I Made My Boyfriend Cry

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Based on a true story that happened to me!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: June 14, 2010

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Submitted: June 14, 2010



I looked at my lime green alarm as I laid in my bed thinking about my big fight with my best friend Victoria. I hated when me in Vicky fought which lately seemed to happen quit often in the end we would end up not talking for a week or so then we would forgive each other. But this fight had been different. So to get my sprit back up went over to my computer and goggled Justin Bieber music Videos. Finally I found a new one that interested me called 'Never Say Never' .After listening to it about eight times my boyfriend walked in my room without even knocking so I quickly turned the screen off. For a moment I just stared at him waiting for him to say something. Then I realized he wasn't going to speak so I ran over to him and gave him a kiss. What else was a girl suppose to do to bring her fucking boyfriend back to reality?!

"What the hell is that for?" He asked.

"What, can't Ikiss my own boyfriend?!" I asked utterly confused.

"Whatever! So what are you listening to," He asked walking over to my computer.

"Umm something, please don't touch-it,"

"I can do what I fuckin want. He said swishing his hair out of his face.

"Not when it's mine," I declared putting my hand on my hips.

"Jeez jazz, why are you so obsessed with this fucking retarded Justin Bieber." He said when he had finally turned the screen back on.

"Why can't I like him? Are you jealous?!"

"Know I’m not but you’re a fucking idiot to listen to such a gay loser!"He screamed. So then I smacked him in the face. And to my surprise i saw tears running down his face like a little baby. And as you should know now I have a video camera in my room which i leave on every morning because i like to tape things that happen in my life.

"Oh my gosh are you crying Laden," I asked. Instead he ignored me and ran out of the room like freaking retard. Then I started laughing. My tough boyfriend as so he thinks just bawled like a two year old!!!!!!Soon mybrotherscame running up into my room asking me why Laden was crying. So I told them the story and the started laughing with me. I was definitely going to pace this on face book, twitter, and, YouTube....

P.S.: I never did post it because well I’m just to freaking nice. But I will cherish this memory. I have showed all my friends and they think it's hilarious..Now every time I see laden (WHICH I'M SURE YOU GUESSED IS NOW MY EX) I PRETEND THAT I'M BAWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ohh yeah and i can't wait to show the bitch's new girlfriend (when hegets one)this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did you guys think?!Have ever made someone that thought they were so tough, cry?!

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