The Diamond

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story of a diamond that brought destruction to those who owned it.

Once upon a time Veerdev, the king of Anantpuram along with his courtiers went for hunting in the deep forest. He camped at the bank of a river. One morning a courtier found a dead body floating in the river. He immediately informed the others of the dead body. The dead body was drawn out of the water. A soldier searched the dead body and found out a diamond form the clothes. The soldier gave that diamond to king Veerdev. Being fascinated with the size and shape of the diamond, Veerdev decide to possess it. That evening when the king set out for the hunting, one of his courtiers was attacked and killed by a ferocious lion. After that incident the king stopped the hunting and returned to his palace.


King Veerdev called Hardev, the Royal priest to show the diamond. Royal priest Hardev took the diamond on his hand and observed it carefully for some time. He felt awe for the diamond. He returned the diamond to Veerdev and said, “You must abandon that diamond. It would not prove beneficial to you. It may be ominous to you.”

“Why would it be ominous to me”, the king argued.

“As far as I can think, that diamond is not suitable for you,” priest replied.


King Veerdev was too fascinated by the diamond to follow the advice of priest. He owned the diamond. That year a very few rain fell in the state. In the same year hundreds of people died of unknown epidemic. Priest Hardev had a strong opinion that all this were due to the shadow of the diamond. He tried hard to persuade the king to give up the diamond but all went in vain.


There was no rain in the second consecutive year and the fear of famine was hovering over the state. Being concerned over the situation, the priest conspired to steal the diamond and sent it away from the state. He sent a notorious thief to steal the diamond from the king’s palace. But it was too late to get rid of the diamond. The black shadow of the diamond had engulfed the state entirely. When the thief was climbing up the wall of the royal palace, he suddenly fell down and died.


Within a few months the situation grew worsen. Famine began to take lives of people. Taking the advantage of the situations, the neighbour state Chandrapur invaded the state. King Veerdev fought bravely but defeated. Thousands of his soldiers were killed in the battle. Thousands of people were looted and killed in this war. The entire state was destroyed by the forces of neighbour state. Being sad over the defeat and destruction, Veerdev killed himself.


Now the diamond was owned by the Rajaram, the king of the neighbouring state. Priest Hardev met Rajaram and tried to persuade him to throw away that diamond but Rajaram did not believe on his story and kicked him out of the royal palace. Being disturbed, Priest Hardev left the society and went to a remote and small village to live.


Rajaram was the next prey to the diamond. After some days his only son fell ill with an unknown disease. Although doctors tried hard to save him, he could not be saved. One day he succumbed to the ill. The death of son caused a severe grief to Rajaram. Before Rajaram got over the grief of his son, a big shock came to his kingdom. An unknown epidemic broke out in his state. The epidemic lasted for several months and took the lives of thousands of people. The epidemic shattered the economics of the state. Hearing that news, Hardev once again went to Rajaram to advise him for casting off the diamond. Rajaram refused his advice.


One night when the Rajaram and his family were sleeping in their palace, a fire suddenly broke out and burnt down the palace. Rajaram along with his family was died in that fire.


When the priest Hardev heard the news of death of Rajaram, he decided to do away with the diamond anyhow. He along with his a few followers went to the ruins of the palace of Rajaram to search the diamond. After long hours of searching he found out the diamond.


He decided to throw the diamond away into the river. He went to the bank of the river. The bank was slopped down to the river. When he was throwing away the diamond to the water of the river, he slipped and fell into the water. He tried to swim out of the water but an unknown power pulled him towards the water. His body went down deep into the water of the river. All that happened so fast that his followers could do nothing to save him. After two days his dead body was found floating in the river.

Submitted: June 09, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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