Encounter with aliens

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Four astronauts travel the Mars planet and find out the city inhabited by aliens.

An alien species had already settled in the Mars planet before the man reached there. They reside inside the mountains. They dug caves inside the mountains and set up the cities. In these cities they had all the technologies required for their survival in this odd Planet. They did so to protect themselves from changes in atmosphere and to have the temperature suitable for their bodies.  They had regular supplies of food stuff from their native planet by spacecrafts.

In 2150 a Spaceship was launched to Mars for surveying the Mars. The four astronauts Robert, Sam, Samuel and David were on the mission. They were assigned the task of taking samples of soil and perform many scientific tests on the Mars.

They took off on a plane surrounded by the mountains and hills. They set up a base camp on that point and began their test and experiments.

On that day Robert and Samuel were on the task of taking samples of soils and dust from different places. Soon they reached near a mountain. Samuel stopped the vehicle and said to Robert “look at this mountain.” Robert looked up at the mountain and his eyes soon fixed at an entrance. He said “looks that opening!” Samuel looked at the entrance for a while and then said “I think we should go there.”

The entrance was at least two hundred meters above the ground. The left vehicle their and began climbing up the mountain. On reaching there they entered into the entrance. There is stark darkness in the cave. Robert switched on his torch and in the light of torch they moved forward. Walking at least two hundred metres inside the cave, they saw dim lights coming from the sources far away. Both of them decided to go further to investigate the sources of lights. Now their path was descending. Samuel said “our path is descending and I think somebody is live in this cave.”  Robert said “then it would be greatest discovery.”  They went deeper to cave and now they could see entire city clearly. They took out their cameras and began taking shots of city. They hid themselves behind a big stone least to be seen by anybody. Robert said “we should return to our base camp and should sent message and images of city to company.”  Samuel “staying here can be dangerous, let’s go to camp.”

Sam was busy in analysing the data that he got from the computer about the temperature pattern of the atmosphere. David was waiting for them. When Samuel and Robert entered Camp David asked “where were both of you?” “You are too late.”

Robert uttered “you would not believe on what we found out today.”  Sam turned his head to Robert and said “what?” Robert answered “the life on this lifeless planet.”

“What!!” “Where is?”  “What are you saying?” Sam responded with great surprise.

“Yes we also take images.” Samuel took his camera out to Sam.” Sam snatched the camera and began to watch images with great amazement David reached behind the Sam and looked down at images with eyes widen with amazement.

Soon they sent a message to their company who sponsored them to Mars. After a few hours they got an answer from company. David opened the message on his computer and read it. Company commanded them not to divulge their discovery to other people even not to their families. They were not happy from the response from the company.

They decided to go to cave once more. Sam stayed on the camp and Robert, Samuel and David were gone for the cave. When they entered the cave and reached the city, it was time for rest and sleep for the inhabitants of the city. Walking along the main street they were observing the architecture of the city which was nearly same to that of cities of earth. They were amazed on what they were looking.

Samuel said “we should not go further with such carelessness. We should be alert. Coming across with them may be dangerous to us.” When they were passing a square, they came across two Robo guards who were on patrolling. Watching them Robo Cops began to blow alarm. Now they were in trouble.

Robert said “let’s go back.” And they turned back and run as fast as they can. Robo Guards began to chase them.  After a few metres chase Robo Guards throw nets upon them and they were now trapped in nets. Hearing the sound of alarm, many aliens came out of there abodes and soon gathered on the spot. They were surprised and perplexed to see the unknown and never before seen species.  Soon a few vehicles came and some armed and uniformed aliens came out of the vehicles.

These aliens injected a liquid into the bodies of Robert, David and Samuel to make them unconscious. When they came to conscious, they found themselves lying on stretcher in a closed cabin having very small window. David saw out through the glass of window. He saw a narrow gallery and other cabins in front if his cabins. He returned and said “we are captured and our equipments are snatched. What can do now?”

Robert “they would not leave us alive.”

