Time Travellers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
four time travelers by accident reached in parallel universe and with the help of another time traveler they returned to their homes.

Submitted: September 23, 2016

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Submitted: September 23, 2016



Ramesh, Pradeep, Robert and Swata were on time travelling. They were journeying in the past. They travelled two hundred years into past and appeared successfully in an ancient city. They stayed for several days in that city. Once they were passing through a bridge across a river, the bridge gave way and they fall into the deep water of the river and within a fraction of a second all went in complete darkness.


Ramesh opened his eyes and found himself in an unfamiliar place. He felt the need for some more sleep and he again closed his eyes and within a few moments he again fell in deep sleep. In sleep he dreamt of his parents, wife, son and many other familiar people. In dreams he felt a strong desire to meet them and this desire gradually turned into a terror and due to this terror he began to scream and his sleep broken. He was trembling with fear and his entire body was soaked with sweat. He took some moments to become aware of his surroundings. He found himself in unfamiliar place.

Beside him his colleague Pramode was laying down. Ramesh prodded him in order to awake him. Pramode awoke with a scream. He too was like Ramesh was in dreams. Pramode looked around with fear and eagerness. He was bewildered by found himself in an unfamiliar place. He asked to Ramesh, “Where are we?” “How did we reach here?”

Ramesh replied with dismay, “I do not know?”

“Where are Robert and Sweta?” Ramesh asked with fear.

“I don’t know where did they go?” Pramode shouted looking around.

They have been lost. How did they reach in that unfamiliar place? What is that unfamiliar place? Where was this unfamiliar place? All these questions were coming into their baffled mind.

At last they decided to search for their colleagues.

 It seemed to Ramesh that he was in another world. The place was like a town. There were several buildings, houses and even shops in that place. Hundreds of people were busy on their work. The atmosphere of that place was like the atmosphere of any city in the real universe. In spite of all the similarity, Ramesh felt that he the place was not belong to his world.


Ramesh looked around to find out a person who could give him all the required information about that strange place. He point out a man who was standing at a corner looking at the sky.

Ramesh told to Pramode, “Let’s ask to that man about that place.”

They went to that man. Ramesh asked to that man, “Excuse me can you tell me the name of this place?” 

The man stared at both of them for a while and then told, “You too lost in time.”

Ramesh and Pradeep both looked at him with many question in their eyes.

The man said staring at them, “You are time travellers and are trapped in this world, aren’t you?”

Ramesh replied, “of course we are time travellers. During time travelling we came across with a mishap and then what happened we don’t know. When we came into conscious, we found ourselves in this place. We don’t know how we reached in this strange place. What is this place? Where is it situated?”

The man replied, “This is parallel universe. I don’t know where it is situated.” He paused for a moment and looked at Pradeep with sharp eyes.


The man continued, “I think arrival in parallel universe occur when one tries to alter once past or future during time travelling. If a person or an event tries to interfere with somebody’s past or future during the time travelling. I think in your case the cause is the accident. The accident tried to alter your past. But it could not to do so and you were cast away to this parallel universe.”

Ramesh said, “Perhaps you are right.”

 Pradeep took interest in this person and asked, “Excuse us. We forgot to ask you your name. Would you like to give us your introduction?”

The man smiled friendly and replied, “of course, why not, my name is Richard Davidson. I am from USA and I have been living in this place from last two years.”

“What!!!  From last two years!  Why?” Ramesh asked with great surprised.

Richard didn’t give answer to his question. After remaining silent for some moments Richard said, “There is a long story behind my staying here. I would like to tell you later.”  

Richard continued, “I would like to know about both of you. Tell me all about yourselves.”


Ramesh narrated all the story of his time travelling venture. He also told Richard about Robert and Sweta.

Hearing the story Richard said, “I would like to help you. Ask me whenever you need help.”

Pradeep replied, “Oh, thank you for your kindness toward us.”

Richard pointed with his hand towards a house and told, “I live in that house. You may come to my home in any time in case of problem.”

They parted with him and began to search Robert and Sweta. They spent several hours in search of Robert and Sweta but they couldn’t found them.


Sweta and Robert were cast away several miles off Ramesh and Pradeep. Sweta was slightly injured in the accident.  Both of them too were searching Ramesh and Pradeep.

Next day when Ramesh was in search of Robert and swati, he found Richard coming out of a street. Seeing Ramesh he waved his hand towards Ramesh. Coming near he asked, “Have you found your colleagues?”

Ramesh replied with gloom, “No, they have not found yet.”

Richard said, “Tell me about their appearance. How do they look?”

Richard told him about their appearance and gave him their photographs. Richard took these photographs and put them into his pocket. He told to Ramesh, “I will try my best to search them.” “Where do you stay?” Richard enquired.

Ramesh answered with hesitation, “We spent our all night in search of our colleagues. Now we are searching a place for staying and taking rest.”

Richard said, “Where is Pradeep?”

“He too is in search of Swati and Robert. He is about to come. We planned to meet at this place by this time.” Saying this Ramesh begin to look around for Pradeep. He saw him coming from the way which ran towards north direction.”

Ramesh waved his hands to attract his attention.”

