Romantic One year Anniversay

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PG rated romance. A couple enjoy their one year anniversary togther with a weekend at the coast.

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



One Year Anniversary

Dianne and Joe got married two weeks after she graduated with her bachelor’s degree. They had been dating for about a year. Joe worked in construction as his father had. He knew a lot about the construction business and was comfortable handling or supervising most of the jobs related to the business. Dianne had landed her first job in the health care industry as a medical receptionist three months ago.

They were celebrating their one year anniversary by going to the coast for dinner and a whale watching cruise. Joe booked a room at the SeaCrest, a romantic bed and breakfast on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They arrived on Friday afternoon and checked in. They would be going to the pier on Saturday morning to take the cruise.

“This is very quaint,” Joe said as he carried the suitcase into the room.

“I love it, look at all the antiques. This place is so charming and romantic.” Dianne exclaimed as she looked around the room.

Joe lied on the queen sized brass bed. “The bed is comfortable and has good springs.” Joe said bouncing his ass and groin off the bed like Dianne would do when they made love.

Dianne straddled her husband and bounced with him, grinding her loins into his. “Maybe I will take the top tonight for a change.” She said pinning his shoulders with her hands.

“We can do it now; and again later sweetheart.” Joe said with a sly grin.

Dianne reached down and rubbed Joe’s package. “You horny little devil, you have a semi already.”

Joe pulled her head down and pressed his mouth on hers with a long moist kiss. When their lips parted Joe said, “Just a little something to think about.”

Dianne climbed off the bed and pulled Joe’s zipper down with amazing speed and grace. She unfolded his semi-hard member and freed it from his jockey shorts. Holding it firmly with her hand she kissed his little helmet head and rubbed her lips on it.

“Just a little something for you to think about.” She said smiling, as she abandoned his throbbing erection.

Joe reached his arms out beckoning Dianne to hug him as he laid there. He has the sweetest look on his face.

Dianne slipped her shoes off and removed her jeans and underwear together.

Joe had the biggest grin on his face, motivating Dianne all the more.

Dianne straddled Joe again and lowered herself onto him.

Joe closed his eyes and sighed.

Dianne rode him sitting up the whole time. She watched him peek from time to time and then close his eyes again. She knew she would not reach her own orgasm as she was not in the mood. She knew Joe would very soon by the look on his face, and vigor he put into thrusting with her. Joe’s face became very contorted and he started to moan. Dianne kept the same rhythm so she would not distract him. Joe’s eyes rolled back into his head showing mostly white and his whole body shook as he released himself. Only then, after the release did Dianne lay her full weight on him and lock lips. Joe greedily kissed her with a vengeance driven by his passion.

Dianne broke the kiss and said, “That should hold you till tonight my love.”

They showered and changed for dinner. They ate at an elegant steak house near the pier. The view of the ocean from the large window next to their table was magnificent. They indulged themselves with wine and desert to compliment the steak and lobster. They spent almost two hours at dinner engaged in romantic memories they shared the past year.

It was dark when they returned to their room. They were both so full from the large meal that thoughts of sex were not on their minds and they watched television until they could stay awake no more. Joe set the alarm for 7am so they could get ready for the whale watching cruise and turned off the lights. It was almost midnight when they fell asleep.

Dianne had a dream that she met a handsome stranger on the beach while beachcombing. They were drawn to each other with wild lust. He carried her to a blanket on the hot sand to protect her feet. He laid her down and slowly undressed her, kissing every part he uncovered. She somehow knew it was a dream and was enjoying herself so much she didn’t want it to end. Then, the dream ended suddenly and she woke. She was still very much aroused and was breathing in short gasps. Joe was sound asleep next to her. She tried to go back to sleep. She wanted to remember the dream in hopes she could continue it. The more she remembered the dream the hornier she got.

Dianne rolled over hitting Joe hard with her shoulder on purpose.

“What’s the matter honey?” Joe mumbled groggily.

“Are you awake?” She asked grinning to herself in the dark room.

“Yeah, I think so. What’s happening?”

“I was thinking about this afternoon and how I didn’t get my turn. If you’re too tired we don’t have to do it.” Dianne said in a soft whisper.

“Umm,” Joe said deciding if he could wake up and do what she wanted.

“I am very horny and can’t seem to get back to sleep,” Dianne added.

Joe got a jolt from her words and felt it go right to his penis and vibrate there.

Joe rolled over facing his wife and she embraced him while grinding her body against him. Dianne kissed Joe softly all around his face. Joe felt his manhood immediately harden. Joe and Dianne had slow sensual sex, filled with romance and love. They finally fell asleep in each other’s arms; fully sated, only to be awakened by the alarm 30 minutes later.

“That was incredible last night honey.” Joe said shutting off the alarm.

“Oh yes! That was the kind of sex that dreams are made of, my love.” Dianne said with a heavy sigh and broad grin.

They ate breakfast right there at the inn and went on the cruise. They saw six humpbacked whales in all that day. One pair of whales breached together next to the boat thrilling all the spectators.

On the way home in the car Joe and Dianne both had to agree. That weekend was an anniversary they would never forget.

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