David “I do not think so.”

Samuel “do you have any idea to escape.”

Robert “We should wait for next meeting with them.”

Then they heard the sound of opening the door.  They became silent and looked eagerly at the door.  Door opened and came in a few armed aliens. They have physique slightly different from that of Homo sapient in terms of height, colour, and spots on body, bigger head, bigger eyes and bigger fingers in the hands. Their skins are green in colour and have black spots on all over the body. Black and bigger eyes on oval shaped face. Bald and bigger head. Muscular body. They surrounded Samuel, Robert and David and forced them to lie on stretchers.  They were talking with one another in a language that was not understandable to human beings. They made Samuel, Robert and David unconscious and took samples of blood and tissues and scanned their bodies to find out the inner structures of their bodies.

They remain in cabin for two days. Meantime the news of capturing of three beings of an unknown species was spread around the city and the inhabitants of the city were curious to see them. In order to calm the curiosity of the inhabitants, the authority decided to exhibit them to the citizens of the city.

Robert, David and Samuel were sitting on the floor of cabin, when they heard the sounds ofopening of door. They stand up eagerly. Guards rushed into the cabin and dragged them out of the door. Guards took them to another cabin where an alien was already present. Guards talked to him for a long time. While guards were busy in their conversation. Robert was busy in devising a plan to escaping out of city.

Robert whispered to Samuel “I have an idea to escape out from here.”

Samuel whispered “What?”

Robert whispered “I think they are taking us out of this building. If it is true we have a chance to get free.”

David whispered “How.”

Robert “We should attack them at a right time. Be ready for it. I shall indicate you.”

 Guards took them out of the building and reached the area where a few vehicles were arranged in a row. They reached a Robo car. Robert looked around the area and found nobody except three guards and themselves. It was the right time when he could work out his idea. He whispered to Samuel and David “let’s attack them.”

And then Robert clasped his hands and rushed to a guard who was opening the door of the car and gave blows on Guard’s head till Guard gave way and fall unconscious.

Meantime David and Samuel were on tooth and nail fight with other Guards. He looked their fight for a while and then suddenly he saw a big stone lying on the ground. He grabbed the stone and strokes it on the head of a Guard who was engaged in with the Samuel. Blue liquid pour out from Guard’s head and He stumbled and fall on the ground and begin writhe. Robert throws the stone upon Guard’s head and he cried in pain and then fall flat on the ground. On watching the plights of other two Guards, the third one runs away from the spot.

Now, they were free from the captivity. David said “now what to do to get out of this hell?”

Samuel opened the door of the Robo car and said “come in the car. It will take us out of this hell.” They entered the car. A graphical interface appeared on the Monitor. Within few seconds the map of the entire city displayed on the monitor.

Robert watched the map carefully and find out the path to get out of the city. In order to indicate the path to his companions, he put his fingers on the monitor and run the finger along the path. As soon as his finger reached the other end of the path, the car started to run on the road.

Now they were busy on find out the method to stop, accelerate or change the direction of the car. And soon they found it out.

After driving for forty five minutes, they reached the place from where they entered the city. They left the car and run towards the entry point and entered the cave and run as fast as they could. Once they came out of the cave. The stayed for few minutes and peeped into the cave, they found nothing but silence and dark there.

Here, in the camp, when Robert, Samuel and David were entrapped in the alien city, Sam communicated with the company and explained the situation. The company advised him to wait for his companions and when they returned to the camp bring them back the earth.

After returning camp they started for the earth. The spaceship was going away from the Mars towards the Earth. Four of them were sitting in the cockpit talking about what happened on the Mars. Samuel was monitoring on the display units. Suddenly he watched a strange object in one of the monitors. He said “look at that thing, what is this?” All of them turned their attention to that object. Sam said “modified it.” When Samuel modified the object, they got surprised by what they saw.

It was a Spaceship of the inhabitants of that city.

Submitted: April 04, 2015

© Copyright 2021 sumitarora. All rights reserved.

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