Robo Rebellion

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Robots got misguided by someone and rebelled.

Submitted: December 28, 2015

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Submitted: December 28, 2015



In this story, it is assumed that in future, Robots would be able to communicate with themselves, with human. They would be intelligent enough to understand the environment around them and to take decisions according to changing situations.

Dev was a technician in a robot manufacturing company named ‘Robotrix’. Dev had a Robot who served as a maid in his home. One day his Robot stopped working. It became restive and when Dev commanded him to do work, it ignored his commands and smashed the crockery and furniture of the home. Dev had to call his assistant from the workshop and they brought the robot under control with a great difficulty. Similar was happened to the other homes of his colony.  Technicians collected the Robots from the homes and took them to repairing lab.

When he reached the office, he found that one of the Robots of his office was being carried out of the building. When he enquired, he came to known that the Robot had destroyed the some important files and smashed a computer and a printer. Dev was surprised on the happenings of the day. He muttered “today, what is wrong with Robots. Why are they doing mischief?” One of his co-technician said expressing his view that probably there was something went wrong with robot’s programming.

In the evening, on the way to home, he had to stop the car near the shoe factory due to crowd and an ambulance at the gate of the factory. He enquired about the crowd to a spectator. He answered to dev that a Robot at the factory intentionally attacked the other Robot and badly damaged it. The Robot also attacked a security guard and wounded him. Dev heard the siren of ambulance and watched the ambulance carrying the wounded person. He started his car and thought about his own Robot.

When he reached the home, his daughter informed him that neighbour uncle was attacked by their Robot and he was admitted in hospital. On hearing this he got upset and immediately started for hospital. In hospital, his neighbour told Dev that his robot got aggressive when he ordered him to clean the floor of the home and attacked him on his head.

By the night, many Robots working in factories, offices, workshops and other places stopped their normal functioning and began to behave abnormally. Some Robots came out on the streets and roads and began attacking people and other Robots. Entire city was in panic, and in many places police was deployed to control the situation.

Next day when he reached his workshop, his boss called him and discussed with him about the sabotage being done by the Robots in the city. He informed him that company had selected a team for investigating the matter and dev was selected as a member of the team. His boss instructed him about what to do and how to do.

When his team analyzed such a miscreant robots, they find out that robots were being incited by a robot named as Rob-10SA. Rob-10SA was belonged to the latest generation of the Robots. Robots of this generation were smart enough to lead the other Robots. They were designed for more comprehension, analytical ability and communication skill. They were programmed to be more logical than robots of other generations.

 The manufacturer chose a Robot out of the series of new generation Robots and programmed it mischievously and named it ROB-10SA. It was programmed in such a way that it would spread malicious codes when it communicates with other Robots. Coming out of the workshop, he spread malicious codes to other Robots by communicating with them. When the codes reaches the other Robot, cause it to do harm and sabotage. The malicious codes spread like an infectious disease, infecting thousands of Robots. Within a few days, thousands of Robots being infected with the malicious codes were spreading anarchy in the city. ROB-10SA now had an army and he was like a leader to this army. It was mysterious that who did so and why did he do so.

Hundreds of Robots were free and out of control of their owners. These Robots were playing rampage on the roads and streets. Some of them were run by solar energy. They were communicating with one another and making plans to attack the human beings and public properties. They were intelligent enough to create problem for human beings. Police had to clamped curfew. In spite of curfew, Robots were ambushing on police and houses. Administration launched search and destroy operation to get rid of the problem.

Dev was watching news of violence being done by Robots on television. His daughter was studying on her room. He heard the sound of smashing of glass and thudding of something on the floor in his daughter’s room and then the cry of daughter. He rushed the room of daughter. Opening the door of the room, he found his daughter rushing towards him. She was scared. He noticed the broken window glass and a stone on the floor. He quickly concluded that robots attacked his house and threw stones. He rushed along with his daughter to the store room of the home. Reaching the store room he closed the door and searched the store for any object which could be used as weapon and he soon found out a thick iron rod. They again heard the sounds of stones and smashing of windows. Robots were pelting stones to his house. He switched off the light of the store room. There were four robots outside the house who were trying to break the door of the house. One of them was pelting stones. They broke aside the door and entered the home. They began destroying furniture and throwing things. They smashed the windows and television set in drawing. Within a minute they destructed all the room. One of them entered the kitchen and observed the kitchen. He threw the crockery on the floor and opened the water tap.

