Jacks Christmas Adventure

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Jack was excited about christmas. He was wondering what Santa would bring him. Little did Jack know he would have a Christmas adventure.

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011






It was Christmas Eve and Jack was in bed trying to fall asleep but couldn’t. He was so excited wondering what Santa was going to bring him.

As Jack was laying in his bed thinking, he heard a tap, tap, tap on his bedroom window. He looked and saw a small elf smiling.

“Hello” said Jack, “why are you knocking on my window?”

“I need your help” said the elf.

“Why?” asked Jack

“I need to get back to Santa’s workshop. I rode on Rudolf’s back and fell off. I only wanted to see what Christmas was like outside Lapland.”

“How can I help you to do that?” asked Jack.

“Well” said the elf, “You can help me look for Santa and his sleigh so I can ride Rudolf back home. It will be quicker if the two of us look together”.

Jack was so excited. He was going to meet Santa and help the elf get home.


Jack quietly put on his warmest clothes and biggest boots so he wouldn’t get cold and began to look for Santa with the elf.


“My name is Edward.” said the elf as he shook Jack’s hand. “I know who you are – you’re Jack!”

“How do you know my name?” asked Jack.

“I know every ones name, especially the children who have been very good!” said Edward.

It was then Jack realised he wasn’t walking in the deep snow but flying along with Edward.

“Oh – I’m flying” Jack said amazed. “How am I flying?”

“Because you’re with me” said Edward. “I have special magic fairy dust which I sprinkled over us. This way we can find Santa quickly”


As Jack and Edward were swooping over the rooftops, they heard a very faint jingle of bells and a familiar ho, ho, ho in the distance.

“I can hear Santa” said Jack excitedly. “So can I” said Edward and they flew closer to the sound.


As they flew over a big apartment building, they saw Santa at the house.

“SANTA” called Edward “WAIT FOR US”.

“Edward, what are you doing here and why is Jack with you?” asked Santa.

“I’m sorry Santa. I wanted to see what Christmas was like outside Lapland. I rode on Rudolf’s back and fell off. I asked Jack to help me find you.”

Santa began to laugh and as he laughed his big round tummy began to wobbly like a big plate of red Jelly.

Ho, ho, ho, ho laughed Santa.

He, he, he, he laughed Edwards

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha laughed Jack.

And they all laughed until they had tears rolling down their cheeks.


“Climb aboard then you two, we have a lot still to do before Christmas day” said Santa.

Jack and Edward climbed into Santa’s sleigh.


“Come on Dasher, come on Dancer, giddy up Prancer, giddy up Vixen, come on Comet, come on Cupid, follow on Donna, follow on Blitzen, lead them all Rudolf  to the next house” called Santa.


The sleigh began to fly smoothly high in the night sky.


The moon was shining brightly in the sky and Jack could see the shadow of the sleigh on the deep white snow on the rooftops. He was sitting behind Santa with Edward watching all the houses rush by.  

On the side of the sleigh there were tiny bells. It was these bells and the bells on the reindeer’s  neck’s which made that jingling sound.

At every house, Santa would take a sack from the back of the sleigh. He would then quietly say a few magic words, turn almost invisible and magically go down the chimney.

A few seconds later Santa would appear on the rooftop with an empty sack.


It only seemed like a few minutes when Santa reached Jack’s house.

 Jack could see the snowman he and his daddy had made that day. He could also see the Christmas tree twinkling brightly at the window.


“Well Jack, this is where you get off. It’s time to go back to bed. Thank you so much for helping Edward find me” said Santa.


All of a sudden Jack woke up in his bed Christmas morning. Had all last night been a wonderful dream? 


“Jack” called his mummy “It’s time to get up – it’s Christmas morning”.


Jack jumped out of his bed and ran down stairs. He began to tell his mummy and daddy about his big adventure.


“I am sure it was just a lovely dream” said his Mummy. “Come and open your presents”.


Jack began to unwrap his presents. He was so lucky to have received all he asked for.


“Oh look” said Jack’s daddy “There is one little present left and it’s for you Jack”


Jack opened the small parcel. Inside was the smallest  bell . It was one of the bells from Santa’s sleigh.  Jack stared at the bell in amazement.

“That means it wasn’t a dream” thought Jack.


It was then he was sure he heard Edward laugh.


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