beach with me, whenever he knocked off from school, he passed through the beach so I could help him with homework, even though Marcus and I had been best buddies for a long time, mom and dad had never approved of our friendship.

“Here you go,” said Jane she had brought some rice and fish from her house.

“I have enough homework for both of you to work on, this rice looks delicious,” said Marcus. “Since I’m the guy around here, I will get first then Gabe, Kayla and then Jane,” said Marcus.

“Why do I go last?” asked Jane.

“I said guys first,” said Marcus then his phone rang, it was his grandma. “Hello.”

“Where are you Marcus, we have to go to Portland this evening you know that,” said Ivy.

“Grandma I am a bit busy right now, I am trying to do my home work at school,” said Marcus.

“Are you serious?” asked Ivy. “I’ve been waiting for you here for past an hour now, anyway, just make sure you home early okay.”

“Yes grandma,” said Marcus and hang up.

“Curfew huh,” said Jane.

“Yeah, I have to go, I will leave my book here Kayla, do a good job,” said Marcus and left. Jane left when mom and dad got home. Dad was always drunk and mom was sick.

“Was Marcus here?” asked Morrisa.

“No he wasn’t,” I said.

Then mom slapped me. “How many times have I told you not to bring that boy to my house, next time you will go back with him, you idiot,” said Morrisa. I knew that whenever mom was mad at me, she had argued with dad, and tonight was just that night.


Jane lived with her mom and dad too. Her dad and my dad worked together, and our mothers sold fish together at the port. Jane had an elder sister and brother who lived in the City; we would pass through sometimes on our way back from school. Jane and I were in the same class at school, we even used to sit on the same desk.


Ivy was running for Governor of the town against some rich tycoon named Anthony Puerto. He was the richest man in the City and was also the current governor. He is married to a doctor Margaret Puerto and they have a daughter, her name is Miley. She is 18 years old is currently at states finalizing her high school. Before John was married to Margaret he had a son with his former wife, her name is Cameron.

The son is also currently at states finalizing his high school.


The following day Jane and I took the book for Marcus at school. We were seated at the school cafeteria around 13 hours lunch time. Marcus came out and found us at the gate.

“Hey douche bags,” said Marcus.

“Hey moron, we brought your books,” said Jane.

“Thanks, what are you guys doing this afternoon,” said Marcus.

“Nothing really, we already delivered the fish,” I said.

“There is going to be a competition this afternoon, it’s a quiz like, the winner walks away with a laptop, why don’t you stay and watch with me,” said Marcus.

“And what are we going to benefit?” asked Jane.

“No problem, I love quizzes,” I said.

“Let me buy you lunch even, come here,” said Marcus and we went to sit down and eat.


“So you are participating in the quiz?” asked Miley.

“Yep, I have to, the class chose me, I have no choice,” said Taylor.

“Good luck, I will be watching from the crowds, I know you are trying to impress my brother, you are my best friend, so you better win, I didn’t buy that paper just to put it to waste, it better work out there, continue reading,” said Miley.

“You are the best Miley,” said Taylor and Miley left.


Ivy is in the office and then she receives a call from her secretary.

“Hello, let her in,” said Ivy. A beautiful tall slim lady walks in.

“Good afternoon mom,” said Claire.

“Good afternoon Claire, when did you get back?” asked Ivy.

“This afternoon, Eish I am so tired, I wanted to see you first thing, how is my baby boy, can’t wait to see him,” said Claire.

“His fine, grown boy now,” said Ivy. “Have you eaten?”

“I just got here ma, no not yet, whoa, is that a real portrait?” asked Claire.

“Yes, Marcus bought it for me, masterpiece isn’t it,” said Ivy.

“I love it, nothing like what I have seen,” said Claire and she stood up to look at it. “These initials, K.K, what do they mean?”

“I have no idea, let me just finish up this paper work, we can have lunch and pick up your son then,” said Claire.

“Sure thing, let me just admire the building,” said Claire.



