Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

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A boy asks a girl out and she finds love.

Submitted: December 22, 2008

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Submitted: December 22, 2008



Summer exited out of the school. She had said goodbye to Andrew, her best friend. She was walking home with her other friend Alex.

“Do you think I like Andrew?” She asked.

“Yes. It's so obvious. You guess would make such a cute couple! Go for it.”

“It's not that easy. I don't know if he likes me. He's my best friend. And--”

“No. He likes you. It's obvious too. And so what? If he's your best friend, then you're already close. It's not as awkward.”

“But there's more to risk.” Alex stuck her tongue out at her friend.

“He likes you just tell him.”

After she got home, she did her homework and turned on her laptop. She logged onto

Andrew: Call me?
Summer: Surez.

She hit the number three, his speed dial. “Hey,” he said. “I wanted to play a song for you. It's kind of how I feel.”


He turned on a song and placed it near the phone.


So 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me
because  you look so  fine
and i really wanna make you mine.

I  say you look so fine
that I really wanna make you mine.

Oh,  4,5,6 c'mon and get your kicks
now you don't need that money
when you look like that, do ya  honey.

Big black boots,
long brown hair,
she's so sweet
with  her get back  stare.

Well I could see,
you home with me,
but you  were with another man, yea!
I know we,
ain't got much to  say,
before  I let you get away, yea!
I said, are you gonna  be my girl?[/i]

“So you like a girl.”


“Who?” She asked truly curious as she gripped her laptop tightly with adrenaline.

“Please. Don't make me say it.”


“...Y-yes,” he said sheepishly. “I know you probably could never like me.... But...” Again with the insecurities. He always said he was fat. Ugly. It didn't help that his brother was gorgeous and a twig. But Summer thought he looked like his brother and that she was the same weight as him.

“But I kind of like you too.”

“Kind of...” he said solemnly as if that completed his case.

“It's just...” she started. “You're my best friend. I don't know.”

“Right,” he said sadly, distantly.

“B-but I do... you know...”


Summer nodded but realized he couldn't see. “Yes,” she whispered softly.

“Then will you be my girlfriend?”

She blushed and laughed nervously. “Sure.”

He sighed. “Is it just me or did it just get awkward?”


Summer signed onto

Andrew: What would you do if I said that I loved you.
Summer: Not sure.
Andrew: Knew it was too early.
Summer: We've known each other for a while.
Andrew: I love LOVE you.
Summer: Well, I love LOVE you too.
Andrew: Isn't that how Sam scared you off?

Sam was Summer's last boyfriend. He had said “I love you” too soon and forced the decision onto her. She didn't want to hurt his feelings. He was really emotional. But she wanted to let him know that she was not in love with him. She just didn't know how. Eventually everything got full of tension. She stepped out. He hated her and Andrew.

Summer: I barely knew anything about him.
Summer: You're my best friend.
Summer: Plus nothing felt right with him.
Andrew: Does it feel right with me?
Andrew: Please yes!
Summer: Ha ha.
Summer: Yes.
Andrew: Yay!!!
Andrew: So you love me?
Summer: I love you.


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