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How an article changed Ramesh's life for worse..!

Submitted: October 01, 2013

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Submitted: October 01, 2013



My morning routine involves scanning headlines of newspaper and rushing to work.

One day I came across a news article claiming that the day when the world as we know was going to become extinct soon! This headlines caught my eye and I started reading the article with great interest. The article so deeply affected me that I started calculating the number of days till the doomsday i.e December 21st, 2012.

'Thank God! I have another 6 more months to do as I wish!' I thought and started getting ready for work. The first thing which I did as soon as I reached office was to prepare a bucket list which I wanted to do before the doomsday.

Finally after an hour, my bucket list was ready. First wish on my bucket list was to insult my boss in front of everyone! ( Well who cared about the job anymore as we were all going to die in another 6 months was my thought).

After a week, an opportunity introduced itself to me where I could insult my boss in front of everyone. I was supposed to submit a document three days before and I still had not submitted the document even after getting mutliple reminders from my boss.

My boss was furious. As soon as he logged in, he called out my name loudly in front of everyone 'Ramesh, why haven't you submitted the file even after getting multiple reminders?..!' I responded back telling that 'If the file was so important to you, you might as well have worked on it instead of asking me to work on it!'.

Boss was taken aback. I was very happy to see his reaction. Infact I made a mental note that his reaction would surely reach the top 10 funniest reactions ever given by a person and started smirking. Boss asked me to come to his cabin. Instead I started yelling on top of my voice on him taking  revenge for making me work on weekends and not giving appraisal! Finally, after 15 minutes of insulting him I told him 'I am tired of you bossing me around and ruining my life. Am quitting the job.' and threw the resignation letter on his face. I left place the.

All my fellow colleagues had stopped working and were looking at me thinking I have gone mad and I started smirking even more thinking 'Suckers, we are all going to die very soon and while I will be enjoying my life, you all will be working here till you die!'

The second wish on my bucket list was to buy a sports car Ferrari and I placed an order for one. I was told that the vehicle will be shipped only after an year. 'How could I wait for another year when I just had 5 months and 3 weeks time!' I bribed the dealer and paid him exuberant money to get the vehicle delivered in another month.

My Third wish on my bucket list was to convince my parents and marry my girlfriend Sheetal..<3

However, my mom was old fashioned and was against love marriage. That evening I finally found courage and when my mom and dad were busy watching their favorite TV serial, I told them that am in love with my college friend Sheetal. Mom started crying and did not have her dinner that day. As all mothers she started abusing Sheetal telling that she had performed witchcraft on me. That was why I left my job, spent all my earnings on a useless vehicle and now I had decided to marry her.

I finally told her that I will marry my girlfriend whether she likes it or not as I thought who had time now, we were all going to die in another few months time. Finally, my parents agreed and Sheetal and I were married after a week.

My fourth wish on my bucket list was to travel around the Europe with my wife. I had the necessary arrangements by taking loan from bank thinking who has to repay the loan as the world will end soon.

After travelling the length and breadth of Europe, Sheetal and I finally came back to India. By that time my dream car, ferrari was in front of me...:)

I still had one more month's time before doomsday. I decided to utilize it completely by partying hard every day meeting my friends.

Finally , the day before 21st December I steeled myself that I was going to die the next day. In a overturn of emotions, I called everyone and told them that I loved them. Everyone thought I had become mad. But I was a happy man as I had done whatever I wanted to to. I slept soundly that night thinking this was my last night on earth.

Next day morning, I got up at 7 thinking today is my last day on earth waiting for everyone to die. Morning turned to noon, noon turned to night and the clock striked 12! I was still alive. There was no doomsday. Mayan calendar was wrong!

I had no job, had spent all my earnings, was under a debt of loan and there was no peace at home as my mom and wife were always fighting with one another. In short, one useless article had ruined my life and I was left with nothing!

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