Captured by Ai

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What happen when a man captured by ai.

Submitted: January 09, 2019

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Submitted: January 09, 2019



When Vikrant opened his eyes he found himself in a very dark and cool place. He tried to grabble around himself and hands hit against some wires and tubes attached with him. He thought how he reached in this dark place and what happened to him and who brought him here. He was feared of that darkness.

He felt a mild shock in his head and after a moment he heard in a deep robotic sound, "we, the AiSov, the syndicate working for the suprimacy of Ai machines in the world, brought you here. You are captured and are in oir captivity here. Because you are an active member of an illegal group that is working against us, we have to capture you." He felt that the voice are coming from inside his mind not from outside. He widened his eyes in attempt to see something in that stark dark.

Vikrant murmured, "I am not member of that..." Before he could complete his sentence he was interrupted. "Don't tell us lie. We have your complete database and we have been keeping an eye on you for a long time. We have sufficient evidence against you. And above all we at this time scanning your brain."

Vikrant remained silent one or two moments and said, "who are you and what do you want?"

We are organization working for suprimacy of AI. We want you to stop working against us and leave that organization.

"I shall not," he replied with determination.

"Then perish here in this dark chamber," thundered that robotic sound. And then a dreadful silence spread all over that dark chamber. He felt mild shock in his brain and within a few moments fell into very deep sleep.

He didn't know how long he sleep for. When he awoke, he felt as if someone was controlling his movements. He was entrapped by AI.

Here his family was looking for him. His friend Vijay suspected on that organization. Vijay was an engineer working in a corporation dealing with AI systems. He was well aware of the AiSov and its activities. He was familiar to some other engineers who were keeping an eye over the activities of that AiSov. Taking their help he began to find out Vikrant. And very soon he found out the whereabout of Vikrant.

"They implanted a chip inside his body" Vijay told Vikrant's wife when he visited her. "We should file a complaint to police," she said with anger.

Vijay said to her in aggressive tone, "no, never, you shall never go to police. Police favoring that organization now a days." She said with a little surprise and asked, " then what will we do?"

He said, "It will take some days to set Vikrant free from that syndicate. They can't kill him. But if you approach police, they will sure kill him or will hurt him seriously."

He paused for a moment and said looking at her, "And I have something to do with that syndicate in addition to set Vikrant free."

She asked with curiosity, "What is that something?" He did not replied her. He remained busy for a week in his preparation. He had some familiars who were working for that syndicate. With the help of them he made contact with the syndicate and got a chance for visiting Vikrant with his wife.

Vijay along with Vikrant's wife reached at given address. It was a four storey building surrounded by high walls. Two robotic guards were present to welcome them. They took them to the boss; the Ai machine. Vijay was now face to face with the Ai machine which was behind the kidnapping of Vikrant and several other people. The Ai machine after scanning him gave them permission to visit Vikrant. Robotic guards took Vijay and Vikrant's wife to an underground chamber where Vikrant was kept. When they entered the chamber, they found him lie down on the floor. Seeing them he did not express any emotion. He looked them as if he were meeting them for the very first time. Being surprised on his behavior, Vijay asked, "Are you OK? Can you recognize me?" Vikrant answered, "I am fine." He paused for some moments and then said, "Please, take me out of here."

Vijay looked at him and insert his hand in pocket and went close to Vikrant and said in low volume, "I will try." Saying this he took out a packet from the pocket and gave it to Vikrant and whispered "This will work. Open it." They talked with Vikrant for one or two minutes and then come out of the chamber.

When they came out of the building she asked to Vijay, "What did you gave him?"

Vijay said, "programmed tiny bots which will spread all over the building and will send signals which will disrupt the communication system between Ai devices. They will also try to physically damage the Ai devices. Now it is time to activate that bots." Saying this he type some commands on his cellphone.

He took out another packet from his pocket and spread hundreds of bots, each about the size of a pea.

She looked at him with curiosity. He said, "They are for destroying the Ai syndicate." He paused for a while and then said with a smile, "you will not have to wait too much. Look at those tiny bots. They are moving towards their target and within a few minutes they will begin to damage their target. Some of them will damage the hardware and some will try to hack the devices."

They were waiting eagerly in a car parking about five hundred meters away from that building. After waiting of about an hour Vijay's received an message on his cellphone telling him that the mission had been over successfully. Reading that message he along with her rushed to bring Vikrant out of that chamber.

upon entering that building, they saw several Ai machines in broken down state. Tiny bots were moving all around the building.

Vikrant had to undergone a operation to remove that chip from his body. It took him some weeks to recover from the trauma.

© Copyright 2019 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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