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Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016




I was writing a report in my cabin. Someone knocked at the door of cabin, I raised my head, Mr Verma was at the door.  He told me, “Good morning, what are you doing?”

I told “Nothing special. I am preparing a report on weekly transactions.”

He told “So boss deputed you for this task. Why doesn’t he himself do it?”

I remained silent on this.

Verma “let us go out and have a cup of tea.”

I was not in hurry and I had a desire to take some tea to refresh myself so I came out of the cabin with him. We proceeded towards the canteen. On the way he told “my daughter Swati got only fifty percentage marks in mathematics.”

I looked at him in such a way as if I were asking him why he had told me his daughter’s marks in mathematics. He continued telling “actually I wanted her to take admission in engineering college.” I told, “Is she weak at mathematics?”

He told, “No she is not but this year in twelfth standard the question paper of mathematics was so tough that most of the students could not achieve more than seventy per cent.

I told, “I think she is eligible for appearing in entrance exam.”

He “of course, she is.”

I “then what is problem?”

He “nothing, I am thinking whether she would complete his engineering or not if she take admission in engineering college.”

I told, “If she passes in entrance exam, she will certainly is able for study engineering.”

He “what rank would she get in entrance exam?” “Which college would she get admission in?”

I told, “Don’t think so much. First let her appear in the entrance exam.”

We entered the canteen and I ordered two cups of tea. I changed the topic of conversation. After taking tea we returned to our cabins and resume our tasks.

 He was very anxious for her daughter’s carrier. After some weeks he informed me that his daughter had taken admission in regional engineering college. He regretted over her daughter not being admitted in any prestigious college.

The college in which his daughter was given opportunity to take admission was not top ranked college. Even the placement facility was not available in the college.

He told me, “Now at least I can search an engineer boy for her to marry.”

I looked at him with surprise, but said nothing to him. Being a reserve natured person I didn’t know much about what was going in our society. Taking admission in engineering college and achieving engineering degree just for marrying an engineer boy was beyond my understanding.



I told him “She can marry an engineer boy even without taking engineering degree. If she is studying engineering, she should go for a bright career. There would be several job options for her to choose. Why should she taking engineering degree only just for marrying an engineer?”

He remained silent on my argument.  I thought that perhaps I would at wrong. After this conversation, we did not get any opportunity to talk on this matter.

His daughter was not happy on her admission to an ordinary engineering college. She was a little depressed and ashamed. Within a few days she adjusted herself to the circumstances and began to study her subjects with full concentration. One day Mr Verma told me that his daughter was doing well in college. He was not as pleased with her performance as he should be. Perhaps Mr. Verma had forgotten idea aim behind her daughter’s engineering education. He was at all unsatisfied person with everything in his life. Once he told me that he wanted her daughter to fulfil all his dreams. And his daughter was doing well to fulfil her own and her parents’ dreams. The matter was not so easy. Lack of job opportunities and high rate of unemployment are the main hurdles which are sufficient to shatter the drams of the youths. Actually Mr Verma was not against his daughter. He was very caring father and wanted to give all the happiness and joy to his daughter. He wanted her daughter to have successful career in the life. That’s why he was so anxious and aggressive about her. He was caring for her daughter.

And a day came when his daughter completed her education and achieved her degree. They were happy at this but were more worried about getting a job. She began to search a suitable job. Mr Verma was now worried about her daughter’s marriage. Finding a suitable groom for his daughter was not an easy task. Owing to dowry system finding a well settled and educated boy is expensive task. Mr Verma had already spent a lot of money on his daughter’s education and he had a son and an elder daughter to be provided for. He had no other source of income except a government job and his salary was low. In India marriages are very expensive and people have to spent money more than their capacity. People have to take a loan to spend on marriage ceremony. Mr. Verma was entangled in the economics of marriage. Whether a boy would like to marry a girl or not depends on the quantity of dowry given by family of girl.

Swati got a job in a private firm. It was good news to Mr. Verma. He was now feeling pride on his daughter. According to him she was now at least self depended. His other two children were doing well in their education. Time was passing with its speed and Mr. Verma being unable to find a suitable boy for her dauaghter, was in anguish. Swati was aware of her father’s state. She was unable to understand why her marriage was not fixed. In spite of her being attractive and employed no boy was agree to marry her. After thinking for many days, one day she told her father that she was not interested in getting married and was happy with her being unmarried. She told her father to not waste time in search of groom. Some families of other castes were interested but Mr. Verma did not believe in inter caste marriage. In this way, days were passing.

One day Mr. Verma came to my home. He seemed to me sad. I asked him “you appear to be sad to me. What is the matter? Please tell me, if you don’t mind.”

He remained silent for a while looking at the floor and then said in low voice and with hesitance “actually my daughter Swati likes a boy who is working in the same company in which Swati works and she wanted to harry him. This is very shameful to me.” I remained silent for at that time I could not decide what to say to him. I could not do anything except looking at him with sympathy. Actually I did not want to hurt his feelings.

He told “What should I do in this matter?”

I told him “You should try to explain her that you do not like her marring him.”

He told “I tried but she is not ready to understand anything. She is obstinate.”

I told “who is that boy?”

He “he is an engineer in the company. She did not tell me more about him.”

I told “if he is a well settled and belonging to prestigious family I think we should consider him.”

Mr. Verma “he belongs to different caste.”

I told “it does not matter. If he is suitable for your daughter and she likes it, caste has nothing to do.”

 He was not agreed with me. He was trying his best to find out a suitable boy for her so that he could avoid his daughter’s marriage to boy of other caste. But due to high demand of dowry, social prestige and social status he could not get success in his attempts.

One day parents of that boy came to Mr. Verma and brought forward proposal of marriage of their son to Swati. They didn’t demand dowry. Mr. Verma assured them to consider on the proposal. It was an opportunity for him. He took my advice on the matter. I advised him to accept the proposal.

Before he could take any decision on the matter, her daughter took a dare to marry without consent from her parents. Mr. Verma informed me that on phone. Later I came to know that Mr. Verma broke all relation with his daughter Swati. He never talked to me about her daughter. But the bitterness in relations become less with the time and within a few months conversation between Swathi and her father again began. One day when Mr. Verma came to meet me I asked about his daughter and her husband. He asked me that actually he did not like to marry her daughter to a boy belong to other caste but when he realized that his daughter was happy with her husband and it was almost impossible for him to find out such a boy in his own caste without giving dowry. He decided to give his consent to her love marriage.

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