Pradeep in response waved his hand towards Ramesh and approached them.

“Good morning Mr. Richard. How are you?” Pradeep said.

Richard, “I am fine and what about you?”

Pradeep took a sigh and turned towards Ramesh, “Did you find them?”

Ramesh, “No”

Both of them took sigh. Looking them in despair Richard tried to consulate, “don’t lose hope. I along with my some friends will search.”

“I think they have passed away.” Pradeep said.

“They could not die during time travel in past.” Richard said with confidence.

Richard, “Well, you should not lose hope. I can see you don’t have any suitable place to pass nights. I have a suitable place for both of you to sleep at night. Come with me.”

He took both of them to an old and abandoned house. The house was located in a corner of a narrow street. In this house they found beds, furniture and utensils for use. It seemed to Pradeep that somebody lived in this house for a long time and then leaving everything in the house he went away.

Pradeep asked, “Who is the owner of this house.”

“Nobody.” Richard answered. “It is a result of any time traveller’s attempt to alter his past.” Richard further explained.

After a short pause Richard said, “Everything you see in this parallel world is a result of somebody’s attempt to alter his past or future.”

Ramesh said, “It means this parallel world is a materialization of man’s unfulfilled desires.”

Richard said, “You can think so. I must go. Take a rest. I will see you again.”

Pradeep said, “Thank you for your help and friendly behaviour to us.”

Pradeep and Ramesh were sleepless for two days. After departure of Rihard they slept for hours in that house. Next day they began their search. Richard along with his friends began to search Sweta and Robert. Within a few hours one of his friends informed Richard of two persons being seen by him. Richard immediately reached the location where two persons were seen and soon he identified these two persons as Sweta and Robert. He took them to the house where Ramesh and Pradeep were stayed. All of them were happy to meet again.

Now there was a biggest problem before them how to return to their original universe. Their time machine was badly damaged. They spent several hours in repairing but they could not get success. All of them were depressed over it.

One day they went to the house of Richard. Richard welcomed them to his home. He lived in house alone. He took them to his garage. They saw a time machine in his garage. Richard invited them to lunch.

During lunch Ramesh told to Richard, “I have seen a time machine in your garage. When did you buy it? Which model it is?”

“I got it year ago. Actually I snatched it from a scientist.” 

Pradeep said with surprise, “snatched it.”

Richard, “Yes, snatching it from a scientist.”

Sweta asked eagerly, “Why?”

Richard, “Those days I was a robber. Imprisoned for several time for committing crimes.”

Ramesh was looking at him with astonishment. “Are you telling true?”, asked Ramesh.

“Yes” Richard replied.

Richard began to think something looking at the ceiling of the house. Robert who was sitting beside him, put his hand on Richard’s shoulder and asked in mild voice, “Please take lunch, don’t be sad thinking over past.”

Having finished the lunched they came in the drawing room where told to Ramesh, “I want to say something to all of you.”

Ramesh replayed, “Yes please.”

Richard said, “I wanted to tell my reality to all of you.”

Richard began to narrate his life story, “I was born of poor family. My parents had to work hard for long hours to fulfil their minimum requires. Due to lack of money, I had to leave the college study. After leaving I had do small job to earn livelihood. My poverty forced me to commit crime. I had been sent to jail for several times. Gradually the fear of being imprisoned became lessen and I became the notorious criminal involved in several criminal cases.”


All of them were listening to him attentively. Richard continued, “Once I made a plan to rob a bank. During this robbery I killed a security man and run away with cash of millions of rupees. Since then police had been chasing him.”


Ramesh asked, “How did you come in this parallel world?”


After remaining silent for a moment, Richard said, “One day somebody told me about a time machine possessed by a scientist whom I knew very well. Suddenly the Idea of stealing the time machine came into my mind. One day I broke into his home. When I was going out of his house the scientist awoke and tried to stop me. In this conflict I killed him and run away with his time machine. I began time travelling. Once during the time journey an accident happened and this accident throw me into the parallel world. Since then I was in this parallel universe.”


Pradeep asked, “Have you ever tried to return to real universe?”


Richard replied, “No, I never thought of return because I have no relative or family on the Earth and there is no fear of being arrested by police here. The other reason for not returning in real universe is that I no more need to commit crimes. I can live here with peace.”


Ramesh asked, “If you do not have any plan to return to real universe then why don’t you give your time machine to us so that we can return to our homes.”


After thinking for some moments Richard said, “I would not like to depart with my time machine but I have an Idea to help you.”


Ramesh told with enthusiasm, “What is that Idea?”

Richard, “I along with all of you will travel back to your times using my time machine and leaving all of you in your time, I will return back to parallel universe.”

Pradeep asked, “Will you be able to return to this parallel universe after leaving us in our universe?”

Richard replied, “I know the method of returning back to parallel universe. In case if I don’t return to parallel universe, I shall not feel sorry for it. So be ready for return journey.”


This brings rays of hope to them. Richard soon took them back to their homes and immediately began his return journey to the parallel universe. 


They did not know what happened to Richard. Whether he could reach parallel universe or not after leaving them in their universe?

© Copyright 2020 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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