lost in earth

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Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018



Life is too small when we think about those people's that we're meeting every day. She was there in the small world hiding.

She is a little girl who is so scared of everything and she doesn't have any dreams expect one and that is making people's happy but she was scared to talk to people's if they don't like her.  She had a happy family but her father was out of the country and they didn't even saw each other expect in pictures and she use to contact with him in a phone but she was so uncomfortable to talk to her father because she doesn't even know him. She brilliant student, hard-working, love to study. She was the best girl in her family, she was alone in her heart because she was scared to make new friends.

She had lots of friends but she was kind of girl who hates fighting, hurt someone, using bad words. She thing those as a crime. She was a happy family with her cousins, aunts but sometimes some people's of her family treat her mother badly and that makes her hate her family little bit. She loves stories and she starts imagining those stories in her mind and even she took her to the main lead of the stories. Her problems were she is scared of losing someone she loves, she scares seeing people's fighting and arguing that make her so scared that she had always a shock.


She left her country to see her father in another country. She was broke because her scared of losing someones she loves became true. She was sad to lose her uncle in 2009 when she was 9 years old, she saw him as her father because she never knew her father. In 2011 she left her country to see her father. she was too uncomfortable with her father but after that they became friends.

They are a happy family but she was becoming more and more scared and depression because she is losing everything she loves and she was bullied in school because of her accent. She hides everything from her parents because she doesn't want to give them stress. She was scared of people's but she always has this smiles on her face to hide everything in her hearts. No one on the earth understands her if she said that she is too sacred to people's they will think that she is crazy.  when she was in school in 2011 she makes some friends they are so cool.

But she moved the city and she lost her friends again, in 2013 she was a school where her classmates make fun of her every day and she was in a depression, she was alone and want to kill her self but she takes a decision to don't think about others. She had no one expect her parents and she hates her family who doesn't support her parents. She moved to college where they have some internship for students and she was an internship in a clothes shop where she met a guy who worked there and this is the first guy who wanted to friends with, she already has some guys friends of her class but this is different. she always hates boys since her childhood because everyone's think boys are better hen girls and always stop the girls saying that " you are a girl, it's for boys" and as expected the guy talk to her gently an become her friend and she saw him as her brother and then the guy says to her " go with your age people's" she was so sad she hates more now those guys. She becomes confident and but she was cool in her college everyone's love her but she was still scared and no one can understand her problem. she prefers to go see a psychiatrist who can help her to solve this mystery because suddenly she became scared but she doesn't know why she is scared....



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