Stray Cow

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Story of a stray cow.

Submitted: December 24, 2016

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Submitted: December 24, 2016



That day when I woke early morning and looked out of the window of my bedroom, I saw a cow standing in front of my home. She was hungry and sad. I felt pity for her and gave her some chapattis to eat. I noticed he swelled abdomen. Perhaps she was pregnant or she had a tumour in her abdomen. She was a stray cow having no home or owner. I felt sorry for her.

When I returned home from my office at night in heavy rain, I found her standing under the porch of my home. She was wet with rain water and was shivering due to wet and cold rush of wind. I found myself helpless.

Next morning I found her searching edibles things in a heap of litter at a vacant plot of the colony.

At night, after dinner, when I came out of home for a taking a stroll, I found her again standing under the porch. I went in and collected the leftover of the dinner and gave her to eat. When I returned home taking a brief stroll, I found her ruminating in the porch. She was looking at me with gratitude.

As she had a new source of food, she began to come to my home. Several days passed in this way. Her physical condition was deteriorating day by day; she was sick. Somebody told me that her sickness was because of eating carry bags made of polythene. She had no chance of survive. She would die within a few weeks. She stopped coming to my home. And when she did not come for number of days, I thought she had died.

After some days she appeared suddenly.  One day when I came out of home to go to office, I found her along with a nice, innocent and feeble calf in front of the gate. Both of them were gazing at me. I felt pity and gave her some vegetables to eat. I noticed her swelled abdomen. In spite of giving birth to a calf, the size did not decrease.

Her condition was deteriorating day by day. Within a few weeks, she reduced to a bag of bones. The condition was so critical that now she left taking food. Whatever she ate came out with vomit. And a day came when her condition became so critical that she found herself unable even to walk. My neighbour declared that she would die soon. He called a veterinary doctor. The doctor examined her and prescribed some medicines. We gave her medicines but it was too late. One day she died. In a nation where the cow is considered a sacred animal, hundreds of abandoned and stray cows die every year due to hunger, disease and bad weather.



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