In store room, Dev ignite the lighter, and began searching for another object which can be used as a weapon. By luck, he found out a hammer. He gave the hammer to his daughter and instructed her to use when needed. They heard the metallic sound of steps approaching towards the store room. He extinguished the lighter and put his hand on the mouth of his daughter to prevent her from making any noise. His daughter was shivering with fear. He saw the foot of a Robot through the gap between floor and the door. The Robot stood still for a while and then began to hit on the door. After a few stroke, it began to pull and push the door. Dev and his daughter cringed in corner of the store room. Being failed in opening the door, the Robot returned back. Dev and his daughter remained silent for many minutes guessing what would happen next. Dev tried to call the police on cell phone but he could not made contact with police. At last he tried to call his neighbour but his cell phone was engaged. They remained hidden in the store room for at least an hour waiting for robots’ going out of the house. Dev was hearing every sound coming from the other rooms of his house and was trying to conclude the movements of Robots. When he heard no sound in other rooms for the long time, he decided to come out of the store room. He held the iron rod in his hands and whispered into her daughters’ ear to follow him. He unbolted the door cautiously without making any sound and opened the door slight and peeped out of the door. Finding no one there, he opened the door with jerk and carefully moved towards the drawing room. In drawing room, he found nobody. He and his daughter watched out all the room of the home. Robots had gone after destroying all the belongings. Dev came out of the house and found the Robots standing in the lane. He quickly ran back into his home. His daughter was standing in the drawing room. He caught her by the arm and rushed to room next to the drawing room and closed the door.

Here, hearing the sounds coming from Dev’s home, his neighbour named Anand got cautious and began to prepare to face the upcoming problem. He had enough time to call police and his some well wishers. He had a licensed revolver to use. Somehow he managed to contact with police and reported the matter to it. He opened the window and looked out. Unfortunately a Robot was already looking at the window of his house. As soon as it watched Anand, it rushed to him. Anand moved away from the window and brought the revolver out of his pocket, loaded it and fired a shot through window. Shot was misfired but it made the robot to stop. Other robots looked to the direction of fire and then looked to one another. Anand fired another shot. Sensing the danger, the robots began to move away from the incident. Watching them retreating from the scene, Anand rushed out of his home and began chasing them.

Hearing the sound of gun fire, Dev thought the either his neighbour or Police was firing. He could not control his curiosity and excitement and instructing her daughter to stay in the room, he came out of the room and peeped out of the window and watched the retreating robots. He understood the matter and without thinking twice he came out to accompany anand. Anand looked at him and shouted ‘be careful and follow me.’

Sounds of firing caught the attention of police party which was patrolling there. They turned the police car to the direction from where the firing sound was coming. Soon the police party reached the scene. Seeing the approaching police party the robots began to flee from the spot and they entered into a narrow and dark street. The street was too narrow to enter a car. Taking the advantage of darkness they disappeared into the street.  Two police constables got off the car hurriedly and rushed into street. Anand too was about to enter the street but a police officer prevented him to do so. Later he took the statements of both the Dev and Anand. He went to Dev’s home along with them for the inspection. After inspection, officer wrote down something on his diary and take departure from them.

Dev had to pass the rest of the night sleepless in removing the broken furniture and broken glasses form the home. He managed a bedroll for her daughter to sleep and closed the door of the room in which she slept.

Next morning, he came to know that robots spread violence and attack public at various parts of the city and police had successfully caught some of them and destroyed them. Catching, making them crippled, damaged, making them out of order were the methods being applied to bring the situation under control.

