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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
about a 19 year old called Dakota

Submitted: October 06, 2012

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Submitted: October 06, 2012



I wake up every day it's a daydream everything' in my life ain't what it seems I wake up just to go back to sleep I act real shallow but I'm in too deep,  And all I care about is sex and violence A heavy bass line is my kind of silence Everybody says that I gotta get a grip But I let sanity give me the slip Some people think I'm BONKERS But I just think I'm free Man, I'm just living' my life There’s nothin' crazy about me’


I enter the nightclub and it hits me, why am I here?

I am Dakota Tequila Miah and as you can guess my parents loved the us state of Dakota and they were heavy alcoholics and my surname, well I am from a Muslim family so that’s my name.

I say were about my parents, and this is because sadly they are not here anymore.

I am 19 years of age. I have bleached white blonde hair, hazel eyes and I am a tall person thanks to my father, I have olive skin.  I own a fashion boutique and design my own dresses to go out in.


My father would never allow me to enter a nightclub because it apparently disrespects Islam and that I am part of this family but I told him I was never part of it and that he pushed me into it.

But today I cant go in because of another reason.

He is there. He isn’t dead. He is here.

I spot my late father.

‘What the heck are you doing here? Am I seeing ghosts?’

‘Its not what you think!’ he replies, shocked

‘tell me what it is then!’


My father then runs away.He was always one to run from his troubles.

I chase him.

‘Dakota! I did this for you!’ he screams back

I wonder what he did as I feel he did nothing.

‘Your mother was ill and she died but  then I felt that missing a mother figure would affect your childhood. I felt it was best for you.’

I felt my cheeks moisten.

‘I’m here for you now darling.’  He says whilst I ignore him.

‘You will never care about anyone except yourself, that’s why my mother died.’

‘DON’T YOU EVER SAY THAT! , I have a wife and a baby now so yes I do care for people!’

‘I can’t believe that! Why dump me on the streets and go and put your horrible nature on others!’

He stormed off.

I went home and found a note and a baby in basket at my front door.

It read ‘You may not know me but I am related to you and I am Katy. I am 7 months old. Thanks Dakota you are a life saver. My mummy is in danger so she has a good reason for leaving me.’

I lifted the basket up and inside had a plush-red faced child with Jasmine green eyes and blonde hair.  She was crying and malnourished obviously not had food for up to a week and had bruises all over her forehead and stomach. She had a baby-grow on with a ripped blanket strewn over her.

‘Well, Katy I suppose you’d better come in for a good sleep and a filling meal!’

I found some veg and put it in the blender and scooped it in to her system. I went down to the shops and bought some baby nappies.

I felt disgusting and then I went to the local community board and spotted a child minder.

I rang the number

‘Hi is this Charlize?’ 

‘Yes this is Charlize, are you intrested in the child minding?’

‘Yes, the child is 7 months old.’

‘Are you the mother?’

‘Not exactly, I’m related though.’

‘Oh ok bring them round tomorrow! It’ll be a pleasure to meet you!’


I walked round to the lady’s house and I walked in to find a clean and spotless house.

Charlize was a short lady and she had a neat bob haircut and a superior smelling perfume. She had a knee-length dress and pump-like shoes on and she walked like a trained royal. As she began talking, I found a likeness to her voice. Her voice was a very classic sounding Birmingham accent which did not match her appearance.

‘Oh so this is the child?’

‘Yes this is Katy! She is a very well behaved child. I am her temporary guardian and I work in my shop 10am till 5pm so could you look after her every day in those hours.’

‘Yes sure.’

I left Katy in the hands of Charlize.

As I walked down the dreary street , I pictured the face and demeanour of Katy.

She had  very similar eyes to my father. Then I caught on…

It was his daughter.




‘Hi Dakota, Are you coming for Katy as its 7pm now!’

‘Im sorry Charlize, I can’t. Its my half-sister who I never met. My Father hit her I believe , please never bring her near me. I can’t forget him if she stays.’

‘Dakota, Calm down. I think we need to contact her mothe..’


The phone cut. I was on a train trying to get away as far as I could. I left her… why?


I arrived at Horsehay. I had scarlet red eyes  and blurred vision.

I had cried the whole journey whilst blacking out the train staff and my ever ringing cellphone.

Then it rang again and for some reason I answered.


‘Dakota, Why did you leave her?’ A female voice spoke with a spine tingling chill.

‘Who is this? Leave me alone!’

‘Your dad is after you and me’

‘You are Katy’s mum aren’t you?’

‘Never mention the dead!’ she spoke obviously crying

‘Katy is fine she’s with Charlize, the babysitter!’ I sobbed wishing it was true

‘I’m Sorry Dakota but your Dad found her with Katy and killed both of them and Is after me and you!’

‘But how…’

I Sobbed and she cut off


This was all my fault… I Ran from the truth.


I slumped down on a bench crying and hating myself

A Girl in her late 20’s sat on the hard bench.

‘Hard times, I guess.’ She spoke with a cockney accent

‘Yeah, I suppose but I’ve got things to do and people to…uh ’ I said trying to sound busy

‘You’ve run away I guess, run away because you’ve done something stupid or someone else has?’

‘Yep, You’re right’ I replied and started to stand up

‘Sit back down. You’re in no fit state to go alone, I’ll Help you. I’m a off duty police officer.’ She smiled.

‘No, No I’m not a criminal!’ I snapped

‘I Just want to get you to get home safely’

‘I’M NOT A CHILD! I am 19!  

I stood up and turned round and told her everything…

She took me into her car and we drove off…



© Copyright 2020 summer99. All rights reserved.

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