The Asian Bride

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The issues facing a Pakistani girl after marriage. The issues are tense but i have tried to portray them in a funny, light hearted sort of way.

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Whatever could be said on this reality of life, the point that is most excruciatingly annoying is that, no matter how cheap or pathetic it is, no matter how much one wishes the situation to be different, one is forced to live with this mentality, as, in this place literacy exists but education is lacking.

The first point to contribute in this piece, is the fact that you will give your daughter, who you raised, cared for, loved, to someone else, and that person expects other amenities to be given on top. It is like a sale, the girl with the most qualities and cash to provide a livelihood for the guy, is regarded as having achieved the full potential of winning the prize, in the direction towards the aim. Three girls are on sale: number one is a doctor, no looks, no personality, number two has a father who is rich ,and number three is a simple girl, who followed her dreams, chose to study what she wants and, looks are not bad. Now the spectators arrive to award points. Number one wins by the majority, i mean come on, she will work and earn cash for the family she is entering. Number two is on second place, her father will keep on giving her gifts, sustaining the family she enters. Number three is left to grope around in the dark, if only she knew ,that following her dreams is not the path to follow.

The marriage arrives. The in - laws seem to be the kindest and sweetest people that could be found residing on this earth. Sweetness seems to be etched in every part of their lives. Wedding happens happily like a fabolous affair. One month, for some one to two weeks, pass happily. Then comes the shock of their lives. A transformation seems to occur, a fit, healthy homo sapien changes into an animal of any sort. Like a wizard has appeared and cast a spell on them to change them into uneducated, pathetic creatures.

The in- laws now think that they deserve more gifts from the girls family. The moment has arrived to trouble the girl, force her to tell her parents to pump out more gifts. For her wedding, the girls family practically decorated and provided every all the furniture for the girl, but that does not seem enough. More is wanted! What is the girl to do if her family does not have more to give? I am sorry your life has entered a tortourous phase. The girl is often required to act like a servant for the family she enters into. Sorry darling, your previous life is over, you are the slave of this house now.

Now, if the situation arises whereby one of the girls' is a lady able to earn cash for the family,  and the other a housewife, the housewife has entered hell. The worker is given more respect, it seems like the worker is on the level of the planets and the housewife is on the level of the core of the earth. The worker brings home a reasonable income whilst the housewife, who has studied, say not much, is bringing home nothing. The worker can get designer clothes, the housewife cheap clothes, as she stays at home so she does not need to have expensive clothes. The worker should get better food as she needs to work, the worker should get servants to help her out, even when she is on vacations. Sorry housewife, if only you knew, people do not value you, but your degree , as well as if you can bring some sustainance for these monsters. Whatever you try to do, you are not going to succed in achieving the same level as the worker, even if you give up your life to these pathetic monsters. Everyone in the family also respects and prefers the worker more. In the country of concern, it is a world where one is valued for their degree not for who they are, for what they do, for how much respect they show their in- laws. They are losers. No thought is given to the feelings of the housewife, it is like she is not human, without any feelings or heart.

If the in- laws even have any daughters of their own, they are not worried of their acts towards other daughters. They think nothing will happen to their daughters. Their daughters are thought to be as perfect as if they were born to rule. Their daughters are the models, nerds of the world.

It is an atmospehere whereby one is not judged on who they are, but on whether they can gain a sustainance for their in - laws. Money. No matter how much it is said that this matter is not the most important feature, sadly , it seems to be in this country. It would be fine if a girl wants to become a proffessional or work by her own choice, but here, most girls only become professionals because of the phase they have to enter. It seems as if life for a girl is not lived according to what she desires, but in every single act, she is dragged on a path she does not want to follow. She is a robot. No feelings, no humanity.

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