Life is Miracle

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Recent situations of Boston and kidnapping a young girl names Amber by her father. Religion views a avatar might changes the world into golden ages that everyone hopes.

God Save the Queen

The parents of Boston lives are ruined

Public are nailing out,

What is happening with Amber?


When is the time to

Seeking professional help

Nobody is not willing to help people

God might know where is Amber!!


Roses are red;

Violets are Blue,

Where is Amber

Expecting the expression of sombre.


The life is miracle

But Amber’s lives are tied with shackles

The queen of England has long lives

Thou should saves Amber from dark


The calamity hates the people of USA

Because of it, many lives are lost

Who knows God’s wrath

Might impacts our vision


People says the earth has million year

We are waiting for new avatar

Hope the upcoming avatar change

the world into golden ages


The Almighty’s creation is so miracle

He made our lives are so beautiful


Have faiths in God

He can saves our lives from danger


The life is beautiful

So God makes our lives too miracle......


Submitted: May 26, 2013

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