The quiz began later in the afternoon; each panel had 1 person standing. There was Taylor in 1 and Chris in the other. I was from getting some water when the whole thing had begun. I was rushing to go and watch when I ran into someone and the water spelt from the bottle.

“Oh my God I am so sorry,” said Rico.

“Oh, it’s okay, I will just go get some again,” I said.

“No, let me,” said Rico.

“Oh no it’s okay, I am ok, thank you,” I said and walked away. I found they had already started. After 20mins, Taylor had performed more than the one from Marcus’s class. The tally was 600-50points.  They have been given a lunch break now and they are seated.

“Guys I really don’t think I can continue, look at those marks, I am just embarrassing you guys,” said Chris.

“Don’t give up easily,” advised Miss Bill.

“I am sorry madam I can’t,” said Chris and walked out. Chris and Miss Bill just all looked puzzled.

“What will we do?” asked Miss Bill.

“Chris is our most intelligent, I think Taylor is cheating,” said Marcus.

“It doesn’t matter now, probably Miley is behind this, but since her mother is the owner of the school, there is nothing I can do,” said Miss Bill.

“I can help, I do Math too,” I said.

“Don’t be silly Kayla,” said Marcus.

“I am serious, just give me an ID,” I said.

“Are you serious?” asked Marcus.

“Who are you?” asked Miss Bill.

“My name is Kayla Martin, I am at Hillcrest High School,” I said.

“Okay, just at least go get high marks at least close to Taylor,” said Miss Bill.

“Yes madam,” I said and the bell was ringed.

“Are you sure you will do this?” asked Marcus.

“I’m doing it for you,” I said and Miss Bill escorted me to the Podium.

“Ah there has been a change in the participant, we have a new one, her name is Helena,” said Miss Bill and the quiz started.


When mom was at the port with Jane’s mom they would chat a lot about lots of things. My mom wasn’t the best of mothers, she was always smoking and came home drank, Jane’s mother on the other hand, tried to be different from Morrisa.

“Do you think you will ever live to see Kayla get married?” asked Elizabeth.

“Unless its Marcus, I will just kill myself, I have no love for that small boy,” said Morrisa.

“But why? You barely talked to him you know,” said Elizabeth.

“He is a rich boy, I hate all rich people,” said Morrisa.

“No one is like…...” started Elizabeth then Morrisa shut her up.

“Let’s drop the story, here comes Jonas,” said Morrisa. Jonas is Morrisa’s father.


I managed to win the quiz by 10 more than Taylor.

“OMG… did it,” said Marcus as he hugged me.

“I told you I could,” I said.

“You really did, here is your laptop,” said Miss Bill.

“Thank you so much, but I think I owe it to Chris,” I said.

“Are you crazy, you deserve it more than I do, keep it,” said Chris.

“Thank you,” I said then Marcus’s phone rang.

“Hello,” said Marcus.

“Hey Marcus,” said Claire.

“Mom is this really you?” asked Marcus.

“Yeah it’s me, where are you?” asked Claire.

“I’m at school, where are you?” asked Marcus.

“I’m with your grandma by her workplace, I’ll pick you up later ok,” said Claire.

“Yes mom, sure,” said Marcus and hang up.

“Oh my God Kayla it’s getting late, we have to go,” said Jane.

“Okay, I have to go Miss Bill, see you Monday,” said Marcus.

“Sure, Kayla, I would love to have a word with you one of these days, I will let Marcus let you know when,” said Miss Bill.

“Sure madam,” I said and Marcus dropped us off at home and left.


Miley and Rico used the same car when going home. They lived with their father and Miley’s mother.

“Such a pity your plan didn’t work,” said Rico.

“Cut it out Rico, right now I am tired and upset,” said Miley.

“Next time, get someone with real brains, Taylor is a pea brain,” said Rico then Margaret came down stairs.

“What’s the problem now?” asked Margaret.

“Tell your son to stop acting gay and get a girlfriend, he is all over my case, psssssh,” said Miley.

“Look who’s talking about getting dating, you can’t keep a boyfriend for more than two months, chasing after a guy for 3 years now, get a life,” said Rico.