In evening when he was going to purchase food from market he saw the black smoke rising from supermarket. He stopped to look at the building. The building was on fire. He could see the flames rising high. There was stampede like situation in the scene. People were rushing away from the scene. Ambulances and fire engines were rushing to the building. Rescue workers were carrying the injured people. There was a great confusion in the sight. A policeman poked him and urged him to go away to a safer place. He returned back to his home as quickly as possible and stopped at a shop on the way to buy food. He bought food items enough for at least a week so that he would not be starved in case the situation become worse. On reaching the home he found the carpenter whom he hired had fitted a new door and replaced the broken window glasses.

Later at night he watched on the television news about fire on supermarket. News said that the fire was set on by Robots. He reached the neighbour’s home and talked to him about the fire incident. They decided to help each other in case of robot attack and remain watchful for whole night with their weapons. Fortunately nothing would happen to them that night but Robots hurt many people and destroyed properties at various parts of the city. Next morning, Dev’s daughter returned home from school earlier than usual and informed him about the suspension of schools and colleges till further advice from the authority. A protest march was organised by angry civilians against the incident of fire on supermarket. They were waving weapons and shouting slogan. When the march was passing the university road, some young marchers caught a Robot a damaged it completely after that they set it on fire. The situation was getting worse to worse. After the march, the marchers, instead of going back to their homes, scattered into small groups and began patrolling on the streets and roads of the city. The police did not take any action against them and let them to do patrolling. Ambushes between Robots and police took place at several places. Groups of civilians patrolling in the street also caught and destroyed many miscreant robots. But doing so was not enough to get rid of the miscreant Robots. The conflict continued for several days. Several policemen and civilians were killed in this war. Several robots were destroyed by the police and mob. The city borders of the city were besieged by armed police so that the miscreant Robots could not enter the other cities. At least one forth population of the city fled from the city to other cities.

Meantime dev and his team were working on the solution to the problem. They worked out the codes which was able to erase the malicious codes from the infected Robots. They fed the codes to normal Robots so that they could not be infected by malicious codes. Technicians made also such special Robots with these codes as to could interact with infected and miscreant Robots and could erase the malicious codes from them. These special Robots were set to find out the infected and miscreant Robots and transmitted the special code to them to erase the malicious codes form them. These methods proved effective and many of Robots were recovered from the grip of ROB-10SA. But soon ROB-10SA changed his strategy and he gathered all the remaining Robots and hid in an abandoned building.

Here Vijay Kumar, who was behind the writing of malicious codes and was the real accused of the overall disturbance, reappeared on the scene. He was unknown to the Police department. Here he again reprogrammed these Robots. His program enveloped the malicious codes. Process of Envelopment made the malicious codes inerasable. Now, the war against infected Robots became more difficult. The Robots were to overcome the human race. Once more, there nefarious activities were on rise.

One day, police foiled an attack on dev by Robots. When Dev was working at workshop on a project to develop codes which can break the coding of envelopment, some robots entered the workshop and began sabotaging. Dev and other technicians had to close themselves within a room. Police arrived on the scene in the right time and caught them. On further investigation it was found that the aim of the attack Dev. Vijay Kumar was trying to spoil the projects. After this attack, the police and the technicians had to change their strategy. Police resorted to more severe actions against robots. Meanwhile investigators found the culprit and his whereabouts. Now police was focused on the Vijay Kumar. Spies ware keeping eyes on the Vijay Kumar. One day when Vijay Kumar was going to buy groceries in the market, was arrested by police. Police took him to the police station and interrogated him. In interrogation, he admitted his guilt. On the information given by him police raided that building which he and his miscreant Robots were using to hide. In raid, police surrounded the building and stormed into the building firing guns and grenades. Each and every robot found there was completely destroyed by the police. When the raid over, tonnes of metallic broken arms, legs, faces, wires, electronic component were removed from the building.

Vijay Kumar was sentenced life imprisonment. Later, government built a memorial in memory of the incident.

© Copyright 2019 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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