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This is "G" Rated. Two sisters discuss a guys sexual advances.

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012



My sister Kathy and I have always been close. We were born in the same year, Kathy in January and me in December. My mom and dad divorced when I was fifteen. My oldest brother John is away in the army and Tommy just moved out of state for college. Kathy and I look a lot alike although we are not twins. We both have blonde hair. Kathy has blue eyes while mine are hazel. Kathy is a little taller than me at 5 foot seven. We are both slim and cute. I have bigger boobs than Kathy and have had boyfriends since I was thirteen. Kathy is more the academic type and has dated a few times, but never really had a boyfriend, by her own choosing. She was just not all that interested in boys.

School started a few weeks ago. I am a senior this year and Kathy is a junior. Mom is working long hours and has recently started seeing a man from work. I have been going steady with Brad since Valentine’s Day, a little over six months now. After school Kathy got on the school bus and sat next to me.

“Linda, a guy in my class named Peter asked me for my phone number today. He is a doll, tall with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He is handsome and smart. I gave him my number, he wants to call me and just chat and get to know me better.”

“That’s great Kathy! It will be good for you to have more of a social life with boys. I hope you and him work out together. I wish you the best of luck.”

That evening Peter and Kathy were on the phone for three hours. When she got off, Kathy came into my room.

“Peter is so interesting and easy to talk to. I feel like I have known him for months and we just saw each other for the first time three weeks ago when school started. I have him in four of my classes. He is going to call me again tomorrow night.”

I gave Kathy a big hug.

“I am happy for you! It sounds like you two are hitting it off well together.”

“We are!” Kathy said with a big smile.

For the next four days Kathy spent most of her evenings talking with Peter. He was coming to pick her up on Saturday and they were going to the show and dinner. I made sure I was home so I could meet him. I heard the doorbell and Kathy yelled, “I got it!”

I could hear them talking downstairs and I waited a few minutes before walking down.

“Peter, I want you to meet my sister Linda.”

Peter reached out his hand to shake mine.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Peter.” I said taking his hand.

He was both handsome and built.

“Nice to meet you Linda, you have quite a sister here.” He said looking at Kathy with a big grin on his face.

“I know!” I said looking at Kathy too.

They got in his car and drove off.

About 11pm I heard Kathy come in the door, I looked out the window and saw Peter’s car leave the curb and head down the street.

I met Kathy at the top of the stairs.

“Did you have a good time?”

“Oh yeah, I had a great time. He is so nice. I am going to take a shower and get my jammies on sis, see you later.” Kathy said and headed for her bedroom.

There was something about the way she said it and the way she looked that made me think she was hiding something from me. I went back to my room and finished my homework. When I finished I went out into the hall. I looked under Kathy’s door and saw her light was still on. I knocked and entered, Kathy was sitting on her bed. I plopped down next to her.

“You want to talk about something, I am a good listener and I can keep a secret too.” I said twisting my head so we were looking into each other’s eyes.

I saw her eyes tear up with emotion. I knew better than to push her, I just waited for her to find the words.

“When we were in the show, Peter slipped his hand under my blouse and was rubbing my back. It made me a little uncomfortable but it also felt good. Then he tried to unhook my bra. I made him stop. He told me all the kids fool around like that in the show. He held my hand while he said it. Then he put my hand in his lap. I could feel his bulge and I pulled my hand away.

He told me he really liked me and that I was old enough to learn the ropes. He told me that it was alright if I didn’t want to have sex with him, but that I should at least suck him off once in a while if we were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He could see I was upset and he agreed not to discuss it until the next time we dated. I don’t know what to do Linda. Everyone my age is probably doing these things.

Kathy started sobbing and I hugged her and let her cry for a while. When she started to gain control of herself I broke the hug so I could see he eyes.

“It is true, at sixteen a lot of guys and girls are sexually active already. But, that does not mean you have to have any pressure to be too. The guy that is worth having for a boyfriend is the boy that will put your feelings first. I don’t blame a guy for trying to see how far he can get, they all do. But when you make your feelings known, they need to respect that. If you really like Peter, give him another chance, but tell him straight out what your terms are. If he does not want to do it your way, dump him. You have to be firm. Guys are ruled by their dicks, tell him your rules and don’t fudge on them.”

“I don’t even know what my rules are or exactly what they expect. I just know I felt nervous and uncomfortable when he made me touch him. I have only kissed before. No guy has ever felt my privates. I took biology, I know what the facts are but I don’t know how to handle this. Have you ever gone all the way before?” Kathy asked me point blank.

I realized that as close as we were, we never discussed sex before or my experiences.

“Yes, I have gone all the way.”

“What did Peter mean by suck him off? Use his dick like a straw until his sperm comes out?”

My sister and I talked until 4am. I was amazed at how naïve Kathy was. I should have realized though. I figured if she didn’t ask me anything, it was because she knew already. I knew she never had sex with a boy, but I did not realize just how much she didn’t know about boys.

The next morning Kathy seemed fine and confident. She had a long talk with Peter on the phone that afternoon. I heard just enough of it to realize that Kathy was going to have things her way or not at all. When she finally got off the phone Kathy gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

“I love you Linda, I am so glad I have you for a sister.”

“Are you and Peter still seeing each other?”

“Yes we are, thanks to you!” Kathy said with a big grin.

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