“What, mom will you let him just insult me like that?” asked Miley.

“He does have a point though, both of you just have to act cool with each other and you won’t follow to the coronation of your aunt Gwen next week Thursday,” said Margaret.

“Really, I so want to go,” said Miley.

“I’ll pass,” said Rico.

“Why, you don’t have a date?” asked Miley.

“No, I have something better to do, I am tired and hungry mom is there food? Asked Rico.

“Sure, this way,” said Margaret.


Marcus was picked up by the driver and drove to where his mother and grandma were. When he entered, he went straight and hugged his mother.

“How are you?” asked Claire.

“I am fine mom, I missed you so much,” said Marcus. They ordered Champaign and food. They talked about past times and everything they missed out of each other’s lives.

“Your grandma has told me about how well you are performing in school,” said Claire.

“Well, I will tell you about that some other time. Now is not a good time,” said Marcus.

“Well well, is there someone special helping you?” asked Claire.

“No mom, well, not so special, just a friend,” said Marcus and they continued having their supper.

“I think I have to leave you two now,” said Ivy and left.


I was in my room with Gab playing on the laptop then mother knocked at the door. I quickly hid the laptop under the bed and I opened the door.

“I want to have a word with you,” said Morrisa.

“Oh, okay,” I said. I went to the kitchen and sat down.

“I am sorry about the other day, your father and I have been arguing a lot, and I always take it out on you know, forgive me okay,” said Morrisa.

“Ah, yes mother, I understand,” I said.

“Good, tomorrow I want you to be at the restaurant, you will be delivering some muffins okay,” said Morrisa.

“Sure, good night,” I said and went to sleep.


























The following morning I went to the restaurant and collected the muffins and headed to town to drop them off.  I reached the company and walked up to the secretary.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Hello, how may I help you young lady?” asked the secretary.

“I have brought some muffins for Mr. Richard,” I said.

“His on the fourth floor,” said the secretary.

“Where is that?” I asked.

“On the fourth floor,” said the secretary.

“Okay,” I said and walked towards the elevator. I got in and the door almost closed then someone put their hand their and it opened again and a guy walked in.

He pressed two and the elevator started moving and I lost balance and twitched a bit.

“First time?” asked Rico.

“Well yeah,” I said.

“What’s in the basket?” asked Rico.

“Muffins,” I said.

“I love Muffins, can I taste them?” asked Rico.

“Sure,” I said and gave him one. He took a bite.

“Whoa, can I have another 1?” asked Rico.

“Oh no, I am delivering these for someone, you can come get some from the restaurant,” I said.

“When?” asked Rico.

“Whenever you are free,” I said.

“Okay,” said Rico and he pressed on four before he walked out, good luck getting there,” said Rico and left. I got to the fourth floor and delivered the muffins and left.


When Marcus reached downstairs, he found breakfast already served. He sat down and started eating.

“Hey there,” said Miley.

“Oh, hay,” said Marcus.  “Did you prepare this breakfast?”

“Oh no, I have just walked in, it’s a Saturday, what club are we hitting today?” asked Miley.

“I don’t know, what do you want to do, it will have to be in the evening though, I have a date,” said Marcus.

“With who?” asked Miley?

“My mom of course,” said Marcus.

“Claire is in town? Unbelievable,” said Miley. “She is in here?”

“Yeah, up stairs though, I think she is still sleeping,” said Marcus.

“I can’t wait to see her, she has always been my inspiration when it comes to modeling, I love your mother,” said Miley.

“Okay, relax, have you eaten?” asked Marcus.

“I’m on a diet, haven’t you heard, there is a Miss Hawaii coming up, I am contesting,” said Miley.

“Ohhkay, I see,” said Marcus.

Claire came downstairs looking graceful and very beautiful, she was wearing a short skirt and tights, a pink top and white boots.

“Morning mom,” said Marcus.

“Good morning baby, oh, who is your pretty friend?” asked Claire.

“My name is Miley, I am a big fan of yours,” said Miley.

