The Seduction!

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The story of a man's desire to take a woman he just met to bed. This is PG rated. I will be re-writing this story as an adult only version and posting it on silk at a later date.

The idea was presented to me by Zebo85.


Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013




Sue got one weekday off work each week, usually Wednesday and every Sunday. As usual this Wednesday was full of appointments. The dentist at 10 am for a cleaning and checkup would start the day. Her book club met at 1pm and she had a hair appointment at 5pm. In between the dentist and the book club she needed to pick up a first communion card for her nephew and have lunch.

She was sitting at the dentist’s office reading a magazine when a strikingly handsome man walked in and hung his coat. He was over six feet tall and had black hair. He was dressed very nicely in black slacks and a powder blue dress shirt. His shoes were highly polished and his watch looked expensive. He looked at her before sitting down and they exchanged polite smiles.

Sue pretended to read but she found herself peeking at the stranger more than reading. The receptionist called the man to the desk to have him fill out a form in case there were any problems or changes in his address. She had called him Frank. Sue guessed he was a regular there because Frank and the receptionist were making a lot of small talk and laughing.

One of the hygienists came out and brought Sue in the back. When she was finished she drove to the card store at the mall. She picked out her card and was standing in line waiting to pay for it and the man Frank from the dentist’s office walked in and their eyes met.

“Hello there pretty lady from the dentist office, nice to see you again.” Frank nodded as he said it and was smiling warmly.

Sue was still thinking about his words “pretty lady.” She thought he was being a bit forward or flirty, but maybe it was just his personality.

“Nice to see you again Frank, I heard the receptionist call your name.” Sue said without giving the sentence much thought.

Frank stopped in his tracks and looked at Sue.

“You have me at a disadvantage. I don’t know your name.” Frank said taking a good look at Sue. She was about five foot four with short blonde hair and green eyes. She had an hour glass figure with a gorgeous pair of tits that he would love to get his hands on.

“I’m sorry, that was bold of me to use your name. I am Sue.”

“Don’t be sorry, I am very pleased that you noticed and remembered my name. It is very nice to meet you Sue.” Frank said offering his hand to be shaken.

Sue shook his hand but Frank was slow to release it.

“If you’re not busy will you join me for lunch? I hate eating alone. It would be my pleasure to treat you. The Hungry Hunter at the end of the mall has a great menu.” Frank said as he released Sue’s hand finally.

Sue knew that Frank was coming on to her, all the signs added up. Still, he was good looking and polite and interesting to her. She was not in a committed relationship and was free to do as she pleased.

Frank saw the hesitation as a positive.

“Doctor Thomas said my teeth are healthy, if you are worried I might bite.” Frank said with a grin.

Sue had to chuckle over that remark.

“Thank you, I was ready for lunch also, I would be happy to join you.” Sue said stepping up to pay for her card.

“I need a birthday card for a friend. It will only take me a minute.” Frank said as he headed down the aisle and returned shortly with a card and paid for it.

They made small talk and shared information about each other over lunch. Frank was a salesman for large drug company. Sue worked in the loan department at a local bank. His wife left him because he had a social drinking problem which has since been treated and corrected. Sue lost her husband in the gulf war and never remarried. Neither of them had children. Frank was intelligent and polite and easy to talk with but Sue was not interested in starting a relationship at the moment. Frank found Sue cute and sexy and warm and although he had no long term plans he had a strong desire to get her in bed for now and decide about a relationship later.

“What do you have planned for the rest of your day off?” Frank asked casually.

“My book club meets this afternoon and then I have a hair appointment.” Sue answered honestly.

“I am an avid reader, what was your book selection this month? I hope you don’t mind me asking.”

“Not at all, we read Jackdaws by Ken Follett, have you read it?”

“Yes, the book about the women spies disabling the German’s communication center in France just prior to the invasion. I liked it very much. Perhaps I could join your meeting unless it is a closed group of course.” Frank asked politely.

“Actually, we meet at the library on Elm Street and it is open to the public.”

“Well then I shall be there. I have an errand to run first, what time do you meet?”

1Pm, well thanks for lunch and I guess I will see you there Frank.”

“I am looking forward to it. This is turning out to be quite a fun day.” Frank said handing the bill and money to the waitress.

When they exited Sue went left and Frank went right.

Frank was very happy with himself. Luckily he had read that book and would be seeing Sue again. He decided he would invite her to dinner at his house and try to get her in bed tonight if he could. 

Sue was having a good day too, Frank was handsome and charming and showed interest in her. She would not mind dating him sometime but she had not allowed herself to become intimate with another man since her husband died and she was not going to let this get out of hand.

Frank showed up just before 1pm and joined Sue at her table. He was the only man there with about 23 women. The organizer asked him to introduce himself as he was the only new person. Frank stood up and told a little about himself and his favorite authors then sat down. The group was very well organized and the spirited discussions went on for about 90 minutes. After the meeting was over, Frank walked out with Sue.

“I know we just met today and we are really still strangers but it would make my day complete if you would let me cook dinner for you at my place tonight. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed talking with someone so much, I had a great day and don’t want it to end yet.” Frank said looking very sincere.

“I really shouldn’t, I have to get up early for work tomorrow, perhaps another time.” Sue said without much conviction.

