The Prince

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A prince went missing in the battle. One day he returned and found out his missing lover.

Submitted: April 05, 2016

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Submitted: April 05, 2016



It was a hot day of summer. Veerbala was sleeping in her hut. Her sleep was broken by a sudden knock at the door. She opened the door and found a hunter standing at the door. She asked him “what do you want?”

The hunter was thirsty. He said “I am very thirsty. Can you give me water to drink?”

She said nothing and went inside and brought a pitcher full of water. The hunter took the pitcher and drank some water from it. He collected the rest of the water in his pot. He thanked her for giving him water and went to his way.

He appeared her to be a noble man not an ordinary hunter.

Veerbala was a daughter of a rishi (hindu saint). She and her father lived in a forest far away from any human settlement. Her father was a scholar rishi (saint) and was famous for his wisdom and knowledge across the state. Their hut was situated in the secluded part of the forest. Only a few other rishies and the king occasionally visited the hut to meet her father. Today her father was away in the town to see the priest of the Shiv temple.

The hunter after taking water reached in the deep part of the forest to hunt. He was impressed with the simplicity and beauty of the Veerbala. Next day he again reached the hut to take water. When she was giving him water their eyes met and he touched her hands. She blushed and lowered her eyes. He collected the water and went away.

The hunter was the prince of the state Savernpur, named Jeetsingh the son of the king Veersingh. After the king he was the heir to the throne. He along with a few friends was on hunting trip. On his very first meeting with Veerbala, he enamoured with the charm and beauty of her.

Before ending his hunting trip, he visited her for several times and both of them fall in love with each other. Jeetsingh gave her a promise to marry with her. He gave her a ring. The ring was stamped with the symbol of kingdom. Jeetsingh did not tell her about his real identity.

The neighbouring state attacked the state. King sent his son Jeetsingh to fight with the enemy. At the border of state he met with the enemy. There was fierce battle between both the armies. Jeetsingh’s army won the battle, but Jeetsingh missed in the battle. Soldiers tried everywhere in the battlefield to find him but they could not find him. Some soldiers reported about his being severe wounded in the battle. There were several rumours about him. According to some rumours he was dead in the battle. King Veersingh made all the attempts to find Prince Jeetsingh but all the attempts went in vain. Many believed that Jeetsingh had been killed in the battle. Since the dead body was not found, several were not ready to believe him killed.

In absence of his son, the king’s brother Jaisingh tried to convince the king to declare his son Devpal as the heir to the throne. But the king was not ready to declear devpal as the heir and he was also not ready to believe that his son was dead in the war; he was waiting for his son. Jaisingh was an ambitious man and wanted to see his son Devpal as the king. Devapl too was ambitious of being the king. Being overcome by the ambition and the greed both father and son conspired to murder the king. After murdering Veersingh, Jaisingh and his supporters declared Devpal the new king of the state.

Here Veerbala was pregnant. She was waiting for him to come back and to marry her but her lover did not return. She gave birth to a child. She was sad.  

In this way years had been passed. The supporters of the Jeetsingh were still waiting for their beloved Prince Jeetsingh. They believed that their Prince Jeetsingh was alive. And one day to the joy of his supporters and followers, jeetsingh came back. He was given warm welcome by the public of the state. Return of Jeetsingh was a great shock to the king Devpal. Now both the sides were cautious of each other. Clouds of civil war were hovering on the state.

Ajeet Singh the son of Veerbala grew to a brave and strong young man. To earn his living he joined the army of the state. His grandfather was demise. He and his mother Veerbala lived in the city.

After returning to state Jeetsingh tried to find out Veerbala. He went to that forest where Veerbala once lived, but he found nothing there, not even the hut in which she lived. He was he was feeling sorrow for that.

The civil war began. Ajeetsingh had to take part in the war. Violent fights began in the streets of the state. Hundreds of the soldiers were being killed from both the sides. Public were fleeing to the safer places.

Ajeetsingh was assigned the task of finding out the Jeetsingh and killing him. One day he along with his soldiers was patrolling in search of Jeetsingh in the streets of the city. Jeetsingh ambushed on him when his party was passing in a street. Now father and son were fighting face to face. Unfortunately Jeetsingh got wounded in the ambush and he had to flee from the scene. Soldiers of royal army were chasing him. Jeetsingh found a house in a narrow street. He carefully entered the house. It was the time of evening and the house was in dark. His feet struck with a pot lying on the floor. Hearing the sound, someone called from the next room, “Who is?”

He quickly jumped aside and laid himself against the wall. After a movement someone entered the room holding a lamp in a hand. In the dim light of the lamp he saw a face which appeared him to be familiar to him. Within a moment he recognised that face. It was the face of Veerbala. Due to dim light and her weak eyesight, Veerbala could not recognise him. Struck with the panic, she began to cry. He immediately rushed at her asking, “do not afraid. It is I, recognise me, I am yours.” 

She looked at him and got dumb with surprise. It was her beloved hunter. She remained silent for a few moments and then said with joy, “You. Where were you up till now? I have been waiting for you since then. You did not return. How did you get injured? What happened to you?”


He began to sob and told her all about himself. She was surprised and was afraid of hearing his story. She told him about their son Ajeetsingh. He was happy to know that he had a son. He was eager to meet with his son.

 He asked her, “Where is my son?”

She told, “He is a soldier in the royal army and unfortunately he is fighting against you.”  

 On hearing this, Jeetsingh trembled.

“Mother, where are you?”,Ajeet called from outside the house. “You always forget closeing the door. At least at this time of battle, you should close the door of home.”

She told Jeetsingh “Look, Your son has come. How much happy he would be to see you.”

Jeetsingh remained silent.

Ajeetsingh entered the room. As soon as he looked Jeetsing, he jumped with fear and immediately drawn out his sword. Seeing that Veerbala cried, “stop, what are you doing, he is your father.”

On hearing this he got confused and turned towards her mother and asked, “He can’t be my father.”

She told, “Yes, you are his son. You are the son of Jeetsingh, the king of the state.” She told him all what happened in their life. He was happy to find his father in front of him.”

Within a few days, Jeetsingh was healed of his wounds.Soon the civil war was ended and Devpal was dethroned and imprisoned. Jeetsingh became the king of the state and ruled for a long time.

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