“Oh, I see,” said Claire. “Son, do you like my cooking?”

“Yeah, I love it, haven’t had so much for breakfast since Kayla cooked for me,” said Marcus.

“I see, so, who is this Kayla,” asked Claire.

“A friend,” said Marcus. “Okay, I think we have to leave now, come on ma.” And they left; Miley also went in her car.


“Sit down son,” said Anthony.

“Yes dad,” said Rico.

“I wanted to talk to you about running the club, your sister has booked it for some party tonight, you must be there you know, I don’t trust Miley with my property,” said Anthony.

“But dad, I have other plans for tonight, and partying isn’t one of them,” said Rico. “Dad, ok, I will, Miley is such a bother, are those your muffins?”

“Well, yeah, would you like some?” asked Anthony.

“Sure, I’m hungry dad, where do you get them by the way?” asked Rico.

“I have a girl deliver them for your uncle, you like them?” asked Anthony.

“Yeah, they are very delicious, who makes them?” asked Rico.

“He gets them from JaGab Restaurant, some miles from here in the province,” said Anthony.

“I see, I have to go prepare for Miley’s party, later dad,” said Rico and left.


Later in the evening, I was cleaning the tables in the restaurant and I got to table 3 where a guy was seated.

“Hey,” said Rico.

“Hay, how did you find the restaurant?” I asked.

“I followed you,” said Rico.

“Just for a muffin, I was just joking,” I said.

“Well, the muffin yeah and I was doing some work here too, wait a minute, you are the girl from the quiz right?” asked Rico.

“What quiz?” I asked.

“Bayport, it’s really you, you spelt the water on me, I remember now, this is where you work,” asked Rico.

“Yeah, it’s my mother’s restaurant,” I said.

“You are bleeding,” said Rico.

“What,” I said. I quickly went to the kitchen to check, and Rico was behind me.

“Are you okay, here,” said Rico as he handed me a handkerchief.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Sit down for a while, you know, nose bleeds are serious, should I call a doctor or something?” asked Rico.

“No. no. I will be fine,” I said.

“Sit down for at least five minutes okay, let me get you some water,” said Rico, “don’t ask me how I know so much about this, but no one in my family is a doctor.”

“Oh………, thank you,” I said and he placed a towel on my forehead.

“You will be okay,” said Rico then his phone rang. “Hello………….. I know………….. I am a bit busy now……………can’t you just…………….I’ll run a little late,” said Rico and hang up.

“Someone needs you?” I asked.

“Just my sister,” said Rico.

“You have to go, I will be okay. I usually get headaches like this, nothing new,” I said.

“Okay, get well soon,” said Rico and he left.


Monday morning was always boring at school, same old usual stuff. I was in class writing a test then I felt something coming out of my nose.

“Hey Kayla, you are bleeding,” said Jane and I quickly rushed out of class. Another Nose bleed? What could be wrong with me? I quickly washed my face and more blood came out, I kept on washing but it wasn’t stopping.  I quickly left school and went back home, I went to sit in the mango tree alone.

“Hey there Monkey,” said Marcus.

“Hay,” I said.

“You left school early are you ok?” asked Marcus.

“I am fine, just a slight headache, you haven’t been to school?” I asked.

“I have, I just knocked off early, mom is around,” said Marcus.

“Oh, no wonder I never heard from you over the weekend, how is she?” I asked.

“She is fine, how are your parents?” asked Marcus.

“I haven’t seen dad for the past 4 days, I think they are alive, I am so stressed out,” I said.

“Awwwww, poor baby, you need to get out more often you know,” said Marcus.

“Yeah, did you get the math correct?” I asked. We were still in the tree and throwing stones in the pond that was near my house. Every house in the Province had a pond and ours had 3 fish.

“I got everything correct like that, there is a ball next week in Kent, would you like to come?” asked Marcus.

“No, I have a lot of things to do, I have to be at the restaurant and take care of my brother,” I said.

“I guess I just have to go with Miley then, it’s wild,” said Marcus.

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