“I promise to throw you out by 9pm. I am a good cook, you need not worry. My house is in Meadows Estates not that far from here. Will you join me?”

“Alright, you have got a deal. I could be there by 6:30.”

Frank wrote the address and his phone number down and gave it to Sue.

Sue went home for a while before her hair appointment and Frank went shopping for dinner.

Sue regretted her decision as soon as she got in her car. This was too much too fast for just meeting someone. She was committed now though and had to go for dinner. She decided she would eat and visit for a little while and make an excuse to leave early.

Frank could tell Sue accepted his offer reluctantly and was not going to be easy to seduce into bed. However, his throbbing erection was pleading with him to find a way. He had a goal and he was successful because he never lost sight of the goal.

Sue pulled in the driveway of the large ranch house about 6:15 and parked. Frank opened the front door and stepped out as she was getting out of the car.

“I am so glad you came and you hair looks nice.” Frank said greeting her. Sue smiled.

“Nice house you have here Frank.”

“Come in, I will give you the fifty cent tour.”

His house was neat and clean but was obviously a bachelor’s house. He had a formal living room that looked like it was never used and a den in the back of the house with sliding glass doors opening to a covered patio. There was a redwood gazebo in the back yard with a hot tub. Frank opened the sliding glass door and they stepped out onto the patio. The patio went the width of the house and was large. Frank had a gas grill and dining area on the patio in the middle and all kinds of outdoor furniture. His yard was huge and fenced with a tall grape wood fence.

“I like to cook and eat out here on these nice warm summer nights. I prepared a salad already, have a seat at the table.” Frank said opening a refrigerator on the patio and getting out the salad and some dressings.

They had a good time visiting for a while then Frank put the steaks on the grill and went in the house to get some things from the kitchen.  When he was in the house he put on some soft music and it played through the speakers on the patio. Sue enjoyed the atmosphere and was very relaxed. Frank brought out the bread and a bottle of wine.

“I have a cabernet sauvignon that will go perfectly with the steaks. I think you will like it.” Frank said setting the bottle on the table and opening it.

“I thought you didn’t drink anymore,” Sue said curiously.

“You’re right! I don’t, this is for you. I keep a bar for my friends but I never use it for myself.”

The fillet mignon was delicious and served with baked potato and mixed vegetables. Sue had three glasses of wine while they ate and visited, it was very good. They talked about everything from high school to places they have traveled to and places they would still like to see. The sun was getting low in the sky and the back yard was bathed in a beautiful orange light.

“This is my favorite time of day to get in the Jacuzzi. I have an assortment of suits I keep for guests who want to use the spa but didn’t bring a suit. Would you like to pick one out and we could watch the sun set from the hot tub.”

Sue was very relaxed from the meal and the wine and Frank was a very nice host and friendly. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings so she said yes. He led her to a closet in the guest room where at least 20 suits were hanging.

“I will change and go back out, join me if you find something you can wear.” Frank said closing the door on his way out. The suits were almost brand new and Sue picked one out and put it on, it was a full length suit and a good fit. She joined Frank on the patio. Frank stood up as she approached. He was wearing a small speedo type suit. She noticed his chest and then his package. He had nice abs and a sexy chest. She could see the entire outline of his dick in the suit and she quickly glanced away before he noticed her looking.

The Jacuzzi was very nice, the water temperature perfect.  They sat in there and watched the sun set talking about how beautiful the sky looked with the orange and violet colored clouds. As the afterglow faded and darkness approached Frank got out of the hot tub and turned on the gazebo lights. Sue watched his ass as he got out, he had a cute butt. She made herself think of something different, what was she doing, she just met him this morning. Frank got back in the water.

“You are great company and very cute, I hope we can do this again sometime.” Frank kissed her on the cheek and smiled.

Sue felt a little flushed. Maybe it was the compliment, wine or Jacuzzi. Perhaps the combination of the three, but she felt a little weak.

“I feel a little woozy. I think I better get out.” Sue said closing her eyes for a few seconds.

Frank helped her get out and put his arm around her and walked her to a padded love seat on the patio and he sat down next to her.

“The water was a little hot. You should feel better in a minute.” He said rubbing her shoulder as he talked. She could not help but notice his erection bulging out of his speedo when she looked down. His hand felt very comforting on her shoulder and she nuzzled it with her cheek.

Frank sat back and cradled her head on his chest.

“Just relax Sue,” he whispered softly in her ear.

The woozy feeling faded away quickly and Sue sat up.

“I feel better now,” Sue said.

Frank held her chin with his hand and turned her face toward him and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Sue started to kiss him back then pulled away.

“I’m sorry Sue, I couldn’t help myself. You are so beautiful and sexy I just had to kiss you. I have not felt this way in a long time.”

Sue looked into Franks eyes and took a deep breath. His charm and romantic manliness was getting to her. Frank knew this was the right time to press on.

“Can I have one more kiss before  you  head home?” He said as he pulled her closer toward his lips.

Sue closed her eyes as their lips met. His kiss was so passionate and loving that it totally disarmed her. She got lost in the moment and all that matter was that they wanted to share themselves in a tender and loving way. Her passion continued to climb as the kiss went on. She surrendered and let him conquer. She now knew they would give and take freely of each other that night.






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