Imagination is a potential mindset for all human being. In life we always have a lot of ups and downs. If we cope all our weakness we can be successful on life. Gird yours heart and soul to keep up all the work that we do on everyday matter. God helps those who helps themselves. According to this, when you help yourself the almighty will help you.
"Imagination is a hard work"

Imagine Yourself

- By Sumit Barua



Thinking is not easy

To imagine yourself is very lazy


Life has ups and downs

Make yourself clowns

Hey fools! Watch your back

Danger ahead


Do you know

how to confront danger

Gird your heart and soul

to protect yourself



Fighting with danger

is not easy

Try your best to remove


God is watching you

Self help is the best virtue


When you’re in danger

Nobody is here to help you

Be ready to help yourself

Call your god


God save the King

Arthur’s time has passed

to protect our homeland

Save yourself from

God’s Wrath


Chant the mantra

Remove yourself from bad



Imagine yourself


Submitted: June 18, 2013

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